From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Return to Normalcy Date: Monday, September 20, 2004 7:55 PM Adrian Tymes <> wrote in message news:<Hft2d.22069$>... > luneric wrote: > > Ben recalled the huge dragon. "That was a fine battle, young man," > > Wattson congratulated, "Looking at you, I would never have guessed you > > had such a strong pokemon. Here is your Dynamo badge. Now I really must > > be off to the pokemon center..." > > > > At recieving his badge, Ben's face perked up again. "So maw-" Ben > > stopped. His face fell, and he left the gym before the others could get > > down from the stands. > > "Hmm. Mimic wonder which is." > > "Which is what?" Bob queried as the group - by now used to emotional > crises such as this - started to chase Ben back towards the pokemon > center. > > "Mimic can think two reasons Ben still alive despite Litefoot poison." > > "Only two?" Carol chuckled. > > "Carol know more two ways survive that?" > > "Sure. Litefoot could have been controlling his venom, Ben could be > naturally immune, Litefoot could have let it out a bit at a time to > build up an immunity in Ben, Ben could have been on antidotes..." > > "I think it's pretty obvious he didn't know about it," Alex chimed in. > > "True." Carol shrugged. "Doesn't mean he couldn't have been taking > them anyway. I once heard of someone who killed by knowing his target's > diet better than his target did. He removed the natural medication that > had been keeping his target alive. Pretty clever." > > Jeff shook his head. "That sounds...pretty farfetch'd!" > > Carol nodded. "Well, yeah, but-" > > "No, I mean, is that a contest pokemon?" > As the small duck waddled past, ShadowWarrior noted, "Yep, contest Pokémon. So, what now? Give chase to the boyfriend?" "No, I think its best that Ben be by himself for now," Alex replied, recalling Nadyra. "Meanwhile, I'm going to take a look around town for myself, see if I find anything. I'll meet you guys back at the Pokémon Center later." "Watch your back, Alex," Carol suggested as the younger girl departed, her two free-roamers in tow. - "<I still don't see why you're doing this,>" Surtur noted as the three made their way to the local PokéMart. "<You don't owe her anything.>" "I don't, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try being nice to Nori," Alex replied. "Just because she's not exactly the crčme de la crčme doesn't mean she's totally without merit." "No, but she hasn't exactly treated you like you've treated her," ShadowWarrior was quick to note. "True, but that doesn't mean she'll always treat me so badly," Alex pointed out. "Give it time, guys." As Alex finished that last statement, the trio entered the PokéMart. As they entered, Surtur asked, "<Why are we here?>" "She's going through a rough time right now," Alex explained. "I figure if I give her something, it'll help to take her mind off of things." She immediately went to a small corner in the back of the store and glanced around. She found a small boxed item and exclaimed, "Perfect." The two Pokémon looked at the small item in surprise and asked, "Why that?" "Call it a hunch," Alex noted with a sly grin. - After picking up a few supplies and paying, Alex and company swiftly departed the PokéMart. "So, what now?" ShadowWarrior asked as Surtur indulged himself with a Twix bar. "The cops'll be the ones to contact you about your sword, and you can't leave town until you get it back. And even then, what's next?" "The next gym, I suppose," Alex replied. Noticing a small bit of paper floating about in the air, she caught it and quickly read through it. "Then again, we could always go to this." "A concert?" ShadowWarrior queried. "A little R&R is exactly what we need right now after this whole mess," Alex explained. "Besides, it might be fun." The group continued back towards the Pokémon Center. Once they entered, Alex found Rubix in the lobby, the others missing. Glancing around a bit as ShadowWarrior fluttered off of her shoulder onto Surtur's head, she asked, "Where'd everyone else get to?" "They're around," Rubix replied. "Nori's in her room, but she isn't exactly in the mood to chit-chat." "Well, I just want to stop in and see how she's doing, drop something off," Alex explained. "Nothing wrong with that, is there?" Rubix shrugged. "Knock yourself out, but don't expect her to talk to you much." An eyebrow rose on Alex's face, and she walked off. "Pretty stubborn, isn't she?" Rubix asked. "<Yes,>" Surtur noted. "<But you learn to live with it.>" - Nori, meanwhile, was sitting in her room, absent-mindedly staring out the window. Big Time stood near her, unsure of how to act; this girl had taken him from his trainer, yet in her own way she had cared for him. He couldn't help but worry about her. Both of their thoughts were diverted as a light knock came from the door. "Hey," Alex said. "How you holding up?" "Decent," Nori replied, somewhat gruffly. She turned towards Alex and asked, "Why are you here?" "Came to check in, see how you were holding up," Alex explained. "'Sides, I found something I think you might like." She reached into the bag from the PokéMart and pulled out a small, dark blue box containing what looked like a black car. "It's nothing special, just one of the new Alternator Transformers, Dead End. Something told me you were a Decepticon fan." Not getting much of a reaction from Nori, she noted, "I'll just leave him on the bed. He's all yours." Alex did as she said she would, and slowly walked out of the room. After she left, Nori glanced at the toy, still in its box, and picked it up, looking it over. A half-smile crossed her face as she studied it. "Not bad." TBC? [NS: Forgive me for taking so long, college has been a nudge hectic.]