From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Return to Normalcy Date: Friday, November 05, 2004 8:51 PM "Adrian Tymes" <> wrote in message news:7TVfd.35685$ > Clayton wrote: > > [NS: Concert or Gym? Cause I know this'll be one gym that Bob won't be > > tracing through most likely.] > > [NS: ...I was waiting to see if someone else would answer it, but while > we're waiting...] [NS: Ditto here ... and speaking of Ditto ...] > > Elsewhere, Jeff was alone eating. Well it looked like he was alone, but > > when there's a shapeshifter among your numbers, one finds that you're > > rarely 100% alone. Aerie was observing discreetly in the shadows, while > > having a serious conflict in emotion. > > > > Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on who you ask, Bob and Mimic > > sat down at the table with Jeff. Bob was looking for some food and > > Jeff. Mimic was looking for Aerie, figuring that she would be near. > > > > "How's the food?" > > > > "Great!" Jeff said between bites. A quick tap on the shoulder was all it > > took for the boy to look away and for some food to get stolen. "HEY!" > > > > "That oldest trick in book" > > > > "I can't believe you fell for that." Bob said, just after swallowing the > > pilfered > > food. > > > > "I'll get you for it ... when you least expect it." Jeff declared. > > A short while later, a tray landed in front of Jeff, piled high with the > exact same selections he had been trying earlier. "Hope sit down you > don't mind food too much wonder share I'm cute you're Aerie." > > Two of the table's three prior occupants silently stared at the heavily > blushing girl. The third was not tall enough to see around the food. > > "Umm! That is, err..." She took a deep breath to calm herself. "Hi! > I'm Aerie. I got a little too much food, so I was wondering..." > Finally feeling ready to look at Jeff, she did. > > And saw the tray mostly empty. > > Jeff wiped his mouth and swallowed. "Thanks! That really hit the > spot!" > > "You're welcome." Now that she was looking at him again, she found > herself unable to look away. > > "Aren't you going to have any?" > > "I, ahh..." > > Seeing her open mouth, Jeff picked up a fruit slice and guided it in. > > "Mmm!" Aerie jumped a bit when his fingers brushed her lips. The > offered slice disappeared into her mouth. "Thanks." > > "Aren't you Mimic's niece? The hybrid?" > > "Yeah." She slowly started in on her own food - she did need to eat, > but the hunger she felt most was for something more ephemeral. > > "That's cool. What's it like?" > > "I...I don't understand. What's what like?" > > "You know." Jeff gesticulated, trying and failing to convey the > impression of metamorphosis. "Being...anything you want to be, whenever > you want to be." > > "Oh. Well, it's kind of nice. I don't have to worry about being > forever weak to something, and if I need an ability I just need to > find it. But I always have to watch out. Never lose myself to > the forms, or I'll be gone, just like that." She snapped her fingers. > "Sometimes I wonder what it's like to be you." > > "Me?!?" > > "Yeah. You know, safe in one form, never running into danger of losing > track of yourself. I mean, once I was tempted to be this guy and just > forget everything about who I was. You'll never be tempted like that." > > Jeff glanced at Bob, but kept speaking to Aerie. "Someone I know?" > > "No. Someone who isn't even in this world, anymore." > > "Oh." He blinked. ", uh...I hear you sometimes change into > clothes?" > > Aerie blushed, looking away. "Only for people I'm really close to." > > "Huh? You mean like spandex? That's less than a millimeter from the > skin." > > She turned back to express her annoyance. "Not that way!" And found > herself once again looking into his eyes. "Although...well...if you > want, I could be a necklace for you. For a few minutes." > > "Sure!" He gestured to Aerie's tray, his hand brushing against hers. > "But why don't you finish your food first?" > > Most of her sense of touch focused on the spots where his skin touched > hers, without her willing or more than half-consciously realizing it. > " stomach's feeling kinda queasy right now. I think > I'll eat later." And drink, she did not say, idly noting the dryness of > her mouth. The ackward moment continued on until Bob and Mimic subtly and simultaneously dragged the other from the table, leaving the "kids" to their moment. At a safe distance, they summed up their observations in two simple statements "Aerie has it bad" "Jeff clueless" Breeder looked at Ditto, and together they let out a small sigh. "Never though I'd say this but I kind of wish I had more power right now. It's hard to be the overprotective big brother when the girlfriend can kick your ass without really trying," Bob lamented almost melodramatically. "Is burden of desire. Mimic wonder what happen next." "Don't know but we'll find out in a few unrelated non-sequitor flashbacks later I suppose," Bob replied, followed by a shrug TBC ------- Clayton Random Tagline: Speak not the evil master's name lest you summon him