From: "Newton Haights - Ain't nothin' but a t thang" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Robert and Andrew end their Johto journeys. Date: Thursday, January 08, 2004 12:38 AM "Rob" <> wrote in message > Clair produces a Pokeball and throws it into the pool, declaring, > "This time I'm going to start with my Kingdra!" > > "And this time, my Piggy's grown big and strong after eating a whole > lot of roast beef!" Robert pulls his Piloswine's Pokeball off his > belt, points it at one platform in Clair's pool, and releases the Pig > Pokemon within it. "Piloswine, I choose you! Use Ice Beam!" > > Realizing that she should have issued her command as she sent out her > Pokemon too, Clair shouts, "Kingdra, hit it with a Hydro Pump!" Having a chance to watch a battle without participating in it himself, Andrew could finally take in the nuances of the battle unfolding before him. 'Ice Beam? Hydro Pump? None of my pokemon have ever known moves that powerful...' > Robert's Piloswine appears on the platform just as Clair's Kingdra > lifts his head out of the surface of the pool. The moment she appears, > the Piloswine shoots an Ice Beam out of her mouth and the cold blast > knocks Kingdra's head back just as he releases his Hydro Pump! The > Kingdra makes a cute fountain, but he doesn't hurt Robert's Pig > Pokemon at all. > > "I knew I should've gone with a more accurate attack," Clair tells > herself before telling her Pokemon, "Kingdra, Swift!" > > Robert calls out, "Piloswine, hit Kingdra with another Ice Beam!" > > This time, Clair's Kingdra is the one who attacks first, as he should > have done last time - he sends tiny starts shooting out of his snout > at Piloswine! The Swift attack annoys Piloswine, but it doesn't keep > her from shooting another Beam of Ice out of her mouth. The > Piloswine's second Ice Beam is more powerful than the first since she > was angered by the Swift attack, and it encases Clair's Kingdra in a > block of ice! '...or that useful.' Andrew mentally ran though the moves his team knew. 'I mean, Yuugi knows Vine Whip...and Snicker knows...well, just Thundershock...' Andrew sighed. 'Well, most of my team --' He relisted the moves -- 'ALL of them still know moves they knew from birth. Damn...have I really been that lazy? They haven't had any chance to learn ANYTHING new...' > Next to Andrew O'Reilly, a short old man who is friends with Clair and > who agreed to act as a referee says, "Kingdra is unable to battle. > Piloswine is the winner!" The referee's first announcement snaps Andrew out of his monologue for a few minutes, as his attention turns back to the battle. > Clair recalls her Kingdra, commenting, "It was a good idea to teach > your Piloswine Ice Beam - she's very good with it. Kingdra's Hydro > Pump missed, but I guaruntee my next Pokemon's Hydro Pump won't." She > grabs another Pokeball, tosses it, and shouts, "Go, Gyarados! Use > Hydro Pump!" > > "You guaruntee it? In that case, Piloswine, return!" Robert recalls > his Piloswine to send him out later in the match, "If there's one > thing I learned during Silver Conference, it's the importance of > recalling your Pokemon if you think they can't handle their opponent!" > Robert puts his Piloswine's Pokeball back on his belt. When he heard that, Andrew thought back to his match during the conference. His brow furrowed. 'I never recalled Blaze, MC2 *or* Yuugi once during the battle, did I? Well, I didn't have to, did I? They were strong enough to handle themselves...weren't they?' *** > "One good paralysis deserves another," Robert remarks before telling > his Pokemon, "Keep Dragonair from Slamming you, Raichu - use > Thunderwave!" > > Raichu's paralysis keeps her from striking first and Dragonair Slams > her with his tail, sending her paralyzed body flying out of the Arena. > Andrew catches the Pokemon before she can hit the wall. The old man > next to him examines the Electric Pokemon in Andrew's hands, and > noticing that her eyes are shut, he declares, "Raichu is out out > bounds AND she's unable to battle. The winner is most definitely > Clair's Dragonair!" A little shaken from the sudden interruption, all Andrew can manage is to comment to the referee, "Wow, good thing I was watching, or that could have hurt, eh?" The referee just nods. 'Lucky me... lucky... me...' Andrew thinks again of the match. The hole in the ice... The large purple pokemon slipping out of the arena... 'If we hadn't been put on the ice field, I'd never have been able to pull off anything like that. And Yuugi's Leech Seed sapping the Manectric's energy at the last moment... couldn't do that again if I *tried.* His mind turned to the second round, and the match he missed due to "Tsunade's" interference. "As much of a bitch Nori was for doing that..." Andrew sighed. "We were going to battle on the grass field. And with the pokemon that guy had...It seems everybody holds ultra-powerful Pokemon nowadays. Am I really THAT behind the times? How could I pull ANYTHING off if I tried to battle against THAT?' > Robert > releases his Piloswine onto the platform she stood on earlier in the > match, saying, "Piloswine, hit Dragonair with one of your powerful Ice > Beams!" 