From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [SST] The Guest Talent Show Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 6:50 PM >> Jason growled, slipped his jacket back on, and then quickly opened up >the >> door. "Yes?" he asked in an annoyed tone. Recognizing the two girls in >front of >> him, he said, "Oh, you two again. Whatever you want to say, make it quick. >> Otherwise, you're Sharpedo chow." >> >> Lynkeru and Yuki looked at each other for a second before Lynkeru asked, >> "You haven't experienced anything out of the ordinary in the last few >minutes, >> have you?" >> >> "Aside from disembodied voices asking me pointless questions, no," Jason >> replied. >> >> Yuki rolled her eyes, and then said, "C'mon, Lynkeru, this guy's just >some >> crazy thug." >> >> Lynkeru was about to agree, but she soon found good reason to think >> otherwise. >> >> #Who are you?# >> >> "Yuki, did you hear that?" Lynkeru asked. >> >> "Hear what?" Yuki asked. >> >> "Someone just asked me who I am," Lynkeru replied. >> >> "Like I said, disembodied voices," Jason said. >> >> #Who are you?# >> >> "It asked me again," Lynkeru stated. >> >> "Well, answer it!" Yuki pleaded. >> >> Lynkeru gulped, and then said, "My name is Lynkeru." >> >> #What do you want?# >> >> Lynkeru's eyes darted around, looking for the voice's source, and said, >"I >> want to go home. I want my friend to be happy again." >> >> #Are you willing to sacrifice your happiness for that of your friend?# >> >> Lynkeru blinked. >> >"I never really thought about it," she replied. > >#Why not?# > >"I just hadn't. It never occured to me before. But it's not like I >need to sacrifice anything." > >#How so?# > >"I get more than one wish, so I can do both." > >#But can your friend be happy without you?# > >Lynkeru looked up, as people tend to do when dealing with disembodied >voices. Noticing the the dark shape on the ceiling, she immediately >looked straight ahead of her. She didn't know how the Unown would react >to being seen, and, more importantly, she didn't want Jason to see it >either. She considered trying to direct Yuki's attention to it, but she >didn't want to give anything away. > >"I... I don't know. Eventually, maybe. I mean, we'll miss each other, >but I have friends back home I need to see." > >#You don't need to see the friends you have here?# > >"No. I mean, yes, but it's different." > >#How is it different?# > >"It's... like... I don't know... Home is where I belong." > >#You don't belong here?# > >"No. It's not my world." > >#Is your world more important than this one?# > >"I... don't think that's relevant. Can one world be more important than >another?" > >#Do you like this world more than your own?# > >"No." > >#So your world is better than this one?# > >"I don't know if I'd say that..." > >#Why not? Do you not like your world better than this one?# > >"It's not like that!" > >#Then what is it like?# > >"Huh?" > >Lynkeru had been attempting to lock eyes with Yuki and then direct them >to the ceiling. She couldn't tell if it was working or not, as Yuki >seemed to be focusing her attention on Jason. > >#Why are you willing to sacrifice your friendship in order to return home?# > >"It's not like I want to! I have friends back home, and I need to see >them. They probably have no idea where I am and must be worried sick >about me!" > >#So many friendships are more important than a few?# > >"Yes. No! I mean, I have no way to contact them. I can't even send >them a message telling them I'm okay." > >#So you wish to maintain contact?# > >"At least, yes." > >#So if you could at least maintain contact with your friends, you will >be happy?# > >"I guess, but it's not really the same as seeing them in person." > >#So you prefer being in the presence of others over other forms of contact?# > >"Well, yeah." > >#If they were mutually exclusive, would you chose being with your >friends over being at home?# > >"I guess, but then home is where the people you love are." > >#Can this not be your home, then?# > >"It could be, yes, but it's not." > >#But you have friends here, do you not?# > >"Yeah... well... what I mean is..." > >#If you have friends here and at home, then how is this place different >from home?# > >"Uh... My boyfriend is there." > >#As in a lover, a mate?# > >"Eh, yeah. You could put it that way." > >#Can you not find a mate here?# > >"Yeah, but I don't want to." > >#Why not?# > >"Because I already have a boyfriend." > >#So your boyfriend is more important to you than your friend?# > >"I... but... You can't make me choose between them!" > >#Did I not just confirm what you already told me?# > >"Well, yeah, you did." > >#And did you not tell me that your boyfriend is where you want to be and >your friend isn't?# > >"I guess I did." > >#So did you not already choose between them?# > >"Your taking this out of context!" > >#How so?# > >"I didn't make any decision until you asked me to make one!" > >#Does a single decision wiegh more heavily than multiple ones?# > >"Well, no..." > >#Then why do you deny the decisions that you already made?# > >"Because I wasn't thinking about it like that." > >#Why not?# > >"I just wasn't." > >#So you can justify decisions you've made based on whether or not you >were thinking about them?