From: "STEFFAN HEDD ALUN" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [SST] Q The Action Date: Thursday, January 29, 2004 7:47 PM [NS: Hmm. A bandwagon. Let's jump on!] "William Rendfeld" <> wrote in message > >> Floating stealthily on the Main Deck, Cue observed some of the passengers. > >> It even Questioned some of them. Karl was examining a certificate. $50 to spend in the Lovedisc Spa! Normally, Karl wouldn't dream of spending anywhere near that amount of money at anything resembling a spa, but was secretly looking forward to it now that he had it for free. And to think. The reason he had it was because of a simple stand-up comedy show! Maybe there was potential to that particular career... #Who are you?# Karl looked around casually, assuming what he'd heard was a conversation elsewhere on the deck. He turned back. #Who are you?# "Is someone talking to me?" he asked, quietly so as not to be noticed. #Why do you whisper?# "Because I...wait, where are you?" #Why do you ask?# "Because I want...hang on. Why aren't you answering my questions?" #Why aren't you answering mine?# "This is psychology, isn't it?" #Where are you going?# "Mind your own business." Unseen, Cue headed towards Derek. *** [NS: Well, while I'm here, may as well make a story out of it.] Lauren and Diego, infamously rubbish Rocket smugglers, had been hiding from security for a good hour. "Think it's safe now, Esther?" asked Diego. "You can call me Lauren now," replied his partner. "You ruined our disguise." "Sorry. It's so confusing having three different names." "Three?!" "Two. Only two." Suddenly, the door behind which they were hidden was pushed open. Diego squeaked. The boy who entered didn't notice this. He continued through the next door, and walked to the counter. "Good afternoon," greeted the receptionist. "How may I help you?" "I wanted to use this voucher," replied Karl. "Alright," replied the receptionist. "Now, I'll just talk you through the options." Karl looked over the many services offered in the Luvdisc Spa, and eventually decided to use his certificate on a massage. He was led into a room in the back. *** "We'd better get going," hissed Lauren. "I don't think here's the best place to be hiding." "What if we run into..." started Diego. "Shut up. We'll just have to escape if that security guard's still out there, won't we?" The pair stood up. Lauren felt her pocket to ensure that the single PokéBall they were smuggling to Hoenn was still there. They took a deep breath, slowly opened the door, and ran with all their strength. > Alex shook her head with a smile. #Nothing wrong with it. I promise you > right now that if you help us, no one shall capture you. Once your task is > complete, you will be released.# > > #Why should I trust you?# Cue asked. > > #Why shouldn't you?# Alex replied with a smile. #I have no interest in the > prize. Anything I want will either come to me with time or with hope. All I ask > is your aid, nothing more.# > > #Will your friend honor our agreement?# Cue asked. > > Alex looked to Aerie, letting her answer for herself. Out of nowhere, it seemed, a short, fat man ran straight into Aerie. "Argh!" he cried. "Sorry, girly! Didn't see you there." "Come ON, Diego!" shouted the girl in front of him. "This PokéBall won't smuggle itself!" Lauren instantly regretted her poor choice of words... TBC? > [NS: Adrian, I think you'd better take it from here.] [NS: Bwahahaha! Tymes isn't the only one who can interfere with a straightforward interaction!] Steffan