From: "Bandraptor" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Recovery Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 07:50:56 -0700 Luneric wrote: > >>Almost instinctively, Mimic switched movesets again, this time to a more > >>defensive set. He smiled as Nori rained blow after blow into his body, > >>each one producing a satisfying *SMACK* or *THUMP* or even an occasional > >>*CRACK*, but each injury soon fading. "Having fun?" > >> > >>"Yeah. Especially since you'll run out of power sooner or later. And > >>THEN what are you going to do?" > >> > >>Mimic blinked. While he did have backup plans, it was a rare opponent > >>who called him on them. A rare opponent who usually had ways of > >>dealing with them, too. > > > > "Aw, this is what I get for riding the vomit comet," Carol said, exiting the > > Pokemon Center. Seeing Ben watching, she held up a few bills. "So... Fifty on > > Nori?" > > " could...?" Ben spluttered in utter disbelief, but then with a > swift change of attitude finished, "Yeah okay." > > Trying to think calmly about the situation, he plucked a pokeball off > his belt and releasing it, he whispered to himself, "You'd better be in > a good mood..." > > As Aeros appeared, Rubix readied his Hydro Cannons, expecting Ben to > step in. But instead, the trainer hoisted himself onto the dragon's > back, ready to take to the sky. Nori stopped raining blows on Mimic's > defensive form to see Aeros beat his wings, and fly off in the direction > of Mauville city center. Smiling serenely at Nori, the James-look-alike swiftly heals his most recent set of bruises. "Taking break?" Nori responds by punching him in the jaw. "You wish. Damn Psychic! Where do *you* get off criticizing me? I'll say anything I want about Alex. It's obvious that she isn't normal--" "Alex no have control over heritage. Unfair judge based on that." "I'm not talking about that 'alien' B.S! I'm talking about the way she acts! That damn MARTYR act of hers. Acting like she wants to be my friend. Pretending nothing I do bothers her." Nori kicks Mimic in the stomach with all her might. The humanoid Ditto refuses to budge, instead swaying slightly backwards, and rebounding from the attack like a boxing dummy. Trembling with rage, Nori spits, "She's just waiting for me to drop my guard! She wants to get inside my head so she can brainwash me! Why can't anybody else SEE it?!?" She regards Mimic acidly, "I'd think at least *you* would realize what she's doing, but then again, maybe you're in on it, Psychic. Or maybe this is indicative of the bad judgment that got you captured by Team Rocket in the first place." The Ditto shakes his head, "Mimic judgment not in question. Mimic judgment let Mimic see evil Team Rocket--something Nori still not see. Once escape, judgment help Mimic realize not all humans evil like Team Rocket. Decide pointless hold grudge against whole species. In time, make many human friends, Alex included. Mimic think Mimic has very good judgment. Mimic judgment save lives, no only lives friends Mimic help, also lives humans decide not kill just for be human. Nori judgment hurt people. No only hurt Alex latest stunt, by connection hurt Alex family, friends, and Pokemon." Over on the sidelines, Carol cups her hands around her mouth and heckles, "Less talking, more fighting!" Nori glowers at Carol, then turns back to Mimic. "I never asked for your approval. By the way, I've noticed that you're doing a lot of healing. Just so you're aware, Transform is one of the techniques that I studied with Movedex. I know how it works." She holds up her fingers for emphasis, "Transform has ten power points. Once you use Transform, you get five power points of whatever moves you've copied. With PP-Up, you can increase the points of your Transform technique, but that won't change the points of the copied moves." Balling her fists, she resumes punching the Ditto, "At most, you started off with five hits of Recover, five of Morning Sun, five of Moonlight, five of Softboiled. Once those moves are depleted, you're gonna have to revert to your puny pink putty form--and as soon as you do that, my Blastoise is gonna step on you." Said Blastoise rolls his eyes in slight disgust, either offended by the ignobility of Nori's plan, or just by the fact that he plays such a small part in it. "Sure. I value a challenge." "So see." Mimic says evenly, healing his injuries yet again. "Mimic no face intentional PP-drain before. Sound annoying. Have wait a while before find out if work, though. Ask question in meantime: Nori beat up Mimic, then what? Still no change what Mimic say before. No change facts about Team Rocket--" Nori drives her fist into his stomach, emotions surging higher. "Shut up! You don't know the first thing about Team Rocket!" "--no change facts about Alex, Nori self. In end, Nori actions here probably succeed drive off Search Party friends, maybe alert police, get Nori banned Mauville Pokemon Center, but that all. No make Nori right. What good hope