From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Not-So-Great Escape Date: Tuesday, March 09, 2004 12:34 AM Clayton wrote: >>"Aerie!" Kitsu exclaimed. Transforming into full wereNinetales form, >>she ran for the pool of lava. Alex tried to stop her, but Kitsu sailed >>over her and dove into the hot magma. >> >>"Kitsu, no!" Alex shouted. >> >>"Don't worry about her," Keaton said as he fired another Hyper Beam into >>the hole in the cieling. He knelt down to catch his breath. "She can >>handle a little molten lava. We need to focus on getting out of here." > > The Solarbeam was getting larger, and most likely starting to singe and burn > Bob's hands due to the intensity. Setting Anger aside to remember the few > lessons in that move, the power of the light flared up his arms before > being released in Angry Fury at the gaping hole in the ceiling. > > There was cheering as the first few rays of real sunlight broke through tiny > holes in the top of the hole. Another couple of volleys of Hyper and Solar > beams and there was a full fledged hole in the roof leading to solid ground. > > "Thanks Aay," Bob said genuinely, panting for breath on one knee. He made > a mental note to leave any further wide-scale destroying to the others. > > "Well we have a hole, but how do we get out?" Alex observed. > > There was an odd silence. The silence was broken by John. "Same way as before." > > "One rope, coming up," Bob said as two vines went up through the ceiling, through > the hole and gripped onto something in sight from the hole. "Climb like your lives depend > on it, cause they do." Bob said. "And watch the claws and nails to any who have them." > > As the first of the people climbed the improvised ropes, Bob motioned Mimic over. > > "Mimic, get Raffy and the others up there. I'll follow when I can." > > The heat was getting more intense as time marched on. For Bob it was starting > to remind him of the time he almost cooked himself with a Solarbeam "THREE > MINUTES TO COMPLETE IMMERSION. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE > TO PUSH THE CANCELLATION BUTTON." The intercom blared out. > > "Mimic think button no work" > > #DAMN! Even in this base nothing works!# Raffy exclaimed > > "Yeah yeah, joke later. Move Now." Bob said, sweat starting to drop at the > breeder's feet. Even with the tunnel, it took a few minutes to get everyone out. The red-hot ooze was nipping at Bob's feet as Mimic hauled him to safety. Water and sweat covered Rubix as he unleashed another torrent of water at a distant flame. "What's going on down there? It's like we're standing on a volcano that's erupting." "We are," Nori informed him. "I never thought Team Magma would take their name so literally." Most of those on the surface gathered around the hole, watching as the lava climbed higher and higher. "Don't worry, I got-" "NO!" Bob's vine redirected Rubix's blast at the last second. "Huh? If I don't cap it, it's going to boil over and light up this whole forest. I don't know about you, but I don't feel like trying to outrace a forest fire." "Kitsu and Aerie are still in there!" Rubix blinked. "And you think they can survive THAT?!?" With irony's timing, a ninetails pawed her way out of the lava just then, eyes firmly shut. Heat wafted from her fur in waves, and smoke marked her footsteps upon the ground. But the loudest sound she made was the quietest in decibels: a soft whimper that persisted even as she shifted to a more humanoid form. "Kitsu...?" Keaton knew the answer, but knew his sister would need to say something. "She...she wasn't there. There was nothing left to save." She stumbled towards Mimic. "I'm sorry." Alex's eyes were wide with horror. Bob's and Cass's reactions were more restrained, but still easily read. Even Carol pouted a bit. "Kitsu did what Kitsu could. Aerie sacrficed self to save us." Mimic stepped forwads to embrace the would-be savior. "Not." The wereninetails lunged both her fists into Mimic to pull out the W and I shiny unown and began bashing them against the ground hard four times then tossed them into the air and called, "Someone ball 'em!" Alex and Bob responded fastest, chucking empty pokeballs at the two unown. Three dings later, the balls were still, just as Kitsu emerged from the lava. "He just dissolved. Did you...?" Aerie blurred back to her normal form and gave an enthusiastic O.K. handsign. Carol blinked. "Would one of you care to explain?" Aerie grinned. "We figured Mimic's twin might know what Mimic knew, so we had to catch him by surprise. He must've had some kind of control over Mimic to keep him from figuring out the unowns were behind it and doing something about it - he probably split out the part of Mimic's personality that would." She tossed back a lock of hair, heat still blurring her image which was now sillhouetted against the steam from Rubix chilling the lava in the tunnel into an impermeable cap. "Sorry 'bout that, uncle." Mimic had been still since being assaulted, and only now started to regenerate the holes Aerie had dug in him. "Is...okay..." He frowned. "Team Magma...know something about Smasher. Mimic think. Is very hard; memories blurred. But saw...something...going deep. Maybe Aquas have Smasher?" TBC? >>[NS: Uh... Ninetales can withstand lava, right?] > > [NS: Don't see why not, Ain't that what Flash Fire's for?] [NS: I was originally thinking Aerie would take Kitsu's form, but Kitsu would protest that she couldn't withstand lava.]