From: "Rob" <> Subject: [PW!] Prime Time Date: Saturday, January 10, 2004 11:42 PM During the short trip on the fast Magnet Train from Johto's Goldenrod City to Kanto's Saffron City, Andrew O'Reilly of Lavender Town spends his time staring out the window, thinking about how little he accomplished during his time in Johto. Every once in a while, Robert, the leader of the Diversity Gym in his town who is currently sitting next to him on the train, asks Andrew questions, but after providing short responses, the Trainer goes back to pondering what he can do to gain experience after visiting his grandfather in Lavender Town's Soul House. Remembering a past conversation he had with Andrew, Robert observes, "Hey, when you ran into me before the Silver Conference - well, actually, you fell on me, but that's besides the point - you told me your grandfather was James O'Reilly, one of the only humans buried in the Soul House. But when I saw you after the Silver Conference, you said you were going to stay away from haunted places. I think you know this already, but the Soul House is a haunted place." "Yeah, I know. I had... forgotten... about visiting my grandfather." Andrew lowers his head, ashamed that he had forgotten about paying his respects until Robert's battle with Clair, "I may be wary of ghosts after what happened to me in a haunted tower in Mahogany Town, but nothing's going to keep me away from Grandpa. If only there were some way I could go back in time and change what I said, I would, since it's making me feel pretty bad right now." Robert pats Andrew on his back, trying to comfort him, "No one can just change what happened in the past, but I know how you feel. At times, when something really unpleasant happens to one of my Pokemon, I wish it had happened to a Substitute of them instead. But none of my Pokemon know how to perform the Substitute move, and it's not like they can learn it without the aid of a TM and use it at times of high stress." A synthetic voice announces through the speakers placed throughout the Magnet Train, "We thank you for choosing Magnet Train for your transportation needs. We are currently one minute from Saffron Station, so if you would return to your seats and fasten your belts, we would be most appreciative." Robert rubs his hands together in anticipation, knowing that he's just hours away from seeing his girlfriend in Lavender Town, "Oh, I can't wait to see Rilli again!" He then asks Andrew, "Will you be coming with me to the Diversity Gym when we get to Lavender Town, or will you be going straight to the Soul House?" "I don't want to delay my visit to the Soul House any longer," says Andrew. After letting out a sad sigh, he adds, "Besides, I wouldn't want to be a third wheel when you're catching up with Rilli. I'll visit you and Rilli at the Gym later." As the Magnet Train comes to a halt, the synthetic voice announces, "We have arrived in Saffron City. If you are leaving here, please take all items with you, as we are not liable for misplaced or stolen items. We hope you enjoy your visit to Saffron City, the shining, golden land of commerce." Robert and Andrew simultaneously unbuckle their safety belts. Within minutes, they pass through Saffron City's Magnet Train Station and step out into the streets of the city full of psychics. Andrew releases David the Kadabra, but before the Psychic Pokemon can Teleport them to Lavender Town, Robert spies what looks like a Pokemon Trainer and a Dark Dog Pokemon being chased down the streets of Saffron City by an angry Primeape. Concerned for the Trainer's well-being, Robert says, "Wait! Don't Teleport us to Lavender Town yet! There's a Trainer running towards us who needs help!" "...aaaaaaAAAAAAAAH!" The brown-haired, brown-eyed Trainer shouts, as he gets closer and closer to where Robert and Andrew are standing, "SOMEBODY HELP ME!" "See?" Robert asks, as Andrew turns his attention to the Trainer that Robert's talking about. Seeing this as a chance to give his Pokemon some experience, Andrew commands, "David, use Confusion on that Primeape!" "Kadabra!" Andrew's Kadabra aims his Twisted Spoon at the charging Primeape and unleashes a Confusion attack! While the attack doesn't knock the Pokemon out, it does Confuse him, convincing him that his opponent has changed course. The Primeape chases his imaginary opponent all the way back to Route 5. Out of breath, the Trainer that was being chased down manages to say "thanks" to Andrew before collapsing onto the sidewalk next to his Houndour. After falling down, he mutters, "That's the SECOND Pokemon I wasn't able to catch today. Some Pokemon Trainer I'm turning out to be..." "<What happened wasn't your fault. That Primeape was too tough...>" The Houndour assures his Trainer, who can understand his language, "<Believe me, I'm the one who was fighting him and if we hadn't run, he would've beaten us both up without breaking a sweat.