From: "Rob" <> Subject: [PW!] [MEAT] Robert and Rilli Have Dinner Date: Friday, February 06, 2004 7:36 PM "Mmm, this pepper steak smells so good!" Robert exclaims when a plate of pepper steak and rice is Teleported onto his table in the Japanese restaurant he and Rilli have liked visiting ever since the day they ate there when their minds were in each other's bodies. The walk to Saffron City from Lavender Town is a bit long, but the food and atmosphere of the restaurant are well worth it. The food is always delicious and served on time thanks to the Psychic Pokemon working in the kitchen. The restaurant is decorated to look like authentic Japanese eating establishments of the past, complete with birdcages hanging from bamboo and ponds where Farfetch'd and white Psyduck rest. Sitting at one of the gondola-like tables resting in one of the restaurant's ponds with his girlfriend, Robert picks up a piece of his steak with his chopsticks and places the morsel of meat in his mouth. "Mmmmmm!" Robert mumbles through closed lips as he eagerly chews his pepper steak. Not ashamed to talking with his mouth open since he feels so comfortable around his long-time girlfriend, the black-haired man utters as he chews the meat, "Ohhh, this is good! This is soooo good! This is the best pepper steak I've ever eaten! You just HAVE to try a piece, Rilli!" "Okay," Rilli sweatdrops at Robert's enthusiasm then opens her mouth. Robert picks up another piece of the pepper steak with his chopsticks and he extends his arm towards his girlfriend, rather slowly since he's not good with chopsticks and doesn't want to drop it. Rilli leans forward, puts her lips on Robert's chopsticks, then pulls away from them, taking the pepper steak with her. She chews the meat for a moment then nods, "Not bad." "Not bad? This is great!" Robert points to himself with his thumb, "Take it from me, Rilli, I've been a meat aficionado even since before I met you! I've eaten all kinds of meat - beef, pork, chicken, turkey... as long as it doesn't come from a Pokemon, I'll eat it! I know my meat and this is extraordinary meat!" Rilli chuckles at her boyfriend's love of meat, "Yeah - I've never seen you meet a non-Pokemon meat you didn't eat." "Heh, you're such a poet, Rilli," Robert playfully pokes Rilli's nose, before using his chopsticks to bring another piece of the pepper steak to his mouth. As he chews on the delectable morsel, he comments, "I still can't get over how great this meat is! Someone should write a short story about this pepper steak!" Rilli giggles, shaking her head, "I seriously doubt that's ever going to happen. Unless you were to write one, that is." "You never know, Rilli," Robert remarks, pointing at her with his chopsticks. After using the chopsticks to place two more morsels of the delicious pepper steak into his mouth, he repeats, "You never know." -Robert