From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Not-So-Great Escape Date: Thursday, March 04, 2004 8:05 PM > >>> Obsidian gave a thumbs-up, then took a breath and fired off a Screech >>>attack. While not doing any damage, it got the group's attention. >>> >>> "Thank you," Cass said to her Tyranitar companion before recalling him. >"Has >>>anyone stopped to consider that we may be compromising the structural >integrity >>>of this base?" >> >> The destruction and devistation was put on hold as Aerie, Keaton and Xander >> looked at each other. > >Aerie grinned, and resumed blasting. > >Cass blinked. "But it'll collapse on top of us!" > >"I said *through* the base, didn't I?" Aerie shifted her path of >destruction, punching a hole to the next floor down. By now, most of >the Team Magma grunts had decided to just let the force have its way, >and evacuate anything worth saving from out of their path; thus, the >next several rooms were mostly empty save for a few brave souls. > >"Shouldn't we join up with the others?" Derek wondered, even as he >stomped out a hole to the next floor that Keaton and Aerie had >weakened. > >Aerie frowned. "Something...I don't know, but I'm getting a feeling >there's something down there we should reach. As if Bob, or Smasher, is >or was on the bottom level." > >*BZZRRT* "Bottom level," a nearby computer console squeaked. "Exits to >evacuation tunnels. In case of security breach from above, standard >procedure is to relocate key personnel and equipment to bottom level, >for transport to other bases." > >Kitsu frowned. "That was convenient." > >Cass nodded. "Too convenient. Anyone else smell a trap?" > >Aerie shrugged. "So? We'll march right into it and blow through. >Right, uncle Mimic?" > >The psuedo-zigzagoon slumped on Raffy's back mumbled something. > >"Don't worry, uncle. We'll get you out of here, but first we must >complete our mission." Looking to her more willing companions in >destruction, she asked, "So, which way?" > >> All three simply shrugged and were about to go back >> to causing some more structural damage when there was an ominous >> creaking noise. >> >> "I don't think that was a fat bastard on an upper floor," Derek noted, >while he >> had a grunt pinned to the ground. Chan agreed while having a Blaziken >> pinned in a similar way. >> >> Another creaking noise was heard, this time a little louder >> >> "That's what I was afraid of," Cass said. >> >> #What's another destroyed Magma base?# Raffy asked. >> >> "Mimic think it best destroyed when we no in it" >> >> #Point taken# > >"I'm not leaving our friends!" Aerie directed her blasts almost >straight down, leaving a staircase of rubble for her friends to follow >on. > >"But they're probably already gone." Kitsu tried to gently restrain >Aerie, only to be given the cold shoulder. > >"We won't know until we reach the bottom of the base! And if necessary, >we can use the same evacuation tunnels. Now let's GO!" They had >already cleared a few more floors since the rumbling. The few Team >Magma operatives who tried to follow the party were easily held off by >those not doing the digging. > >"How will we know when we've reached the bottom level?" Cass wondered. > >"We'll just keep digging until we find something that looks right." >Aerie started blasting through the next floor, quickly noting that it >seemed thicker than the others. > > > ------- > > > > Meanwhile ... > >> "How about leave, before we have to blast through walls to get out?" Bob >> offered the group >> >> "I'm all for that" Nori said. Set chimed something, but was largely >ignored, >> upsetting the Natu further. >> >> But just as they were about to turn around and go back, a section of >ceiling >> came down, impeding their progress towards the hole Aerie made, and thus >> the telepad to get in. >> >> And as the base started to fall apart, Dark Mimic started to thaw out, very >> slowly at this precise moment, but he was thawing out. > >#Heh heh heh.# > >The group looked as one back down the corridor. The ice block was too >far away to see, but a pit of dread in many of the hearts present told >their owners the ice was no longer occupied. > >#You are strong. All of you, stronger than I expected. But do you have >the kind of strength that really matters?# > >John blinked. "I thought you said you knocked him out." > >"I thought I-" > >"LOOK OUT!" Carol knocked Alex to the ground moments before a >dagger-sharp rock whizzed through where Alex's heart had been. The >mightyena took cover in the doorway as other Magmas swarmed behind him, >applying revives liberally to their fainted pokemon and smelling salts >to any fainted trainers. As they took this in, an explosion and a rock >slide sounded from the other direction. Up above, Rubix dove for cover >as the ground he had been standing on collapsed. > >#Don't bother digging. Your telepad and tunnel are no more. I do not >believe even Bob was told where the front door was. And now if you'll >excuse me, with the aid of your friends, I shall leave this base to >magma.