From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Rustboro Fallout Date: Friday, March 26, 2004 4:01 AM > > "But who would want you?" Bob asked. "I can see why Magma and Aqua would > >want me, but why you?" > > > > "I don't think it's either of them," Alex replied. "Neither Aqua or Magma > >would capitalize on Metal Coats. We're dealing with someone else here, and > >I'm half afraid to find out whom." "Don't be. If you're strong enough to care, then you're strong enough to win." Bob said, almost striking a dramatic pose. He refrained from doing it however. "Wonder what anime he got that from?" Jeff muttered > >- > > > > Elsewhere, two people watched from a safe distance. > > > > "Looks like the girl's out of our reach for now," the first of the two > >men, a young man with Aryan features noted. "What's the next step?" > > > > "Recovering our Pokémon," the second, an elder gentleman who vaguely > >resembled Graham Chapman of 'Monty Seviper'. "Then we call back to home base. > >Considering that girl's a trainer, she's probably going to head for either > >Mauville or Dewford. Either way, she'll have something waiting for her. > >Something rather unpleasant." > > > > "If you say so, Grand," the younger man replied to his partner as he got > >to his feet. "If you say so." > > "Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm," Carol mumbled to herself, taking note of the > conversation occurring near her. She made sure to stay well-hidden from the two > men. > > "Might be trouble," she whispered to herself, then nodded. "Better keep an > eye on these two. Maybe my tracking skills can finally be put to good use. Alex > can thank me later!" As the two men turned to slink of, some plants faintly rustled. While it may or may not have been enough to alert one with psychic talents, Bob did turn his head in the direction of the noise. By that time, anyone there was gone. #Nothing there you know,# Raffy said "Yeah, must be me going paranoid," Bob said still not totally convinced. "Maybe we should get back," Jeff suggested. After all, he still had an Azumarill to get tended to. After some general consent, they started to head off. After getting about 1/2 way to the city limits, they passed a woman. While not a spectacular feat, the long green hair and that almost all-knowing look was the kind to send shivers down your spine. "Hello Bob, Alex, Ben, Jeff" The woman said, look at at each one as she said her names #I feel offended# Raffy quipped more than actually being serious. The woman ignored her. The Girafarig twitched, but did nothing -- it just wan't his day. Jeff and Ben stood a bit dumbfounded. Alex looked like she almost recognized the woman. Bob groaned audibly, supressing desires involving much pain. "What in the name of all that is grass you do you want Sabrina?" Bob asked, with a tone that suggested no matter what the insanely powerful psychic said, it wouldn't be good for him. After all it wasn't last time. TBC ------- Clayton Random Tagline: And now for something completely the same! [NS: And now some chaos-"predicting" by an insanely powerful psychic]