From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Slated for Slateport Date: Friday, June 25, 2004 12:58 AM "William Rendfeld" <> wrote in message > >"Natu!" Set ducks under the helmet, not caring how the shopkeeper feels > >about their mooching. No sooner has the helmet touched his head, when his > >eyes light up, and he starts chirping gleefully, "Natu! Natu, natu! > >Natooooo!" > > > >Nori's Blastoise translates, "He said that someone named Samson is camping > >out in an underwater grotto just south of here." > > > >"Underwater?" Alex repeats, finding this information dubious at best. > >"That isn't what he said before. And why would Smasher be going by his last > >name? Did Set say anything else?" > > > >Rubix shrugs, "Yeah, that 'the son of Natu is great, and we should all bow > >down before his countenance, because that is his command.' ...What do I > >know, I don't speak Natu." > > > >Ben frowns, he knows full and well the effect water has on Steel. "Are we > >going to check it out?" > > > >"I don't know..." Alex responds, sizing the Natu up suspiciously. "I think > >we should wait for Surtur and Mimic to return, before doing anything else." > > > >"Hey!" The salesman has to shout to be heard above the group's chatter. > >"Are you going to buy something, or what?" > > > >"Some other time, perhaps," Alex says politely, deciding that's the best > >response for the situation. She gestures to her companions, and starts > >towards another booth. > > > > "If no one minds," ShadowWarrior noted, "I'm going to poke around a bit on > my own. Might just fine something." > > "Go ahead, but keep your eyes open," Alex advised. "The last two cities > we've been in, we haven't exactly had the warmest welcomes." > > "I'll be careful, don't worry," the raven-feathered Murkrow assured his > trainer before fluttering off her shoulder and taking wing towards the east. > > >* * * > > >Cerberus' left and middle heads both narrow their eyes. "<White Lioness!>" > >The middle head exclaims, "<Cerberus does not understand why you put up with > >such belligerent underlings! Do you think you can do no better? Cerberus > >would be happy to find you some more worthwhile flunkies, if you so desire. > >He could beat both the worth and the flunk into them, if need be.>" > > > >Sing flings himself out of the fountain, and shakes his tentacles at > >Cerberus in an intimidating display, "<Hey, bird! You got something to say > >to me? You got something to say to me?!? SAY IT TO MY FACE,> TENTA > >COOLTA!!!" > > > >The Dodrio snorts, "<Cerberus does not deign to speak with grunts.>" > > > >"COOOOOL!!!!" Sting throws himself at Cerberus and wraps his gooey body > >completely around the middle head, cutting off its air supply! Cerberus > >stamps around blindly, trying to shake him off, flailing around in panic > >even though he still has two working sets of eyes and nostrils. > > > >"Purr..." Blizzard resumes her pacing, oblivious to the battle that's going > >on beside her. "<What to do, what to do...>" She sulks, "<Reminiscing > >about that Eevee has made me hungry, and I cannot think on an empty stomach. > >Avalanche, let us go into market. Perhaps we shall find some food there > >that suits my palate.>" > > > >"<Okay.>" Avalanche agrees readily, not having eaten much since he left Mt. > >Silver. The two of them trot off in a Western direction. After noticing > >that no one in sticking around to watch their death struggle, Sting and > >Cerberus grudgingly separate, and hurry to catch up. > > > > Within a few short minutes, the Brotherhood arrived at the Slateport Market. > As the four look about, Sting is the first to comment upon the area around > them. "<This place is a> tentcool <mess.> > > "<Despite what is thought about the grunt, Cerberus is forced to agree, > White Lioness,>" the intelligent and feral Dodrio replied. > > "Purr..." Blizzard contemplated. "<There does not seem to be that much in > the way of food. And I would not want to soil myself by touching human > waste...