From: "Rob" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Rock Blockade Date: Saturday, April 17, 2004 2:23 AM "Chet Weaver - YOUR HEAD A SPLODE!" <> wrote: > "I could probably climb this myself," Lynkeru mused. > > "Then we could hand you a rope and you could pull me up!" Marvin suggested. > > That hurt Lynkeru's back just thinking about it. > > "Maybe we should come back when we're more prepared," she offered instead. > > "Actually," Mamoru considered, "We could use my Onix to make a more > gradual slope. That way the climbing won't be so hard. What do you think? "Of course! We could use your Onix!" Marvin exclaims in an excited tone, but his tone quickly changes to that of curiosity when he points out, "...wait, you didn't mention an Onix when you listed your Pokemon. What gives?" Scratching the back of his head and looking downwards in embarrassment, Mamoru reveals, "Well, you see, I kinda... I forgot I had an Onix." "You forgot you had an ONIX?!" Marvin asks in disbelief. "I mean, I could understand someone forgetting a Diglett, but how can you forget an Onix?" "I... wasn't quite myself when I caught it," answers Mamoru, "and I don't tend to let it out of its Pokeball too often. Anyway, I'm sure it'll be happy to get some fresh air!" The brown-haired boy pulls a Pokeball out of his pocket and throws it towards the pile of rocks before him, "Come on out, Onix!" An immense Rock Snake emerges in a flash of white light over the rocks that Marvin doesn't want to scale. The Onix stretches out, very much enjoying the rock bed beneath its body, and the tip of its tail happens to come to a rest right in front of Marvin. Marvin carefully places one foot on top of the Onix's tail. Before placing his entire weight on the Pokemon, he faces Mamoru and asks, "Is it safe?" Mamoru replies, "Onix is made of rock - it won't care if you walk on its back." "It's not the Onix I'm worried about," Marvin remarks, trying to suppress images of himself being flung into the stratosphere as he places his other foot on the Onix's tail. The chubby tuxedo-clad man holds his arms out, hoping to maintain his balance as he ascends the boulders that compose the Onix's shell. During his precarious balancing act across the Onix's back, Marvin almost loses his footing twice. When he almost slips off the Onix for a third time, the middle-aged man comments, "This is why I became a magician instead of a trapeze artist..." The moment he climbs off the Onix's head, Marvin heaves a huge sigh of relief. "What took you so long?" Surprised to hear Lynkeru's voice, the magician turns around to see the red-haired elf leaning casually against the northern end of the rock pile. Marvin says, "Hey, I'm the magician of the group, not you. How'd you get here so fast? I didn't see you climb on the Onix..." "I didn't." Lynkeru smirks, patting the rock pile she's leaning against, "Compared to Death Mountain, this rock pile wasn't challenging at all for me." It's around this time that Mamoru leaps off his Onix's head to join the rest of the group on the northern side of the rock pile. Marvin shakes his head at the pile of rocks that Mamoru's Onix is using as a bed, "You'd think Hoenn's government would take better care of their roads. Do they expect all Trainers heading from Mauville to Lavaridge Town to figure out a way to get past these rocks? I'm proud to live in Johto, where the only major roadblock is a Sudowoodo with a bad attitude." -Marvin