# > >"What does this have to do with anything!?" > >#Why did you just lash out at me?# > >"I'm not lashing out, I'm just questioning your question." > >#Why are you questioning my questions?# > >"Because... Because you're getting on my nerves!" > >#Then you would rather I stop questioning you?# > >"Yes!" > >#Then why do you persist on answering?# > >"Because I know you're right above me and I'm trying to distract you so >you don't run off!" > >Lynkeru slapped her hands over her mouth, but it was too late. She >already said it. Now something was about to happen, and if she didn't >act fast she wasn't going to catch that Unown. > Jason blinked, and then cast a glance upwards. Yuki quickly did the same, and the two stared in shock. Floating above the three was a Shiny Unown. #What took you so long?# Cue queried. Neither wasted time with questions or answers. Jason and Yuki both produced Poké Balls before tossing them skyward towards the now-revealed Shiny Unown. Cue, however, was smart enough to dodge. The two balls bounced off of one another, then fell back into their owners' hands. As the two humans stared in shock at their deflected Poké Balls, Cue made its exit, floating quickly down the hall and towards the elevator. Cue, being unable to pass through walls, pressed the 'Up' button and patiently waited. "He's mine!" Yuki exclaimed, exactly two milliseconds before Jason shoved her to the ground. As Jason rushed to the elevator, Yuki cried in reply, "That's no way to treat a lady!" "I'm no gentleman," Jason replied heading towards the elevator just as the door opened, allowing Cue to enter. Before Jason could catch up, however, he received a small blow to the back of his head. Turning around, he saw Lynkeru, a small nut being tossed up and down in her hand. "Forget about me?" she asked before drawing one of her swords. Jason pulled a Poké Ball from his belt and exclaimed, "Sableye, go!" The small Dark-type appeared, and Jason exclaimed, "Flash!" Sableye blinked his jeweled eyes a second before releasing a massive amount of light through them, temporarily blinding Lynkeru and Yuki. By the time the two recovered, Jason and his Pokémon were gone. Lynkeru growled slightly, then checked the Unown Radar on her wrist and said, "C'mon, we can still find the Unown before he catches it." - >> "Where...?" Derek started. >> >> "I guess they teleported," Keaton said. >> >> "We should go after them," Cass suggested. >> >> "But where?" >> >> The sound of Kitsu's sword sliding itself back into its sheath caught >> everyone's attention momentarily as she walked out of the Wingull Room. >> Keaton followed soon after and found her leaning on a guardrail >> over-looking the sea. >> >> "Are you okay?" Keaton asked. >> >> "This is all my fault," Kitsu replied. >> >> "It was a completely natural reaction," Keaton said. "Could've happened >> to anybody." >> >> "Not just that. Everything. This whole thing is my fault. I shouldn't >> have told Aerie that I'd kiss her if she took the place of Smasher's >> Starmie. I shouldn't have even suggested that she do it in the first >> place. Aerie thinks its her fault, but it's all mine. It's because of >> me she fought in that match and killed Smasher with that Hyper Beam." >> >> "Kitsu..." >> >> "I should be the one crying my eyes out. I should be the one being >> hysterical." >> >> "It wasn't your fault. You couldn't've known that would happen." >> >> "I should be trying to make things better, but instead I'm just making >> things worse. I should just..." >> >> Kitsu just let that sentence hang there. She didn't know what she >> wanted to say. What she wanted to do was go home, but there was no home >> to go to. Just the remains of a shattered world. Maybe she should've >> disregarded father's orders and followed Jordan through the portal, or >> followed them more strictly and remained in Ecruteak City. She >> questioned every decision she made, going all the way back to when she >> first met Aerie and tried to explain why honor was so important. Maybe >> even further. Right now, just about everything felt like a better >> solution than being on this boat. >> >> Keaton was at a similar loss. His sister was hurting, and he didn't >> know what to do about it. She was always the responsible one, at least >> most of the time. Keaton never really spent much time thinking about >> anything. He'd just go ahead and do whatever he wanted. Right now, he >> wanted to leave Kitsu so he wouldn't have to watch her be like this, but >> at the same time he couldn't just leave her like this. >> >> Keaton reclined against the guardrail and thought or something. He >> wasn't sure what, but the least he could do was keep her company. > >Derek watched. So much drama and angst was being displayed before him. >He was rather confused himself about what to do. On the one hand, the >shapeshifting girl looked to be near a total breakdown. On the other hand, >the foxy lady was drowning in sorrow and guilt. Well Kitsu was here, >and Aerie wasn't. > >Reaching into his pocket, he grabbed a coin that he had found on the floor >earlier. It was nice and shiny, and hopefully would help prove a point. > >"It's a vast thing the ocean" Derek said, taking a spot on the railing, >near Kitsu. He was fiddling with the coin. "Every little ripple could affect >something miles and miles