From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Recovery Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 02:03:07 -0400 > "Damn psychic," Nori weakly wheezed as she inched into unconsciousness. > "Look what you'" > > Nori's head slumped to the side, her gently rising and falling chest giving > relief to those close enough to see it. > > "Wow," Ben said in amazement as he walked up, Alex gently taking Nori in her > arms. "You saved her life." > > "Maw <bad,>" was Mawile's comment on the event. > > Alex softly turned to her boyfriend and said, now with a hint of pride in > her voice, "I did what I had to do." In a fairly empty room, Nori continued to sleep. There was nobody else in the room save for one soul, content to watch the recovering woman without interrupting her. Deciding to do more than just sit around and wait, Jeff had decided to follow his brother's advice and find a Nincada. Raffy had decided that this place was currently too dull and serious for his liking. Bob had to concede that point to the Girafarig, but as he was doing his self-appointed duty of watching Nori, he was staying. He did give his blessing to Raffy to "have fun, and try not to annoy Jeff too much". So the pair set off. The Girafarig was smiling at Jeff's end and glaring psychic daggers at Bob from the back end. Kind of comical in retrospect. Thyme was around. Bob didn't try to keep track of the helpful Medicham. The psychic fighter was not his to command, but seemed to like to try to help people through their problems, so the hybrid breeder thought he was around somewhere. The mental checklist was cut short as a noise came from Nori's general direction. Seeing nobody else, he assumed that the Dark lady was starting to rouse and greet the world. Understandably, she didn't look like the happiest person in the world. Deciding to brave it, Bob smiled sincerely. "Welcome to the realm of the living. Glad to have you back." ------- Meanwhile, Jeff and Raffy were out touring Mauville on their way to the Day Care Center. Why there one may ask? Well it was because Jeff didn't really want to go back through the Rusturf Tunnel to catch a Nincada and from his experiences at home, sometimes travelling trainers could connect with an abandonned or feral pokemon. To Jeff the Day Care was nothing spectacular. Though it was a different experience than home, definitely more business-like than the operation his family runs. The room that he was in appeared to be more like a waiting room, complete with a computer for swapping pokemon and a total professional feel. In additions, awards were prominently displayed for all to see, almost daring anyone else to say that they were better breeders. He sighed, thinking of home. Regardless of energy or readiness, anyone can get homesick for a bit. It didn't take long before a kindly and elderly ladyto come out. She had a slightly worried look on her face, but hid it well while she conducted her business with the young breeder in-training. "Is there something that you would like dearie?" The old woman asked kindly. "Um, yeah. I was wondering if there was an, um, Nincada that needed a home?" "What a coincidence. I was having a problem with one of those very pokemon." "What's the matter?" Jeff asked, wanting to at least do his good deed for the day. "Poor thing doesn't seem to have the same energy as the others." The old lady responed before disappearing. Shortly after, she reemerged carring a darker than average Nincada. "We've figured out that the little thing was born with Faint Attack by the colouring. But that doesn't help us figure out why he doesn't have the same energy. We know he doesn't seem to eat as much as the others." "Maybe it's the food?" Jeff theorized, remembering a few things that his parents taught him. The woman's expression turned a bit darker. "Are you insulting our food young man?" Making rapidly placating gestures Jeff replied with "Nonono, I just thought that it might prefer the typical food of its species, that's all." The woman pondered on that thought a moment. "You may be right. And for your help, I'd like you to take care of this little one," She said, indicating that she meant the Nincada. "Really?" The old woman nodded. Cue the hyperactive kid mode. "Oh thankyouthankyou. I'lltakegoodcareof himIpromise!" Jeff rambled on at about a mile a minute. Luckily for the woman, she understood that kind of speech, and she had avoided the kiddie death hug by fetching a pokeball to tag the Nincada to. All the while, a Girafarig was sleeping in the light of day. The half-psychic had decided that today was a good day to just rest and recreate. Though he did keep tabs on the surrounding area. But in his half-asleep stupor, he failed to notice a very dangerous sitation ... *GLOMP!* ... a hyperactive Jeff. "I got a Nincada!" Jeff cried out in happiness while trying to persuade the Girafarig in his happy dance ... his VERY happy dance. Naturally Raffy resisted to the best of his ability. Lucky for him, Jeff calmed down rather quickly. #Gee Little Breeder, you sure know how to make an uproar when you're happy# Unknown to all, a few Whismer in the Day Care had help up signs saying 8, 7.5, and 8.5 as they rated Jeff hyperactive uproar. Apparently they agreed with the half-psychic. As the little breeder and the Girafarig headed back to the Pokemon Center, he had two thoughts. First was that he was going to have to make sure that he had another pokeball about in case the little Nincada evolved. According to his copy of Hoenn For Dummies, they could evolve into two pokemon under the right conditions. Second was what to name the Trainee pokemon. He called out the little bug/ground pokemon, looking at intently until an idea light bulb metaphorically hit him on the head with an inspirational pixie stick. "I'll call you Shadow! You like that?" The Nincada, newly dubbed Shadow, nodded. 'How'd this human know the name given to him by his peers anyhow?' #Just dumb luck# TBC ------- Clayton Random Tagline: I'm not as thunk as you drink I am *hic* > >> [NS: As if it wasn't complicated enough already. Next?] > > > >[NS: Okay, top that. ;P But why do I see the following coming? ^_^; > > > >Alex: "What makes you think he is a monster?" > >Nori: "He turned me into a ghost!" > >Alex: "A ghost?" > >Nori: "I got better." > > > >Needless to say, Mimic's in far more trouble - from himself - than > >Nori's in at the moment. > > > >And yes, I did get Beth's explicit permission.] > > > > [NS: Mimic is in trouble, yes. But it could've been worse; Nori was only > 'mostly dead', after all. > > I just hope I didn't break any rules with this...] [NS: Dunno. I thought I'd take the opportunity to set something up before the gym battles finally start. Anyone know if a Ground-type can be paralyzed by an electric pokemon's Static Ability. I've never had one last long enough to find out.]