From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Siren Calls in Meteor Falls Date: Sunday, May 02, 2004 11:26 AM >Cass tried to block another beam with her hand, only for the beam to >harmlessly pass right through and miss its target. "How about a >teleport?" > >Aerie blinked, dodging another dozen beams. "...right!" She closed >her eyes to try to focus, only for a large faux pokeball to burst >through the wall, close around her, and shrink to the size of a >beachball. > >And then the only sound was her scream. > >It was muffled, but unmistakably the tone of sheer terror. While her >voice was mostly incoherent, there were legible snatches like >"OHGODDISHIDON'TWANTTOBEASLAVE" and >"PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEATLEASTLETTHISBEKITSU'S", which caught the named >party off-guard just as she was about to smash the ball. > >Before she could resume, Cass caught her arm, pointing to where the red >beams were bouncing off the large ball. "I'd bet that's more psionium. >Maybe we should finish up before releasing her?" > "But what about...?" Kitsu asked. "Derek and I'll get her out of there," Cass promised, "you just deal with those Poké Balls." Kitsu cast a glance back to the giant Poké Ball-styled prison containing Aerie, then to Cass. "Just get her out of there." One quick costume-and-form change later, Kitsu joined her brother in tearing through swaths of projectile Poké Balls, Chan offering some assistance all his own. "But how the heck are we supposed to get this thing open?" Derek finally asked as Cass rummaged through her bag. "Leverage!" Cass exclaimed, producing a crowbar. Derek gave the idea some thought, then agreed, "That might work." The two quickly jammed the crowbar into a narrow space near the prison's lock, then pushed down on it. The upper half of the faux ball didn't move an inch. As the two continued with their efforts, Kitsu, Keaton and Chan continued tearing through the Poké Ball projectiles, leaving small amounts of destruction in their wake. Within a few minutes, the last one was smashed underneath Keaton's foot. "Glad that's taken care of," Keaton noted as the trio turned to Cass and Derek. "Y'know, I think there's a simpler method for that." "Care to demonstrate?" Cass asked as she pulled the crowbar, now bent slightly, out of the gap. Chan silently walked over and pressed the large button on the fake Poké Ball, opening it up to reveal a semi-conscious Aerie. After a second of staring in shock, Cass simply sighed and hung her head low. "I am such an idiot." Regaining full consciousness, Aerie rose out of the Poké Ball and landed next to it, still shaky but with some support from Kitsu. "That was *not* fun." Cass glanced at the large fake Poké Ball, then noted, "These guys are playing hardball." She gave a small glance towards the youngest in the party and said, "Aerie, I know there's a risk, but I'd feel safer if we had a few extra eyes, and some extra muscle." TBC > >> Random Tagline: >> The answer is 7 >> >>>[NS: This is short, but I figure I'd better not make too many major notes >in >>>this, other than acknowledge a possible problem for Cass and Derek if this >>>turns out to be who I think it is.] > >[NS: You've probably guessed right...and I'm counting on that problem. >;) ] > >> [NS: Well I'm clueless so I'll see how it plays out] > >[NS: I thought for sure all three of the other authors in this thread - >you, William, and Tech - would have found it obvious. The answer is >150.] [NS: Well, if it is who I think it is, Aerie's at least got a little backup.] William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points