# "Crap," Alex silently cursed under her breath. Obviously, she still had a lot to learn about properly using her abilities, and thanks to her lack of experience, they were all in danger. _Hold it Alex, don't go Katsumi yet,_ she reminded herself. As she looked around, she thought, _There's got to be..._ Suddenly, a thought came to her. "Tsunade!" Alex called out to Nori, keeping up her pseudonym for the time being. "Send out Magby!" "Are you crazy?" Nori asked as she and the others, save Alex and Carol who remained on the ground, inched as close to the walls as possible. "I've got an idea that'll slow 'em down!" Alex replied, plucking Daraxis's Poké Ball from her belt. #An idea, eh?# the telepathic voice of 'Dark Mimic' droned. #Most interesting. Let's see...# All that he found, however, was Alex's best attempt at holding him back in the short-term; #They say that these are not the best of times, but they're the only times I've ever known...# While Alex distracted Dark Mimic with music, she and Nori sent out Daraxis and Magby (a deceptive name for an adorable Delibird). "We need an ice block!" Alex quickly instructed. Daraxis figured it out within second, and began firing off a continuous Ice Beam at a corner of the corridor, Jolt providing cover fire with Shock Wave after Shock Wave. Realizing what Daraxis was doing, Magby quickly followed suit with her own Ice Beam, reinforcing the quickly-forming wall of ice before them. After a couple seconds of Ice Beaming, the two Pokémon were finished. Daraxis and Magby looked to one another and exchanged a healthy high-five for a job well done, punctuated by cries of "Wartortle!" and "Deli!" "Not bad," Nori noted. "It'll hold 'em off for a little while," Alex reasoned as she and Carol rose to their feet. After Alex and Nori recalled their Pokémon, she continued, "In the meantime, we'd better get some distance in, and find another exit." "That won't be easy," ShadowWarrior noted. "If base construction by Team Magma is anything like a Rocket base, the exit won't be clearly marked." "Won't hurt to try," Bob replied. "No, it won't," Alex added. With a slight glance down a corridor that she hadn't noticed before, she said, "Maybe we should try down that way." "Not like we have a choice," Nori remarked. Seconds later, the group started charging down the hall as the Magma grunts began melting the ice-based roadblock. They quickly came to a large door, blocked off by a security lock. "Crud," Alex noted. "Carol, you think you can pick it?" "Maybe," Carol replied, kneeling down and taking a close look at the lock. "It may take a little time." "I think we can cover it," Alex replied. "Between Jolt, Surtur, Set and the Water-types we have, we should hold them off a little while. In the meantime, I'd best check in with the others." She plucked the fifth Poké Ball from her belt and opened it, releasing Grospoliner the Beldum. "Up for being a telepathic amplifier, Grospoliner?" #Most assuredly, Alexandria,# Grospoliner replied. - Down below, one of the Poké Balls on Cass's belt popped open, revealing Enigma the Claydol. #There is a message from Alexandria.# "There is?" Cass replied as the rest of the group turned their attention to her. "What is it?" #Alexandria and her group have found and rescued Bob Raiser,# Enigma broadcasted to the group. #However, they are being chased by a small group of Team Magma grunts and an evil Ditto clone, and their nearest means of escape are blocked.# "Evil Ditto clone?" Kitsu asked rhetorically. "It long story," Mimic replied. "So, is there anything we can do?" Keaton asked. Enigma's only reply was, #The avalanche has already started. It is far too late for the pebbles to vote.# Derek, Keaton, Xander and Buddy each sweatdropped. "Don't ask me, I don't speak Vorlon," Cass replied before recalling Enigma. "So, let's see if we can punch through to that bottom floor. Just remember..." - "Everything can and will go wrong," Alex reminded herself under her breath before turning to Carol and asking, "How's the picking going?" "Slim so far," Carol replied as she pulled a small electronic 'skeleton keycard' from a pants pocket. "Well, see what you can do," Alex encouraged. "By the way, thanks for saving me. I owe you one." Carol gave a half smile and said, "You would've done the same for me, right?" With a smile of her own, Alex said, "You or anyone else who stands by me." "Nice to hear someone's watching my back," Carol noted as she continued work on the lock. TBC? [NS: The suspense is killing me.] William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior, the Pokémon Resistance, and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points