>" > > Blizzard's thoughts were interrupted as ShadowWarrior fluttered down before > the group and stretched his wings. "Damn bugs," he noted to himself. "Wish > they'd stay out of my feathers." > > Blizzard smiled a bit, and slowly crept towards the unknowing ShadowWarrior. > As Sting, Avalanche and Cerberus looked on in surprised curiosity, Blizzard > quickly brought a paw down on the small bird, pinning him to the ground. > > "What the...?" ShadowWarrior barely made out before noticing the large, > rather happy-looking Persian standing over him. With a nervous chuckle, the > bird said, "Hi there. Something I can help you with?" > > "<Why yes, actually,>" Blizzard replied. "<I'm quite famished, and I had > hopes that you could provide me with nourishment.>" > > "Oh, well, that's..." ShadowWarrior began before realizing what the large > cat had just said. "Nourishment?" Adrenaline beginning to flow in his avian > veins, he said, "Oh come on, you don't want to eat me. I'm not that filling, > just feathers and bones. Besides, we Murkrow are high in MSG cholesterol. > That's the bad kind." > > "<White Lioness, perhaps eating him would be a poor course of action,>" > Cerberus piped in. "<The small Murkrow is proficient in speaking the human > tongue. He could be useful to our group in the service of interpreter. He can > share our views and wisdom with others quite easily.>" > > "Tent <that!>" Sting quickly shot. "<We ain't accepting any> tenta coolta, > <period. Got that?>" > > His eyes narrowed and the immediate danger of being eaten temporarily > forgotten, ShadowWarrior angrily spat, "Hey, watch your mouth, squid-lips! I > know someone who could probably make a decent stew out of you!" > > "<Sting, please, be silent while I enjoy my meal,>" Blizzard requested, > tensing her muscles to bring the small Murkrow closer to her before devouring > it. > > Suddenly reminded of his initial predicament, ShadowWarrior sweatdropped and > yelled in fear, "ALEX!" > > - > > Alex's eyes widened in surprise as she looked towards the source of the > voice. "ShadowWarrior." > > "Something wrong?" Nori asked in surprise. > > "He's in danger," Alex quickly explained. "C'mon Grospoliner!" > > #I am right behind you, my master!# the free-floating Steel-type replied as > he floated after her, placing the Twisted Spoon he was inspecting back on the > counter. > > "What do you think all that's about?" Nori asked the two remaining with her. > > > "The bird sounded scared," Rubix replied. "Probably got caught by a cat or > something." His eyes widening as he considered that notion, he said, "Oh no." > > "Oh no?" Ben asked, out of the loop. "Why the 'oh no'?" > > Nori, however, seemed to grasp the possibility. "Blizzard," she quietly said > under her breath before rushing off after Alex and calling, "Hey, wait up!" > > "Laaaarrrrr!" Big Time the Larvitar called from within Nori's arms, not used > to running while in her grasp. > > Ben remained flabbergasted. "Who's 'Blizzard'?" > > "Long story," Rubix replied, an angry rumble in his voice. "C'mon, Steel > Boy. Knowing their track record, those two are going to be in serious trouble > without us." > > The two followed as quickly as they could. Set, meanwhile, who had been > twirling the discarded Twisted Spoon around in his wings as if it were a baton, > suddenly noticed that he was alone and that something was happening. Discarding > his new toy, he followed after them, hoping to enjoy whatever chaos was quickly > approaching. And far away from that impending chaos sat Bob and Jeff. There was a lack of conversation between the brothers due to the pair scarfing down hamburgers. The meaty little burgers didn't stand a chance and were soon devoured. There was a semi-ackward silence as the brothers relaxed a bit while finishing thier drinks. "So, notice that you got two badges from the area," Bob noted "And you got the next one. What'd he use?" "Electric-types. And he's good. Though my challenge sort of turned into a cartoon dustcloud fight." Jeff laughed at the concept. "Guess Mary's out" "Probably. She is an Azumarill." Another brief silence as the brothers took a drink at the same time. "So you said you'd tell me later why you didn't want me around. It's later, spill." Bob looked downcast and almost ashamed. "I don't want to hurt you," he stated simply and without any hint of humour and good will. "Oh," was Jeff's somber reply. "Come on *slurp* cherre up Jeffy, we got a nice calm day to go through. Let's go check out some sights and see if anyone's seen someone that resembles Smasher. And if we're really unlucky, we'll run into some grass pokemon idolizing group and Goddish only knows what they'd want with me." ------- Clayton Random Tagline: *poke poke* He's dead Jim