away." Derek observed, staring out in the distance, >where a couple of Mantine could barely be seen floating a little over the >water's surface. > >Kitsu didn't say anything. She was still a little too into her depression. >Derek however wasn't expecting a response just yet. > >"The ripples we make in the waters make changes in other places. >Sometimes it's good and sometimes it isn't." Derek said solemnly, flipping >the coin overboard from the deck and into the calm ocean below. > >The splash of the water would attract a small school of Magikarp and >Feebas, which would them attract some of the more predatory Pokémon, >like Sharpedo and Tentacruel and their younger and unevolved forms, >attracted by the all-you-can-eat buffet swim towards a shiny object >sinking in the deeps. The coin would land next to a Kingdra who was >sleeping deep underground. The dragon Pokémon would yawn, creating >an impressive Twister to rise from the waters. A small island and its >inhabitants would be devastated by the Twister, but come back stronger >than ever as it would have been the weaker natives that were killed in the >Twister's devastation. > >But all this was not to be seen as it took place under the water's surface. >Plus, the ship was long gone by the time the Twister appeared. > >Derek stared out into the distance for another minute or so, waiting for >Kitsu to at least acknowledge that there was a conversation going here. >Seeing none, he turned around. "But if you think better while fighting, >you are quite to welcome to have a fight or Pokémon battle with me >later up on the battling decks. I have little to do this cruise and it >would make for a good challenge. Your brother's invited too." > >With that, he left the duo to their angst. Cass sighed; Alex was a lot better in situations like this. Still, maybe being direct would work out. With those thoughts firmly planted in her head, she walked forward, took up Derek's former position, and looked at the wereNinetales as best she could. "Listen, I don't know the whole story concerning this big mess, and I don't think I want to know," Cass said. "But from what I gather, Aerie was trying to help you, not hurt you. Yeah, she might've made a mistake with the delivery, but the intentions were good." She leaned on the railing and noted, "And I can't blame you for reacting the way you did." She then grabbed Kitsu's head, and turned it so that she was looking directly into the Aenarian's eyes. "But moping around like this isn't going to help anyone." "But what can I do?" Kitsu asked. "Apologize, for one," Cass replied. "Aerie's not having the best of times right now, and she needs all the support she can get. Knowing Alex, she's comforting her as we speak, but I have a feeling that kiss you promised her would help the recovery along nicely. Besides, you have your honor to uphold, and a samurai is nothing without honor." Kitsu turned away, then sighed, "I don't know." Cass narrowed her eyes, then said, "Come with me now, or I drag you there." Kitsu looked at her and said, "You do know I could turn into a full Ninetales and roast you." "I have two Water-types with me," Cass countered. "If my Azumarill doesn't sing you into dreamland, my Golduck will bore you with comic books. Take your pick." Kitsu sighed, then replied, "Fine." Kitsu walked off, Keaton and Cass soon following. "So, you really have two Water-types on you?" Keaton asked. "Along with a Claydol, a Dragonite, a Tyranitar, and a Vileplume," Cass replied. "Never bluff unless you can back it up. Save in poker." - Meanwhile, Aerie stopped crying as Alex asked, "Feel better?" "A little," the younger girl replied. "So, you were telling the truth? About that?" "Yeah," Alex replied. "And I don't think you're a crybaby. You'd have to be made of stone not to cry in a situation like this." She thought for a second, then said, "Tell you what. I'll talk to your mom tomorrow, see what I can do about this." "You think that'll work?" Aerie asked. "I can't just sit on my butt, now can I?" Alex asked. "Besides, the way they were yelling earlier, she does care about you. She just doesn't agree with your dad about how to take care of you. A very common problem, trust me. I think with a little help, they'll be able to work it out." Aerie smiled slightly, then said, "Thanks Alex." "No problem," Alex replied. Alex rose to her feet, and took Aerie by the shoulder before a voice asked, #Is everything alright?# "Yeah, I think..." Alex began before noticing the odd vibes in the air, as well as Aerie's surprised look. Alex turned, and said in surprise, "" Cue blinked, then asked, #Do you require any assistance?" "We'll be fine," Alex noted, another strange vibe rushing towards them. "Do you need any help?" Cue blinked again, then asked, #Have you encountered a being named Jason Cassidy?# Alex's eyes narrowed, and she replied, "As much as I hate to admit it." #Could you distract him?# Cue replied. Alex smiled. "Sure thing." TBC? [NS: I don't care who continues the thread at this point, but I'd rather Jason didn't have Cue. No objection to Alex of Cass having Cue, however. Definite fodder for a rematch, ne?] William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior, the Pokémon Resistance, and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points