From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Perfect Soldier Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 3:27 AM > Part of the plan relied on being unplanned. Which was the only reason > it worked. > > As Artemis passed near the closet where Team Magma's newest advisor was > still recovering, he sensed for just the right feed. Carefully...and... > > Such was the ditto's mirth that he did not even notice his passive > connection, monitoring the real Mimic, be snagged and start moving down > the hall. > > Raffy had stretched his own senses out, waiting for just this moment. > Once he was sure Mimic's mind was no longer being watched, he > immediately opened his own connection. #Yo, Mimic! We don't have > much time, so listen up!# What followed was a half minute of solid, > unemotional yet almost frenzied, dump of Artemis's plans and Raffy's > own brief reflections. > > #Understood. Executing.# > > #Did you HAVE to say-# Raffy cut himself off when he realized Mimic > was no longer there. He beat the red lights and sirens by two point > three seconds. > > "PRISONER ESCAPE! PRISONER ESCAPE! THIS IS A LEVEL TWO EMERGENCY!" > > The laughing one was no longer laughing. He quickly confirmed the > absence of Mimic, then teleported to the lab. At that moment, he was > the only one present, aside from the body in the tube. Cursing a bit > that someone must have left the airlock seal on Mimic's cell loose > enough to let him teleport through the anti-teleport field around his > cell, he began to methodically scan the base with his mind while his > eyes and ears remained on the watch for a sneak attack. He knew Mimic > would have one of two destinations - and if his intent was to flee and > get help, he was probably already outside the base. > > It did not take him long to see the alert light: the security cameras > in this room had recently been disrupted, although they were back on > now. Long enough for a teleport in and out, yet Bob remained in the > tube. Was it an unrelated glitch, or... > > He smiled. If that was how Mimic was going to play it, fine. It made > for more direct pain for Mimic. > > Meanwhile, in the pokemon center, Raffy nudged a leaf into a storage > space beneath a treatment table and slid its door shut, hoping that > Artemis was correct about the tables' having been made from shielded > boxes used to smuggle people. He knew Mimic would have been intent on > making good their escape...which meant a Mimic-lead escape would have > been exactly the wrong thing to try just then. As would have been actually rescuing Bob. However, Mimic didn't just do that to create a diversion. Somehow, in that very brief period of time, the Ditto had managed to cut the flow of the knockout drug that was keeping the breeder out like a light. Slowly, he was regaining consciousness in the tube and becoming more aware of his surroundings. He didn't open his eyes immediately. Instead he focussed on the light present in the room in an attempt to heal himself. He had to go slow so that attention wasn't drawn to himself, but fast enough to be useful. It was a fine line he didn't know the location of, but he wouldn't be surprised if that was one of the things that had been drilled into his head The plan's biggest variable wasn't the Magmas -- they were idiots in general. The real problem was the evil Mimic that was scanning psychically. It would be the Ditto doppleganger that would find things out first and ruin everything. Already he was on the prowl for the "escaped hybrid". By allowing Bob to regain his energy and strength slowly, he would be relatively safe from Anti-Mimic's wrath. By faking to be Bob, Mimic was trying to trick he double into thinking that he was the one in the tank. It appeared to work so far. It was almost time for another distraction. As the pokemon planned another distraction, Bob was still in the tube wondering why his Solarbeam wouldn't charge. Even with little light, there sould be somehting, even if only a pinpoint little ball of light. It was then that he felt the beads on his hand. Reasoning that they were stooping him, he worked slowly on removing them, as to not draw attention. ------- Clayton Random Tagline: NARF!