From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Return to Normalcy Date: Tuesday, October 05, 2004 10:57 PM [NS: What, no one got the joke? Oh, well...] Clayton wrote: > "We should be heading back before it gets too late, huh?" > > Jeff sighed. Like his brother, he didn't really want this moment of peace > to end, but someone had to be sensible at times. With a resigned > look, the brothers Raiser recalled the tired pokemon and headed back. > > In a nearby bush, two figures contemplated the scene being portrayed. In another nearby bush, another figure watched intently, waiting for the perfect moment to dash to another bush, then a garbage can, then a restroom to wash off the scent of garbage, then hurried to catch up to her quarry without being seen. At the pokemon center, Bob and Jeff found Alex chatting up her sister while Carol shook her head to Kitsu. "Hey! The gang's all here!" "Not quite," Carol corrected. "Aerie got ahead of the group and they couldn't catch up. She's somewhere in this city. Have you seen her?" "Nope." Bob shrugged. "But it's kind of hard to find a ditto who's hiding." "She was in the form of a dressed-up psyduck." Carol held up a photo. "They took this for a keepsake." Jeff jumped up to see the picture. "Hey! That looks like the contest pokemon we saw earlier! It was coming to the pokemon center." "So she's here somewhere? Maybe she already checked in." "Or she behind Jeff," Mimic added. Most of the group looked in the indicated direction, only to see empty air, until Mimic walked up and pulled a blushing Aerie from behind a column. "THERE you are!" Kitsu walked up and looked down at her companion. "We were worried about you." "Huh?" Aerie blinked, finally looking up at Kitsu. "Oh, sorry. Must've spaced out for a moment." "Well, whatever. Come on, dinner's about to start in the cafeteria." Kitsu guided the group towards that location, but Mimic waved Bob away from the group. "Yes?" "That boy - Jeff, Bob brother. Have girlfriend?" "Not that I know of. And I can only think of one reason why you'd ask that right now." "Bob know entirely too much about pokemon attraction." Mimic smirked. "It was kind of obvious." "Mimic want know Bob's opinion. Allow Aerie crush on Jeff, especially since already attached another? Mimic no want break Aerie heart, but no sure if much chance good outcome." TBC?