From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Rustboro Fallout Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2004 9:32 PM >"Now before we start a three-way war, I believe there was supposed to be >some exposition here" Bob said calmly, but sounding far nicer. > >"Huh?" Jeff asked. > >#The girl's going to spill her guts# Raffy said, still annoyed. > >"Oh." Jeff said, understanding that. > >#Besides, I want to compare her level of wierdness to yours >grass man# Raffy said, turining his attention to Alex. > With their attention gathered, Alex sat down on a nearby rock and began, "Well, I'm not certain whether I'm strange in comparison to Bob, but I'm up there." With a sigh, she added, "And do I mean up there." Looking the three men and two Pokémon in the eyes, she asked, "You guys are aware of the possible existence of extraterrestrial life, right?" "Just about anyone who's seen any science fiction is," Bob replied. "But what does that have to do with you?" "Well, assuming the general public knew about me, the possibility would not be a possibility to them," Alex explained. "It'd be a reality." #Wait a second, girlie,# Raffy broke in. #You mean, you think you're an alien?# "Not think," Alex replied, emphasizing her point with a raised finger. "Know." "But that's impossible," Jeff noted. "I mean, you look just like a regular girl." "When was the last time you saw a girl my age with my height and measurements?" Alex asked. #Girl's got a point,# Raffy noted. "Anyway," Alex continued, "from what I've been told by my mother and elder relatives, my ancestry can be traced to another planet, called Extaxia." "So, you're like Superman?" Jeff asked. Alex shook her head 'no', and elaborated, "I was born here on Earth. The only similarity I have to Clark Kent is that both he and I only found out about our ancestry when we were teenagers." "But how could you still be an alien?" Bob asked. "Genetics," Alex replied. "My great-great-grandmother Marina was born on Extaxia, and crashed here on Earth when she was in her late teens. That was a little more than eighty years ago, and most of the tech she brought with her was destroyed, so I doubt there's anyone in the public who knows about it." "Wait," Ben asked. "Your ancestor from four or five generations ago was fully alien. Wouldn't that make you only partially alien?" "One-sixteenth, according to Mendel," Alex answered. "Yeah, but something happened to change that. Don't ask me what, I don't know myself; Mom hasn't been that forthcoming." "So, what's so different about you?" Bob asked. "I mean, aside from your figure, on the surface you look normal." "The differences are internal," Alex replied. "You know about my telepathy already. My muscle and bone structure allow me about twenty-five percent more strength, speed, and agility than the average person. It sounds like a lot, but trust me, it isn't much. My metabolism is a bit more aggressive than the average human's as well. Meanwhile, I have an immune system that can handle almost any Earth-born virus or bacteria." "Almost?" Bob asked. "In theory, I'm vulnerable to cancer and HIV," Alex replied. "The former has a chance of killing me, while the latter, in theory at least, could potentially weaken my immune system enough to allow other viruses and bacteria to attack and potentially kill me." "Why 'in theory'?" Jeff asked. "Would you consciously give yourself the virus that causes AIDS?" Alex asked rhetorically. "As for cancer, the chances of me getting it are slim to none, but it still exists." #That ain't exactly something we can verify,# Raffy noted. #How do we know you aren't pulling our collective legs?# "Well then, would you call an accelerated puberty normal?" Alex asked. The three boys quickly asked themselves "Accelerated...?" before a memory started playing in Bob and Ben's minds. #About three years and a day ago today, I looked a lot like Tsunade does now,# Alex explained telepathically. #Save that I had less up top than she does. Then the accelerated puberty kicked in, and I went from that, to this.# As the memory began, a pair of eyes opened, and a light moan in pain could be heard. Bob and Ben could see Alex rising to at sitting position in her bedroom from her perspective, and look down to see a surprised pair of Pokémon; a Mightyena and a Torchic. "Surtur?" Alex's voice asked. "Wiley? What's...?" Alex cupped a hand to her mouth, realizing that her voice was different, then quickly darted a glance down at her chest. She immediately leapt from her bed, and looked at herself in a full-body mirror before screaming, ending the memory. Blinking his eyes, Ben said, "Wow. That was...strange." "What, what was strange?" Jeff asked, having been left out of the playback. "What happened?" "Something I don't think you're old enough to see," Bob replied. "C'mon, Bob, it can't be a big deal," Jeff pleaded. "I was exposed from the waist up," Alex explained. Those words crossed Jeff's mind, and he said in understanding, "Ohhh." "So, why didn't you tell anyone about this?" Ben asked. "Would you have believed me, without the memory playback?" Alex replied. "Besides, if I went around telling people I was an alien, they'd think I was crazy. And I have not heard positive things about the Verdanturf Asylum, trust me." #Another point to the alien,# Raffy noted. "Well, I can't argue with that," Ben replied. "And I can't blame you. You probably did the smart thing." With obvious relief, Alex said, "I'm glad to hear that." "So, who else knows about this?" Bob asked. "The rest of my family, my team," Alex listed off, "Aerie, Smasher, and maybe Aerie's father and Mimic, but I'm not entirely certain. I told Aerie about it on the way here on the Tidal, and Aerie's father scanned me two nights before the Silver Conference. As for Smasher, well, my telepathy had gone wonky and he ended up using an accidental scan against me." "Meaning that he read your mind and found out," Bob reasoned. "And you weren't worried?" "Smasher didn't seem like the type to blab," Alex replied. "But now I am. If there doesn't end up being a sign of Smasher in Rustboro, chances are good that someone found him, maybe captured him to try and pry some info out of his brain. And if the wrong people found out about a certain alien girl running around, my family and I may well be in danger." "So you think maybe the Maquas may know?" Bob asked. Alex shook her head once more. "Nuh-uh. Team Magma and Team Aqua are more interested in changing this world, not in things from another. Besides, they wouldn't know about my telepathy, or be prepared for it." "What do you mean?" Jeff asked. "Remind me, what's one type of Pokémon which is super-effective against Psychics?" Alex asked in reply. "Steel-types," Ben realized. "Exactly," Alex replied. "Those two Pokémon had Metal Coats, thus offering them some artificial protection against my telepathy. It's only thanks to the Shiny Unown I have that I was able to sense them in time. Whoever sent those Pokémon against me was aware of my weakness and sought to exploit it." "But who would want you?" Bob asked. "I can see why Magma and Aqua would want me, but why you?" "I don't think it's either of them," Alex replied. "Neither Aqua or Magma would capitalize on Metal Coats. We're dealing with someone else here, and I'm half afraid to find out whom." - Elsewhere, two people watched from a safe distance. "Looks like the girl's out of our reach for now," the first of the two men, a young man with Aryan features noted. "What's the next step?" "Recovering our Pokémon," the second, an elder gentleman who vaguely resembled Graham Chapman of 'Monty Seviper'. "Then we call back to home base. Considering that girl's a trainer, she's probably going to head for either Mauville or Dewford. Either way, she'll have something waiting for her. Something rather unpleasant." "If you say so, Grand," the younger man replied to his partner as he got to his feet. "If you say so." TBC? [NS: And yeah, Alex shares some chromosomes with a few other characters of mine. But considering that isn't a major part of Alex's story, I think I'm in the clear. Also, before anyone accuses this of being 'porn'; I think my treatment of Alex's change was subtle enough.] William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior, the Pokémon Resistance, and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points