From: "Jose L. Solano" <jsolano199@aol.comlink> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Not-So-Great Escape Date: Thursday, March 04, 2004 11:41 PM > "Everything can and will go wrong," Alex reminded herself under her breath >before turning to Carol and asking, "How's the picking going?" > > "Slim so far," Carol replied as she pulled a small electronic 'skeleton >keycard' from a pants pocket. > > "Well, see what you can do," Alex encouraged. "By the way, thanks for >saving >me. I owe you one." > > Carol gave a half smile and said, "You would've done the same for me, >right?" > > With a smile of her own, Alex said, "You or anyone else who stands by me." > > "Nice to hear someone's watching my back," Carol noted as she continued >work >on the lock. A crack appeared in the ice wall and begin dripping water, and the group braced themselves. Carol continued fiddling with her keycard, trying to get it to work. "I knew I should've read the instruction booklet," she muttered to herself. "That's not very helpful," Nori told her. "I just need a little bit more..." Carol took a small metal pin and jammed it into the lock's slot. "We need to buy some time," Alex said to the others. Daraxis and Magby nodded and released their ice beams again to reinforce the ice wall, but the Magma agents were using greater force on the other side. Magby stopped, panting, and after a moment, so did Daraxis. "Almost there, gimme a moment!" Carol reassured them. She slipped the skeleton key card back into the slot and pulled out the pin at the same time. Nothing happened. She made an adjustment on the keycard itself and tried again. A stream of fire pierced the ice wall and they ducked to avoid it. A pair of Mightyena pushed through the weakened ice, widening the gap, but not making it large enough for the Magma Grunts to squeeze through, then ran back to their masters on the other side of the wall. "Why aren't they coming through?" John asked. The answer to his question was smaller than the Mightyena that had carved through the ice. A short Torkoal trudged under the break in the ice and lifted its head to inspect its enemies. "...They have a Torkoal," Alex said, dumbfounded. "It's a high-level Torkoal!" came the muffled reply on the other side. "Torkoal, Smog!" Before anyone could react, the turtle Pokémon released thick, noxious fumes from the cracks in its shell, and with a sealed door on one side and a wall of ice on the other, it wouldn't take long for the smog to completely cover them and push their oxygen out of the small space they occupied. "GOT IT!" Carol announced triumphantly as the door swung open. TBC? [NS: Torkoalarrific] Jose L. Solano ------------------------------- A devious, degenerate defender of the devil ------------------------------- "It's too damn safe."