From: "Clayton" <> Subject: [PW!] [SST] Q The Action Date: Thursday, January 29, 2004 6:33 AM > "*Or*," Aerie countered, shaping her free hand into a blade, "I could > just cut this unown in pieces, grab you, fly down, and let whoever wants > shiny unown bits take 'em. I don't think anyone gets the wishes unless > all twenty six are returned alive." > > "You're bluffing." > > "...okay, you got me." The blade became an arm again. "But how 'bout > this: your friend makes a move against me, *especially* tries to catch > me like your other friend did, and I take that as an invite to make a > life of pain for her and her pokemon and you if you interfere, and I > walk away with this unown anyway." > > "You're not bluffing." > > "Correct again. Now. All that aside, I'd rather make friends than > enemies. I've made enough of a mess with the people who were already on > my side. So, given that you don't seem to want to give up and neither > do I, and assuming our friends don't interfere, can you think of a way > out of this?" Cue sweatdropped. Unused to real combat, the shiny Unown did what it's apt to do when panicked... Freeze Time for about one minute, giving the panicky Cue a chance to get away again. The whole getting chopped into pieces thing was probably the wrong thing for Aerie to say. Floating stealthily on the Main Deck, Cue observed some of the passengers. It even Questioned some of them. Then it got to Derek, who was sitting there, mixing something in a makeshift contraption that looked a lot like a still. Off to the side, Ehm was watching. The creativeness of this guy was refreshing, though personally, the Unown preferred to make gadgets over booze. #What is your name?# Derek heard the voice, but it looked like nobody else noticed. "Name's Derek, Disembodied Voice" #What are you doing?# Derek sensed the source of the voice as being above him, and once he did that, he answered. "Making a Blaziken very happy Disembodied Voice" #Why do you do that?# "Hung over fire-types aren't fun Disembodied Voice" #Must you call me that?# "I have nothing else to call you Disembodied Voice." #Then would you please call me Cue?# The Unown said, rather annoyed at constantly being called 'Disembodied Voice' "Sure thing Cue" #What is your quest?# "To seek the Holy Glailie" #...# "You've never heard of Monty Seviper's Quest For the Holy Glailie?" Derek asked. #Fine, What is it you desire?# "Answers about my past." #Why do you seek them?# "To be whole" #But are you not ...# Cue's question was cut off abruptly as Aerie and Alex appeared from one side while Lynkeru and Yuki appeared from another. Meanwhile, Derek's makeshift still was whistling signifying it was done. The mixture inside giving Torch enough to get drunk for a few days if rationed out right. Chan was practicing his martial arts exercises off to the side, not caring about anything other than his motions and his energy flows. Frightened, Cue let off a pulse of Ghost-type Hidden Power. It didn't do much to those present, except Chan who fell from being too focussed on his exercises and not enough on his surroundings. However the puilse served to hide a short Time Freeze, allowing Cue to bury himself deep within Derek's dufflebag, hoping that those that wanted to stop it from helping others with their problems would just go away. TBC ------- Clayton Random Tagline There is no spoon [NS: Though that maybe this cruise could use a Huge Action Sequence Also Derek might be interested in Cue for its ability to Question over the whole three wishes thing. Of course convincing the others of this would probably be next to impossible.]