'What the...' Andrew raised an eyebrow when he heard Robert yell out his command. 'Didn't Piloswine already -- oh, wait, that's right, he recalled him temporarily.' Andrew sighed again. 'I have to get used to that.' *** > "Dragonair is unable to battle!" The old referee says, astonished that > Clair has actually lost, "Robert and Hitmonchan win the match!" > > Clair recalls her frozen Dragonair and walks right across the ice that > remains on the pool. "You have certainly become a better fighter since > we last battled. I'm glad you took my advice to gain more experience. > Here are your Rising Badge and the Dragon Scale I promised you." She > hands Robert a black Rising Badge shaped like a dragon's head and a > small blue Dragon Scale that she found at the Dragon's Den. > > "Awww yeah!" Robert pins the Rising Badge on his black shirt, right > next to the Hive Badge he earned from Bugsy, "Woo-hoo! This means my > Johto Journey is officially over! I can finally go back home to > Lavender Town and settle down for good at the Diversity Gym with > Rilli!" But Andrew hadn't heard much of Robert's celebration. It was Clair's words that stuck with him. '"Gain more experience..." If he had room to improve from experience... Then so do I.' Andrew sighed, again, as his pensiveness left him quite depressed. 'I'm such an embarassment. I've been out on this journey for, what, nine years? And what do I have to show for it? 3 badges and two failed tournaments. Look at this guy.' Andrew observes Robert, talking into his Pokegear excitedly. '16 badges...I bet he got those in all of two years. Three tops. And I've got less than a quarter of that, in three times as many years...' Andrew's self-pitying soliloquy was broken by Robert's voice, as he approached the pensive trainer. " to okay?" "...wha?" Andrew snapped out of his introspective trance and looked up. Robert was looking down at him, hand outstretched to help him up, as Andrew had unconsciously sat down during the battle, too depressed to stand up. "Y-yeah, I'm ok. I was just thinking...about stuff." "What about?" "Nothing." Although Robert can tell it was more than just nothing on Andrew's mind, he decided not to press the matter. "Well, I was trying to tell you that I'm leaving for the Goldenrod train station to return to Kanto. I didn't know whether you were planning on coming with me or staying here in Blackthorn." "Oh. Well..." Andrew thought for a minute as the two left the gym. Thus far in his so-called Johto journey, he had been accosted by a random swarm of Electrode, threatened by an enterprising Sudowoodo, ambushed by a duplicitous Rocket, confused by unknown forces in a mysterious mansion, and ambushed again by the cynical crook and spiky-haired pseudo-student of snail sorcery. On the other hand, back in Kanto, he had been confronted by a righteous Kadabra, been involved in a psychic showdown, attended a wedding, helped stop a full-scale gang war, saved friends from certain oblivion, seen his grandfather die -- 'GRANDPA!' Andrew had forgotten to pay his respects for years! 'Oh, Grandpa...I can't believe I've ignored you like this...' Robert saw Andrew suddenly turn distraught with grief. "Are you sure you're ok? I can stay if you're --" Andrew, by now quite emotionally wrought, choked back a tear and swallowed. He stood up and looked to Robert. "It's ok. I'm... I'm coming with you. I need to return to Lavender. I need to see my grandfather again." "By all means." Robert, glad that Andrew seemed to have straightened things out with himself, looked up to the sun. "Well, it's about 2:00 now, so...Whether we go through the Ice Path or hike down the mountain to the south, it's going to take a long while to get to Goldenrod, so we'd better get going." "Wait, why?" Andrew looked puzzled at Robert's assessment. He plucked a Pokeball off his belt and released David the elder. "David, teleport Robert and me to the Goldenrod train station, please." David nodded in acknowledgement, and in a flash the three were standing a few yards from a rather busy train station. " have a Kadabra." "Yeah." " have a teleporter, and you never told me." "Didn't figure I needed to, I guess. Anyway, I figured this would be easier than doing any hiking. Unless you really WANT to take up to a week getting here, in which case David can teleport us back to --" "NO!" Robert interjected, grateful for the shortcut. "No no...this is quite alright. But why didn't you teleport us to Blackthorn City in the first place?" "Well, first, today was my first trip to Blackthorn. David's never been either, so he wouldn't know how to get here. We were *above* Blackthorn when we, ah, "flew" to Mt. Silver from Mahogany, but that's not good enough for David." "Ah, of course. Wouldn't be good enough for most Teleporters, unless you WANT him to put you about 50 feet *above* the Pokemon Center." Robert winced at the thought of literally dropping in to solicit Nurse Joy's assistance. "Second, I figured it wouldn't be that long a walk to Blackthorn from Mt. Silver, especially compared to the walk we would have had to take to get here." "True, true." "And third..." Andrew shrugged. "I never told you because you never asked." TBC -- ey gee en pee ain't nothin' but a t-thang, baby