From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Return to the Ruins Date: Thursday, January 15, 2004 8:47 PM >As Tyranitar brought its leg up to follow through with the command, >Lynkeru took a nut from her satchel and tossed it upwards. The nut's >collision with the beast's face resulted in a brilliant flash that sent >Tyranitar off balance. The Stomp attack missed by an inch and Lynkeru >retreated to Yuki's side. > >"Okay, what's the plan?" Lynkeru asked. > Jason gritted his teeth; he wasn't too fond of continuing this battle, and it had gone on far too long. "Listen. All I want are the Shiny Unown. Tell me where they are, and I won't send out my Sharpedo to eat you." Lynkeru and Yuki looked to one another, and shrugged. "They're down that way," Lynkeru noted, pointing towards the hole she had just exited. Jason's lips curled into a semi-smile, and he pointed and ordered, "Tyranitar, go down there and fish the Shiny Unown out!" Tyranitar roared, casting a cold look towards the girl that had injured him, then walked towards the cave's entrance. As it slowly peeked into the hole, a massive burst sent the large beast rocketing away from the hole. Tyranitar landed in a heap nearby, knocked unconscious. "What the...?" Jason asked. #LEAVE THIS PLACE NOW, MORTAL,# the telepathic voice of the Unown Collective boomed. #YOU TAMPER WITH POWERS BEYOND YOUR GRASP.# "Nothing is beyond my grasp!" Jason bellowed. "Show yourselves!" #THE RETURNED SIXTEEN ARE BEYOND YOUR GRASP NOW.# the Unown bellowed. #LEAVE NOW, OR WE WILL FORCE YOU TO LEAVE.# "Give them to me!" Jason cried. "Their power is what I need for my quest!" #AS WE SAID,# the Unown Collective bellowed once more, Jason and his unconscious Tyranitar disappearing. #BEYOND YOUR GRASP.# Yuki, Lynkeru, and Mallow looked around in surprise, silence filling the Ruins of Alph once more. "Where did he go?" Yuki asked. "Don't know, don't care right now," Lynkeru replied. She looked to the modified PokéGear on her wrist and said, "Wherever he is, I hope he's not where any Shiny Unown are." "That being?" Yuki asked, looking at the PokéGear's screen. "Most of them are very far north," Lynkeru replied. "But two are still in Johto, somewhere around..." - "Olivine City," Jason Cassidy realized, having already recalled his Tyranitar. "And it looks like a boat's on its way." A blaring horn signaled the oncoming SS Tidal, a large crowd of people already awaiting it at the harbor. Jason thought for a moment, then smiled slightly. "Perhaps Shiny Unown enjoy water." As Jason walked onwards, two Shiny Unown; Ehm and Cue, floated in a nearby alley, concealed by the shadows. Cue saw an opportunity to Question many people, possibly help them. Ehm saw the chance to Make interesting things on the SS Tidal, hopefully without sinking the boat itself. The two Unown turned to each other, agreed, "Nown," and floated off towards the SS Tidal, hoping to hide themselves aboard. - Meanwhile, Alexandria Masters froze up. Two unusual signatures were in the area. "Alex?" ShadowWarrior the Murkrow asked. "Something wrong?" "I hope not," Alex said in a worried tone. "C'mon, the Tidal's coming in." TBC? (Doubtful) [NS: Forgive me, but I wanted to make sure Jason caught the Tidal as well. Also, with the last two free Shinies, I figured it'd be fitting if they were in Hoenn, considering the rest are either there already or on their way. If anyone as a problem, feel free to take action.] William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior, the Pokémon Resistance, and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points