From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Siren Calls in Meteor Falls Date: Tuesday, May 04, 2004 2:49 PM William Rendfeld wrote: > As the two continued with their efforts, Kitsu, Keaton and Chan continued > tearing through the Poké Ball projectiles, leaving small amounts of destruction > in their wake. Within a few minutes, the last one was smashed underneath > Keaton's foot. > > "Glad that's taken care of," Keaton noted as the trio turned to Cass and > Derek. "Y'know, I think there's a simpler method for that." > > "Care to demonstrate?" Cass asked as she pulled the crowbar, now bent > slightly, out of the gap. > > Chan silently walked over and pressed the large button on the fake Poké > Ball, opening it up to reveal a semi-conscious Aerie. > > After a second of staring in shock, Cass simply sighed and hung her head > low. "I am such an idiot." > > Regaining full consciousness, Aerie rose out of the Poké Ball and landed > next to it, still shaky but with some support from Kitsu. "That was *not* fun." > > Cass glanced at the large fake Poké Ball, then noted, "These guys are > playing hardball." She gave a small glance towards the youngest in the party > and said, "Aerie, I know there's a risk, but I'd feel safer if we had a few > extra eyes, and some extra muscle." Aerie hugged herself, and was also hugged by Kitsu. The hybrid was breathing hard, but made no other sound. "Aerie?" Cass asked again. "Huh? Oh...yeah, go ahead." Cass frowned - the loss of self-confidence in Aerie's voice hurt just to listen to - but palmed five of her pokeballs. "Hot Shot! Obsidian! Nosedive! Jolt! Enigma! Come on out!" As Cass briefed her pokemon on the situation, Kitsu murmured in Aerie's ear, "Are you going to be okay?" "Yeah," the girl replied. "I...think I can handle it. But whoever's doing this is DEAD!" to back up that claim, little girl?# Everyone froze, looking for the source of the telepathic voice that came from everywhere yet nowhere. #You claim to be the daughter of Doppler. While that may be biologically true, you have proven yourself unworthy of that title.# Two eyes blazed bright purple in the dark distance of the cave. "Mewtwo," Aerie growled as the other genetically engineered pokemon came closer. #Correct. I desired to see if my student had passed on his lessons to his progeny. If he did, they have not been apparent. I gave you a simple test of wisdom, yet your first instinct was to act selfishly.# "The meteor? I never saw anyone else in that vision. For all I knew, I was alone." #And then a test of courage, yet you gave yourself over to fear.# Aerie broke eye contact, looking at her fingers as she tapped them together. "Well...i-if you were faced with painful imminent death, wouldn't you be a little scared?" #No. But listen to yourself. Now all you have to offer are excuses. Where is the vaunted power you claim to have?# "Hey! I was doing alright until I was surprised!" #Indeed. True power requires control, and you lost control of the situation. Tell me, have you any control at all?# "What are you talking about?" #Heh heh heh. You would know it if you were worthy. But come, let your actions speak for you. Show me whether you can control yourself, you who are not worthy of your parents.# "TAKE THAT BACK!" Aerie charged towards Mewtwo in an easily anticipated, and easily dodged, tackle. #And now you give in to anger. Pitiful.# Keaton blinked. "Why aren't we attacking too?" Derek shook his head. "That's Mewtwo. Supposedly the most powerful pokemon of all. If even half of what I've heard about him is true, Aerie should have been knocked out before she got this far...unless..." He blinked. "Wait...control...Aerie! This is the third challenge! Don't fight him! Snap out of it and ignore him!" If the girl heard, she gave no signs of it, instead launching into a vicious and powerful series of attacks, each one of which Mewtwo handily countered with a minimum of motion. "DIEDIEDIEDIEDIE!!" #Bah. If raw fury is all you feel, you are little better than a mewling cub. I know your father is better than this. Even your friends know better. You should listen to them.# He shifted to the side, striking back with the minimum of force, landing his hand on her breast. She paused. #Well, now. Perhaps you do have some degree of-# Aerie's growl, nearly below audible frequencies, slightly shook the cavern. Enigma indicated some niches along the cave wall. #We should shelter from the coming storm.# "ONLY!" *WHAM* "KITSU!" *WHAM* "MAY!" *WHAM* "TOUCH!" *WHAM* "ME!" *WHAM* "THERE!" *WHAMWHAMWHAMKERPOW* Mewtwo sweatdropped. Blocking and dodging Aerie's beyond-furious attacks was starting to give him the beginnings of a mild workout. TBC? > [NS: Well, if it is who I think it is, Aerie's at least got a little backup.] [NS: And now you know. Though I suspect the backup Aerie needs isn't quite the backup you thought she'd need against him. ;) ]