From: "Steffan Alun" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Pride and Prudence Date: Sunday, May 09, 2004 3:19 AM "Chet Weaver - Chicks Dig Giant Robots" <> wrote in message > > "Come on, girl!" said Lauren brightly. "Come back with us to the Pokémon > > Centre now. Money needn't enter the equation." > > > > Until, Lauren added to herself, we catch a Plusle and flog both in Hoenn as > > a package deal of rare Pokémon... > > "I don't think so," Keiko replied, shaking her head. "I don't like the > idea of trading away a Pokemon I haven't gotten to know very well yet. > Besides, if Vampyra could handle the Electrikes we had to face on the > way here, I'd think she'd hold her own in a gym battle here." Lauren snorted, but quickly turned it into a light-hearted laugh. "You don't want to trade it because you HAVEN'T gotten to know it? That's the best time! You haven't formed a bond, so it doesn't matter." She smiled. "I assure you we'll take extra-super-special care of it!" She kicked Diego, whose face quickly became friendly and excited. "Sure, your Machop may be able to handle some wild Electrike," he said, "but Wattson's in a different league. He didn't become a gym leader by being a pushover. Look how strong this Geodude is! See how she punches the ground with determination." A tear came to his eye as he said this. "You see?" said Lauren. "It's strong enough to make Joe cry. He loves finding the right human partner for his Pokémon, and we think the Geodude's your ideal Pokémon." Suddenly, the Geodude grabbed onto Keiko's leg and hugged it. "See? She likes you!" said Diego, proud of his Geodude's friendliness. "Oh, and we'd accept cash if you have it..." mumbled Lauren, seeing how far she could push her luck. TBC? > To be continued...? [NS mode initiated] What? WHAT? That's IT? Sure, I didn't give you too many obstacles to tackle or much of a story to continue, but for God's sake, Tech, mine was 8Kb! And you respond with less than sixty words? Let me tell you how interaction works. I'm not meant to be simply interacting with your character. I'm meant to be interacting with YOU. I'm therefore trying my best to keep Keiko consistent with her past self, while also advancing the story by throwing things her way she hasn't come across before. Ideally, you'd help me out by subtly slipping in things like her opinion of Lauren and Diego, her psychological reaction to various things they say, her opinion of the Geodude, her fondness of her own Pokémon, and just SOME SORT OF PERSONALITY. I realise you're tiring of the character, but while the WG still exists, your responsibility is to ensure interaction goes smoothly. Still, better a short post than a lack of post freezing my characters in time. By the way, who's Marvin? Steffan