From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [SST] The Guest Talent Show Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 3:54 AM > "Where...?" Derek started. > > "I guess they teleported," Keaton said. > > "We should go after them," Cass suggested. > > "But where?" > > The sound of Kitsu's sword sliding itself back into its sheath caught > everyone's attention momentarily as she walked out of the Wingull Room. > Keaton followed soon after and found her leaning on a guardrail > over-looking the sea. > > "Are you okay?" Keaton asked. > > "This is all my fault," Kitsu replied. > > "It was a completely natural reaction," Keaton said. "Could've happened > to anybody." > > "Not just that. Everything. This whole thing is my fault. I shouldn't > have told Aerie that I'd kiss her if she took the place of Smasher's > Starmie. I shouldn't have even suggested that she do it in the first > place. Aerie thinks its her fault, but it's all mine. It's because of > me she fought in that match and killed Smasher with that Hyper Beam." > > "Kitsu..." > > "I should be the one crying my eyes out. I should be the one being > hysterical." > > "It wasn't your fault. You couldn't've known that would happen." > > "I should be trying to make things better, but instead I'm just making > things worse. I should just..." > > Kitsu just let that sentence hang there. She didn't know what she > wanted to say. What she wanted to do was go home, but there was no home > to go to. Just the remains of a shattered world. Maybe she should've > disregarded father's orders and followed Jordan through the portal, or > followed them more strictly and remained in Ecruteak City. She > questioned every decision she made, going all the way back to when she > first met Aerie and tried to explain why honor was so important. Maybe > even further. Right now, just about everything felt like a better > solution than being on this boat. > > Keaton was at a similar loss. His sister was hurting, and he didn't > know what to do about it. She was always the responsible one, at least > most of the time. Keaton never really spent much time thinking about > anything. He'd just go ahead and do whatever he wanted. Right now, he > wanted to leave Kitsu so he wouldn't have to watch her be like this, but > at the same time he couldn't just leave her like this. > > Keaton reclined against the guardrail and thought or something. He > wasn't sure what, but the least he could do was keep her company. Derek watched. So much drama and angst was being displayed before him. He was rather confused himself about what to do. On the one hand, the shapeshifting girl looked to be near a total breakdown. On the other hand, the foxy lady was drowning in sorrow and guilt. Well Kitsu was here, and Aerie wasn't. Reaching into his pocket, he grabbed a coin that he had found on the floor earlier. It was nice and shiny, and hopefully would help prove a point. "It's a vast thing the ocean" Derek said, taking a spot on the railing, near Kitsu. He was fiddling with the coin. "Every little ripple could affect something miles and miles away." Derek observed, starign out in the distance, where a couple of Mantine could barely be seen floating a little over the water's surface. Kitsu didna't say anything. She was still a little too into her depression. Derek however wasn't expecting a response just yet. "The ripples we make in the waters make changes in other places. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it isn't." Derek said solemly, flipping the coin overboard from the deck and into the calm ocean below. The splach of the water would attract a small school of Magikarp and Feebas, which would them attract some of the more predatory pokemon, like Sharpedo and Tentacruel and their younger and unevolved forms, attracted by the all-you-can-eat buffet swim towards a shiny objects sinking in the deeps. The coin would land next to a Kingdra who was sleeping deep underground. The dragon pokemon would yawn, creating an impressinve Twister to rise from the waters. A small island and its inhabitants would be devistated by the Twister, but come back stronger than ever as it would have been the weaker natives that were killed in the Twister's devistation. But all this was not to be seen as it took place under ther water's surface. Plus, the ship was long gone by the time the Twister appeared. Derek stared out into the distance for another minute or so, waiting for Kitsu to at least acknowledge that there was a conversation going here. Seeing none, he turned around. "But if you think better while fighting, you are quite to welcome to have a fight or pokemon battle with me later up on the battling decks. I have little to do this cruise and it would make for a good challenge. Your brother's invited too." With that, he left the duo to their angst. A few minutes later, Derek and Chan were still stuck in that depressing mood that being around the broody can give you. At some point druing his walking, he came across a trainer fighting something wild on deck [NS: And now a little Thread Duct Tape] > "Savage, try using cross chop" John called to his pokemon. Savage > leaped into the air and brought