>" "Don't worry about it. The Pokemon around Saffron City are really hard to catch." Robert tells the collapsed Trainer, "Take it from me, on the first day of my first Pokemon Journey, most of the Pokemon I encountered ran away or flew away from me and I was only able to catch a Farfetch'd who couldn't fly. But that didn't stop me, and now I'm the Leader of Lavender Town's Diversity Gym!" "Leader of... Lavender Town's... Diversity Gym?!" The Trainer realizes who he's speaking with and he immediately hops up, regaining his composure, "That must mean that you're Robert, the Silver Conference Champion! Hi, I'm Dan Ando of the Celadon Xpoze, I'm pleased to meet you!" Dan enthusiastically shakes Robert's right hand with both of his, "No reporter was able to find you after the Silver Conference ended, not even the Celadon Tribune sharks - if I get an interview with you, then the Xpoze's reader base will double- no, triple! No, QUADRUPLE!" Realizing that he's coming on too strong, Dan tones down his approach, "Err, what I mean to say is... Would you be so kind as to provide me with an interview of how you felt about winning Johto's Silver Conference?" Robert scratches the back of his head, saying, "Well, I'm in a bit of a hurry to get home to Lavender Town..." Dan nods, "I'm in a hurry to get to Cerulean City, myself - I'd make it a quick interview! I just need to get this interview while the Silver Conference is still fresh in people's minds and before anyone else gets the big scoop! Prime time news is much better than yesterday's news, you know. What do you say?" "Hmmm... okay, but please keep it short." Dan Ando whips out his notepad and starts asking questions about Robert's experiences at the Silver Conference, including but not limited to, "When you entered, did you know you were going to win?", "How do you feel about the disappearance of Adam 'Smasher' Samson?", and "If you could do it all over again, would you do anything differently?" Robert gives his brief answers, including but not limited to, "I hoped I was going to win, but I wasn't sure of it. The competition was really tough.", "Smasher's disappearance kept me from fully enjoying my victory. I hope he's found alive and well in the near future.", and "I wouldn't have removed my Fire Pokemon's Pokeball when standing in front of a Water Field, that's for sure." After the interview is over, Dan pulls out his camera and takes a picture of Robert. He then shakes Robert's hand, saying, "Thank you so much for taking some time out of your busy schedule to help the Celadon Xpoze! Your interview will be published soon!" "Now I have one question for you, Dan," Robert says, crouching down to pet Dan's Houndour's black fur, "What's this cute little Pokemon called?" "That's Zoffy, my Houndour." Dan answers, "He's a part Fire, part Dark Pokemon. He's very loyal, like most Dog Pokemon." "Ooo, part Fire? I wonder if anyone's offered me a Houndour for my Charizard. I need to check my e-mail when I get to back to my Gym!" Feeling left out, Andrew points out to Dan, "You know, I entered the Silver Conference too." "Really?" Dan squints his eyes at Andrew, "I don't remember you, but then again, I didn't follow the beginning of the Conference much." "Oh." Andrew sighs, being reminded of how much he still needs to train if he ever wants the kind of attention Robert gets. "Anyway, I must be on my way to Cerulean City now! Thanks so much for the interview, Robert! And thanks again for saving Zoffy and me from that Primeape, uhhh..." "Andrew." "Andrew! Thanks, Andrew! Bye, guys!" Dan Ando waves to Robert, Andrew, and David, then starts heading back towards Route 5, wondering if he might be able to catch that Primeape now that he has been weakened and confused by Andrew's Kadabra. Andrew looks at Robert and asks him, "Ready?" After Robert nods, Andrew tells his Kadabra, "Please Teleport us to Lavender Town, David." After a flash of light, Robert and Andrew stand in front of Lavender Town's Pokemon Center. Andrew glances over towards Kanto's Radio Tower, wondering where the new Soul House is, as Robert gazes towards his Diversity Gym, eager to settle down there. "I guess this is where we part ways..." Robert comments, reaching into his Laptop Case for a pen and a piece of paper. "Yeah," Andrew says, "But I'll hopefully see you soon, provided the Ghost Pokemon at the Soul House don't trap me there for almost two years." Finding the pen and piece of paper he was looking for, Robert tears the sheet of paper in two and hands Andrew his pen and one of the two slips of paper. "Can you write down your telephone number so I can contact you later if I need to? I'll give you my telephone number." "Sure." Andrew writes down his full name and telephone number on the slip of paper, then hands the slip of paper and the pen back to Robert. On the blank slip of paper he's holding, Robert writes "Robert: 555-3344" and hands it to Andrew. Andrew reads the name and the number written on the paper, "What, no last name?" "I don't like telling people my last name..." Robert admits, a sweatdrop on his face, "Who knows what horrible things people could do to me and my loved ones if they knew my last name?" "..." Andrew blinks twice, then shrugs, "I wouldn't do anything horrible with your last name, neither to you nor your loved ones, but I guess we all have our quirks. Anyway, where can I find the Soul House? The last time I was here, the dead were still buried at the Tower." "Oh, it's just south of the Tower. You can't miss it." Robert shakes Andrew's hand and says, "It's been nice traveling with you! I hope to see you again soon!" That said, Robert heads off towards his Diversity Gym at a fast pace, eager to reunite with his beloved girlfriend. -Robert