come defeat Mimic?" "There'll be one less Psychic in the world!" Nori roars. "That alone makes it worthwhile!" "What wrong with being Psychic?!" Mimic shoots back. "What Nori have against Psychic? Two Nori own Pokemon Psychic-type! Nori claim hate them, too? Nori want hurt own team mates?" "Shut UP, Ditto!" Nori is enraged by his use of logic. "How dare you lecture me? How dare you tell me what's 'good' or 'evil'? What do you know?!? You Psychics are all alike: you're holier-than-thou, brainwashing, bullying monstrosities! *You're* the evil ones, and YOU DON'T DESERVE TO EXIST. I know what you're like at heart, so stop trying to trick me with your rhetoric!" The Ditto booms furiously, "MIMIC NO TRYING TRICK, MIMIC TRYING TELL NORI TRUTH. No member Search Party *ever* try trick Nori. No member Search Party ever try *bully* Nori. *Nori* one lie about own name. *Nori* one torment Alex whenever given chance. Nori one mock Bob, make fun Ben--no reason. Nori one like call Smasher 'corpse,' even knowing rest of group want believe is still alive. Where is so-called 'Psychic bully'?" Nori covers her ears in desperation. "Stop talking to me! Stop trying to put thoughts into my head! I will not take advice from a Psychic!" Fumbling, she reaches for the Dragon Fang that's hanging around her neck, clasping it tightly in her hands as if in oath, "By the blood of Lord Typhon, on the honor of the Tyranitar Clan, I swear I will exterminate every Psychic on this planet! Especially that lying murderer Alex!" Nori's next punch connects with solid steel. Grasping her bleeding knuckles in pain, she instinctively backs away from the massive red Bug-type that's standing where the James-look-alike once was. "Mimic hear enough." The pseudo-Scizor fixes her with its stern orange eyes. "If Nori so afraid Alex, Mimic; so afraid can't even think straight, should leave this group now. No reason stay. Go back Rocket 'friends' in Johto if that what want. Maybe one day figure out what term 'brainwash' really mean..." "WHO SAID I WAS AFRAID OF EITHER OF YOU? I'M NOT AFRAID OF ANY PSYCHIC!" Nori protests at the top of her lungs. "YOU'RE THE ONES WHO SHOULD BE AFRAID OF ME. I CAN DESTROY YOU! I--" Mimic shifts forms again, this time Transforming into a yellow, mustachioed Alakazam. Breath catching in her throat, Nori stumbles back a few steps further, staring into the opposing Pokemon's angry face with shaking eyes. Much, much, much more intimidated by the most well-known representation of the Psychic race than by any of Mimic's previous forms, she shudders uncontrollably, "'d better stay away from me..." The Alakazam marches steadily towards her, frustration radiating from his body. "Mimic no want use force. Mimic really try talk sense into Nori. But stubborn, spiteful Nori refuse listen any form of reason. If going inside Nori's head only way ensure safety Alex, Mimic other friends--" A quick Disable technique takes care of the Blastoise who's approaching him from behind. "--if that truly only way open Nori's eyes to world, so be it." "Ha... You wouldn't be able to get inside my mind..." Nori scoffs, but with suddenly increasing anxiety. "I'm a Dark-type, so there's no point in might as well just back off..." The Alakazam continues to advance. Nori nervously repeats herself, "I said, you should just back off! HEY! Are you listening?! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" She continues to back away herself, but quickly comes into contact with the outer wall of the Pokemon Center. The Alakazam swiftly closes the distance between them, his expression resolute. Terrified that Mimic might actually have a way of penetrating her mental defenses, Nori clutches her head and shrieks, "Don't come any closer!" The Alakazam keeps coming. Practically hyperventilating out of fear, Nori looks to the right, and then to the left, and not seeing any way to flee, she clenches her teeth and charges towards Mimic instead. The fake Alakazam stands his ground, unleashing a Psychic attack in response. Nori hurtles through the telekinetic wave, lashing out with her hands to strike him. Black streaks of energy cut through the Alakazam's body like claws, slicing his thin layer of armor into ribbons. Eyes wild with panic, Nori attacks again, swiping the false Alakazam with claws made of energy and dashing his body against the ground. Not really remembering why she's fighting, but knowing the situation must be desperate if her adrenaline is causing her Dark-type energy to manifest physically, Nori slashes Mimic a third time, never even giving her perceived threat a chance to stand back up. From her position next to the doors of the Pokemon Center, Carol squints at the combatants, not sure if she's clearly making out their actions. "Whoa," she whistles, "did Nori just attack Mimic with a knife? She's pretty crazy. Maybe I should do something to stop her." She thinks this over, "But then again, I have fifty dollars riding on this fight. Hmm...decisions, decisions." TBC? --Beth