both fists down on each of the aquatic > pokemon's shoulders, just a plit second before a water gun hit him > full force, sending him flying into the air... and over the side of > the ship. Derek watched the pokemon perform one of the most powerful Fighting- type moves. "Good form, what do you think Chan?" Chan studies the Primeape. The Medicham had experience fighting them, not as much as Machamp and Machoke and other Medicham, but the Psychic Fighter could tell good form. He gave a sign of approval. "Medi." > "Savage!" Thinking quickly, John took Savage's pokeball and pressed > the recall button. Savage's body erupted into a stream of red data > just as it touched the surface of the water. As soon as the energy had > collected into the pokeball, John released the Primeape once again. > Savage stood on the deck, no worse for wear, but understandably > annoyed. > > Savage charged once again at his opponent. Before the Primeape could > get there, however Poliwhirl beat both it's hands on it's chest then > launched into a viscious Double Slap. John wasn't sure but it looked > like some of it's energy had been sapped away, unfortunatly, it also > dealt Savage a, well, savage blow. > > "Ah. Of course! Belly Drum!" That was the attack poliwhirl had used, > raising it's attack power at the cost of it's own energy. "That means > it should be weak enough to capture." He reached into the pocket of > his jeans only to find them all empty. Oh no, I haven't got any > pokeballs! John thought to himself. What am I going to do now? Derek nooded in approval. 'Interesting manoever. By sacrificing energy, physical strength is maximized. It could be useful if you were fast enough to not get hit.' Chan wasn't reading his trainer's mind but was thinking along the same lines. > Above the battle, but hidden, the shiny Unown Ehm watched the young > trainer battle and knew of his current difficulty. It decided it would > be a fun game to try and help him out. So, leaving John to his battle > Ehm floated unseen through the ship, ducking behind objects whenever > passengers neared. It flew over to a nearby souvenir shop and, after > Freezing Time, it went inside. > > Inside of the shop it found exactly what it was looking for: A plastic > toy pokeball that was blue and white and had a miniture SS Tidal > inside. Using it's telekinetic powers Ehm took the pokeball, as well > as a wristwatch and a few other electronic gizmos and left the shop, > as soon as he was out of sight Time unfroze and no one was the wiser. > > As soon as Ehm was safely hidden behind some crates it used it's Make > ability to jury-rig the various gizmos and novelties into a fully > functioning pokeball. Leaving the remains of the toys behind he took > his new invention back to where John and Savage were battling the > Poliwhirl. > > "Focus Energy, Savage!" John called out to his pokemon, hoping to keep > the battle going, though for what purpose he wasn't sure. He didn't > have a way of catching the frog-pokemon, after all. > > Just then there was a small thud and John looked down at his feet, he > couldn't believe it. There was a pokeball, it's design was unfamiliar, > but it was definitly a pokeball. He picked it up and held it in his > hands. > > "Unown!" > > John looked up and saw floatng serenely above him was a sparkling > Unown in the shape of an Ehm. "Amazing!" He gasped. "Maybe I should > catch it instead." John was just about to call Savage away from > wrestling the Poliwrath, when he blinked and the unown was gone. Derek smirked. The little Unown hadn't ventured too far. In fact it was above him. Probably wanted to see what would happen. The mysterious pokeball did look to be rather makeshift. > "Oh well." John shrugged. "Easy come easy go, I suppose." He hefted > the newly given pokeball and chucked it at the Poliwhirl. The ball > struck and the Poliwhirl erupted into a mass of blue energy which was > then pulled into the pokeball. The ball hopped around for a few > seconds as Poliwhirl tried to escape it's grasp, then it abruptly > stopped and the pokeball let out a chime, signaling that the capture > was successful. > > "Yes!" John shouted, pumping a fist into the air. "I caught it!" He > recalled Savage into his own pokeball, the bent to retrieve the blue > pokeball" from the ground. > > "Okay, he needs a name." John muttered to himself, turning the > pokeball over in his hands, until he saw the word "Tidal" printed in > large letters on the top of the ball - left over from it's former > existance as a souvenir. > > "Hmm. Tidal..." John considered the name. "Well, I suppose it's > appropriate... and it is as good a name as any. ...Yeah. I'll call him > Tidal!" Derek thought about congratulating the guy on his capture. Then he just figured that an introduction and the offer of a battle could add some excitement to the trip, as well as provide Chan with practice, or Torch, but knowing the Blaziken, once released, it'd home in and eliminate the closest source of booze before wanting to fight or do anything So with practiced stride, Derek walked over to the guy with the Primape holding the MacGuyver Ball TBC ------- Clayton Random Tagline: Beware of the Splut!