From: "Saint Paul" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [SST] Q The Action Date: Saturday, January 31, 2004 12:28 PM "Clayton" <> wrote in message news:<LHGSb.68156$>... > "Saint Paul" <> wrote in message > > > [NS: Thread duct tape time] > > > > Clayton wrote: > > > > > > > "You know if you want, ya can ask Chan for a sparring match. I'm > > > sure he on't Fire Punch ya." Derek noted. > > > > "Fight a pokemon?" John muttered. "Hmm, maybe later. Wish I knew what > > the heck was going on here." John who, previous to boarding this ship > > had no dealings with Shiny Unown and didn't understand their > > signifcance, but he had a feeling that in the general hubub, not to > > mention the tense standoff, he was probably being largely ignored. > > > > #Why does it matter?# whispered a voice in his head, before "it" > > realized what it was doing. Then it shut up for it's own safety. > > The three of them sat and watched the goings on, thinking that they > were indeed missing something. A short time later, it was all over, > Cue had decided to play helper, and the crowd was starting to scatter. > > Chan was practicing the last of his moves, while Heracross was busy > polishing her spoon. While all the commotion was going down, she > found a flyer for a pokemon contest on the floor. Once she saw that, > she instantly wanted to do some showing off. > > Relatively unfazed by the general weirdness of the last few minutes, > Derek turned to John > > "Well I think the floor show's over. You still want that battle?" John glanced at a nearby wall clock. "Yes, but not tonight. I didn't realize how late it was getting. Besides, Savage is going to be in that tough contest tomorrow, I'd hate for him to pass out on stage or something. How about after the contests are over?" TBC [NS: Mostly because I'm not sure when Rob's going to post the contest and I'd hate to have some sort of paradox on our hands ;)]