From: "Chet Weaver - YOUR HEAD A SPLODE!" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Perfect Soldier Date: Thursday, February 26, 2004 2:35 AM Adrian Tymes wrote: > "PRISONER ESCAPE! PRISONER ESCAPE! THIS IS A LEVEL TWO EMERGENCY!" > > The laughing one was no longer laughing. He quickly confirmed the > absence of Mimic, then teleported to the lab. At that moment, he was > the only one present, aside from the body in the tube. Cursing a bit > that someone must have left the airlock seal on Mimic's cell loose > enough to let him teleport through the anti-teleport field around his > cell, he began to methodically scan the base with his mind while his > eyes and ears remained on the watch for a sneak attack. He knew Mimic > would have one of two destinations - and if his intent was to flee and > get help, he was probably already outside the base. > > It did not take him long to see the alert light: the security cameras > in this room had recently been disrupted, although they were back on > now. Long enough for a teleport in and out, yet Bob remained in the > tube. Was it an unrelated glitch, or... > > He smiled. If that was how Mimic was going to play it, fine. It made > for more direct pain for Mimic. > > Meanwhile, in the pokemon center, Raffy nudged a leaf into a storage > space beneath a treatment table and slid its door shut, hoping that > Artemis was correct about the tables' having been made from shielded > boxes used to smuggle people. He knew Mimic would have been intent on > making good their escape...which meant a Mimic-lead escape would have > been exactly the wrong thing to try just then. > Mason Adams quickly yet leisurely strode down the corridor towards the lab. Something was about to go down and he wanted to be there for the action. Truth be told, he wasn't particularly concerned whether or not Bob, Mimic, or anyone else escaped, but he would be damned if he were to let on. Discovering Magma Admin Courtney around the corner, Mason put on a more determined front and marched right by her. The Admin marched right along side him, he demanded, "What the Hell is going on?" "The Ditto somehow escaped from his cell," Courtney replied, placing a suspicious emphasis on 'somehow'. "And the hybrid?" Mason questioned. "He's still secure in the lab," Courtney answered. "The other Ditto is guarding him." "Mimic will most likely head there next. I'll head him off as the pass." "I'm afraid not. You're being reassigned." "In the middle of Level Two Emergency? Talk about bad timing." "Your to be sent to Fallarbor Town via the subterranean monorail." Mason stopped and turned to Courtney, stopping their brisk stroll. "Excuse me?" he demanded. "You can't be frickin' serious here!" "No joke," Courtney said. "You ship out immediately." "You can't do that! Do you realize how big a security hazard it is to be shipping people across the country during a prison break!?" "You're to continue your mission on the Legend Siren. You'll be briefed on the details upon your arrival." "This is insane! There's no..." Mason was cut off as a loud bang reverberated throughout the base. "There's something you're not telling me," Mason said. "You have your orders, Grunt." "This has to do with that psychic wail, doesn't it?" "The operations here no longer concern..." "If they're here to rescue the hybrid, why am I the one being hidden?" Courtney paused for a beat, then said, "If you do not comply, I'll have you reprimanded for insubordination." Mason just scowled at her. He was on to her, and Courtney knew it. Mason couldn't afford to press the issue, however. The Legend Siren was his primary mission, and one of great importance to Team Magma. The Team was his only link to his forgotten past, and he could not allow that link to be severed. With an annoyed grunt, Mason turned and proceeded to the monorail. "Don't take it personal, Mace," Courtney called after him. "Believe me, this is bigger than both of us." To be continued... -- Chet "Tech" Weaver AIM: PanGatomon MSN: eMail: zeroohki at netscape dot net Yahoo! Messenger: tech_weaver ICQ: 122744531 Webcomic: My Adventure Quest character: You can play Adventure Quest at Q: Do you know if your daughter has ever been involved in voodoo or the occult? A: We both do. Q: Voodoo? A: We do. Q: You do? A: Yes, voodoo. -- Actual court testimony