From: "Newton P. Haights" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [NC] The Odd Haiku Incident Date: Saturday, May 01, 2004 1:43 AM Drew's in the Soul House Waiting to be unconscious (OMG spoilers) It's ok that I'm Ref'rencing that Haunter ep Because it's canon Thank god he's stuck there And not in Johto, 'cause he won't meet K. Kamen Uncommon feeling: Weaver gets too much abuse At least he ain't SHAKK -- <Super_User_2> does the X-box have a reset button? I didnt look at the store displays <Saber> no but it has a spot that says "smash here with hammer" TR Zenigame: you are awesome saber MaouStromIV: why would you spend hundreds of dollars on a console just to smash it with a hammer? Azure Haights: ... Exploding Orange: ... TR Zenigame: because SaBeR TR: Sigh Trent Retwin: Anyway... PillowShinigami: ... Exploding Orange: whoosh TR Zenigame: its xbox TR Zenigame: ;-);-);-)3333333333333 afk SaBeR TR: Who brought this one in? SaBeR TR: You're fucking FIRED.