From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Trial Date Is Set Date: Thursday, May 06, 2004 3:20 PM Rob wrote: > "Aww, but messy's the most fun," Mariana smirks and stands up straight. She > kicks the air a few times, excited that she might get the chance to beat up > the prison guards that have been bossing her around for days if the escape > plan doesn't go as smoothly as Leif would like it to. > > Watching Mariana throw a few phantom punches while sporting a wicked grin, > Elsa shakes her head, regretting that she told her cell-mate about the plan. Which causes Roselia to cross her vision twice before she fixes on the window. She blinks, uncertain of what she's seeing, until the prison rumbles. --- "What part of, 'This is a STEALTH operation,' did you not understand?" Doppler growls, checking the likely approaches for the incoming police. "Hmph," the shiny machamp he addressed retorts. "The first pokemon you released went to betray us. We have already been discovered, no?" "I told you, not all of these pokemon have been treated horrbily. A few might be genuinely loyal to their trainers even without their pokeballs. It's a risk we have to take, to recruit the rest." It is at that moment that Officer Jenny slams open the door to the pokemon detention block of the Verdanturf Prison. "POLICE! FREEZE!" "Don't mind if I do." Doppler tosses off a beam that lays an ice block in front of Jenny, into which her earnest backup officers unwittingly shove her as they try to come through the door. "There's that sense of humor again," the mightyena that completes Doppler's party comments. "I told you, you should develop yours. Even the most serious of wars have their absurd moments." Doppler shrugs, returning to the task of opening then crushing all the pokeballs in the facility. "Now, Adonis, Scarlette, let's get back to work." "Right." Scarlette concentrates, trying to remember the words their new ally gave her. "Attention pokemon. We are the Pokemon Rebellion. We are here to free you from your masters. By now, you have already felt your emotional chains broken, as we have destroyed the prisons that imparted them on you. We are here to give you freedom, and to ask your aid in giving that freedom to others. We stand against those humans who ruthlessly abduct pokemon from their families without a second thought, who then use our kidnapped sisters and brothers as mere tools, selling and trading them like the basest of property, even forcing them to evolve and breed at the humans' behest. We mean you no harm. If you truly wish to be with your trainers, you may leave now. Otherwise, follow us to freedom!" Doppler raises an eyebrow, noting that Scarlette seems to have taken his speech to heart and enhanced it, despite her earlier protestations of merely reciting it as practice. About a quarter of the released pokemon flee through the hole they made - and Adonis recently enlarged in his attempt to tag the fleeing grass pokemon - in the side of the building, but the rest stand around confused. He sighs, having seen this before, and is tempted to help - but then he feels Claydol reaching out to their minds, and restrains himself, knowing that he would do his new charges a disservice by interfering on what he knows is practically a milk run compared to what they will have to work up to if they really do wish to change the world. Besides, a police growlithe is beginning to melt the ice. Said growlithe is rather surprised when Doppler teleports to his side and strangles him with one hand to shut off the flamethrower. "Nobody move or this one dies." Half the police in the hallway had been reaching for guns, the other half for pokeballs. All stop upon his threat. "Good. Now, are any of the pokemon here criminals in their own right? Or did they just happen to all be prisoners of the humans you have locked up?" "They were making a disturbance in the Rusturf Tunnel," Jenny responds, while running through several scenarios to take down the seeming human - psychic, given his teleport, but she has not yet processed what was said earlier. "I see. And when pokemon fight in the wild, it's okay to lock them up?" "That's got nothing to do with it! They belong to Team Aqua and Team Magma!" Doppler shakes his head. "Last I checked, pokemon battles, even large scale ones, were technically legal. Or is Hoenn so barbaric that it's started to deny to humans the rights it denies to pokemon?" "What rights? They're just pokemon!" Doppler's eyes blaze, and his free hand morphs into a blade resting gently on Jenny's neck. "*I* am 'just' a pokemon. Doppler. Perhaps you have heard of me?" A couple of the police step back at his name, but most show no reaction. He glances through the ice, seeing that his accomplices have gathered outside with most of the pokemon, a few - genuinely loyal, extremely confused, or whatever other reason - remaining behind. "Bah. It matters not. Our work here is done. Know this: the Pokemon Rebellion will not stand for your mistreatment of our kind!" Doppler vanishes, finally allowing the growlithe to cough up the last of its firey attack. TBC? [NS: ...what? ^_^; ]