From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Rustboro Regrouping Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 8:18 PM >"So, what plan?" Mimic asked. > >So once again the big old map of Hoenn was layed out on the table. > >"We know he hasn't been to the Gym yet," Alex noted. > >"And he wasn't down at the docks at all," Derek added. > >"And Wildfire would have come back and told us if Smasher was at the buffet," >Kitsu added. > >"He isn't in Team Aqua's official database," Cass added, still with the grin. > >Derek involuntarily backed up a step or two. Chan smirked as best he could. >The Medicham would probably pay to see his partner and trainer get clobbered >with that interdimensional mallet. > >"So what that leave?" Nori asked. > >"Well he could have gone to Mount Chimney, which is north. Mauville is >west of here and has a few sights. If he was sighted in Petalburg, then >May wouldn't have been looking for him," Alex reasonned out loud. > >"True, but if he has a Skarmory, couldn't he just fly to Dewford, and >not take the boat?" Bob asked. > >"Need visit place before can Fly to it," Mimic pointed out. > >"Not that kind of fly, fly a Skarmory like one would ride a Ponyta," Bob >said, rubbing his temples. This was giving him a headache. At least he was >hoping it was this backwards search and not other things. > >"Cool," Jeff said softly, thinking about how that would be done. An almost >sort of fanboyish glaze was in his eyes. > >"So, three directions and about what 13 of us?" Aerie said, having popped in > >at some point in the conversation. > >"Sounds like it." Kitsu said. > >"Well if it helps the decision process any, I have to do to the Day Care >Center here in Hoenn and pick up some stuff for mom. Unless they moved, >it should be here," Bob said pointing to an area just outside of Mauville. >"Which means I'll probably be going throught the tunnel. Joy, Flying/Poison >Zubats for me!" Bob said the last sentence with dripping sarcasm. > >#I'll save your ass, don't worry.# Raffy said, smirking. > >"Whatever" > >"So who's going with who?" > "Well, since the option's now on the table, I'd like to head down towards Dewford," Alex noted. "For all we know, the ticket seller job is part-time." "The guy didn't really seem to care one way or another about who passed through anyway," Cass pointed out. "He may not have even noticed Smasher." "I wouldn't be surprised," Nori noted. Alex rose from her seat and said, "Well, I'd best pick up the guys and see if Carol and Ben are back yet. Afterwards Cass, you and I need to talk." "We do?" Cass asked with a raised eyebrow. "Why?" "AHB," Alex answered. As the meaning of those letters came clear in Cass's mind, Alex walked up to the desk and asked, "My friends and I checked in some Pokémon earlier." "They're all fully healed," the obligatory Nurse Joy reported, bringing forth a small cart carrying a small group of eleven Poké Balls. "But this is the first time in a while that I've seen so many unconscious Pokémon. What happened?" "Someone tried to take a bite out of us," Alex answered as she plucked the six Poké Balls containing her team from the cart and placed them on her belt. "And I doubt this'll be the last time." It was about that time that Ben and Mawile arrived, Ben's new PokéBelt slung over one shoulder and Mawile happily riding in his trainer's arms. "Alex, good news! I won the rematch!" "Great," Alex noted with a smile. She plucked two more Poké Balls from the cart and tossed them to Ben. "Nails and Aeros should be back to full strength." "That's good to hear," Ben noted, taking a small glance at the two Poké Balls in his hands. While the two weren't totally loyal to him anymore, they were members of his team and he couldn't abandon them. "So, what's the word?" "We're still picking out where we're going," Alex replied as she picked up the remaining three Poké Balls. As the two returned to the group, Alex tossed Bob and Jeff their Pokémon back and asked, "Any decisions?" "Well, I'm thinking that a few of us should head towards Fallarbor Town," Cass suggested. "Aqua may not have a connection to Smasher, but that still leaves Magma. I figure either Hot Shot can fly me and one or two other people up there, or we could take it on the ground. Anyone else have any ideas?" TBC? William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points