From: "Rob" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Trial Date Is Set Date: Thursday, May 06, 2004 11:35 PM "William Rendfeld" <> wrote in message > "Sable eye!" 'Loki' beckoned as Jaws continued slicing through the bars on > other Aquas' cells. He quickly scuttled off, leading Elsa, Marianne and a > growing number of Aquas out of the prison blocks. > > "Hey, what about us?" a Magma grunt asked. > > "What about you?" an Aqua grunt called back. "This is our organization's > rescue! You can rot for all we care!" > > As the Aquas rushed out, Jaws taking the rear with his Poké Ball nestled in > his teeth, the Magma yelled back, "Damn Aqua! I hope your Pokémon get deep > fried!" "If only I had my Gyarados with me, I'd kill that bastard," growls the blond Aqua Grunt running beside Elsa as he sneers at the incarcerated Team Magma Grunt. Not particularly fond of the man's attitude, but wanting to make him feel better anyway, Elsa mentions, "Don't worry, we'll be reunited with our Pokemon once we make it outside." "Except you won't be making it outside," a prison guard says, stopping Elsa in her tracks by grabbing one of her arms. Fearing that more guards on their way, the male Aqua that Elsa was talking to just keeps on running. While Elsa tries to figure out something to say to the man grabbing her arm, the prison guard's face is introduced to a boot belonging to a certain pink-haired Aqua Grunt as Mariana hits him with a roundhouse kick, knocking him to the floor. Mariana spits on the guard she just kicked and remarks, "Oh, yes she will." Grabbing Elsa's arm much the same way the prison guard did, Mariana pulls her former cell-mate towards the nearest exit as fast as she can, warning, "Watch where you're running, Wanda. If that guard had been one of the prison's Machamp, I wouldn't have been able to take him down." "I'm sorry, I've never escaped from prison before. I'm not familiar with the protocol," Elsa points out sarcastically. Mariana smirks and says, "You're an Aqua now. You'd better get used to break ing out of jail. Oop! Guards ahead - better make a left turn..." *** Meanwhile, outside the Penitentiary... *** > #Loki's leading them out, and Jaws is covering the rear,# Solitaire reported > as Grimlock tore through the last of the straps on a young Mudkip's muzzle. > > "This is all nice and wonderful that we're doing the break-out thing, but > how are we supposed to make our exit?" Sven asked. > > "He actually has a point, Boss," Peabody noted. He blinked, then added, "My > Goddish, I am rubbing off on him." > > "I've taken care of that problem too," Leif noted as the loud roar of > helicopter rotors began bearing towards them. "Just make sure we get the > Pokémon out too. I leave no one behind, human or otherwise." "Excuse me, sir," a blue-haired male Aqua Grunt says, approaching Aqua Admin Leif, "I don't mean to bother you, but... I can't find my Wailmer anywhere." "Where's my Corsola?!" a red-haired Aqua Grunt shrieks, after a having searched for her Pokemon for a few minutes. Leif furrows his brow, trying to figure out the best way to tell the recently-released Aqua Grunts what Doppler just did. Two Team Aqua Grunts who have no difficulty whatsoever finding their Pokemon are a brown-haired, green-eyed Grunt named Elsa and a pink-haired, blue-eyed Grunt named Mariana. Mere seconds after the two Aqua Grunts exit the Verdanturf Penitentiary together, a young blue Mudkip leaps into Elsa's arms and licks her face while a scrappy red Corphish hugs one of Mariana's legs. A third Pokemon, a Roselia who's not as fast as the other two Pokemon, also makes her way towards the freed prisoners as fast as her little legs can take her. Seeing other Aqua Grunts reunite with their Pokemon, the blond Aqua Grunt who abandoned Elsa earlier shouts, "WHERE THE HELL IS MY GYARADOS?!" That's when Leif borrows a megaphone from the unconscious Officer Jenny on the ground and announces, "Attention, everyone! Some of you are understandably worried about your missing Pokemon. An organization calling themselves 'The Pokemon Rebellion' beat us to releasing our imprisoned Pokemon. It appears that their psychic leader used some form of mind-control to convince some of our Pokemon to join their group. While this is a distressing turn of events, we must leave Verdanturf Town immediately, before police back-up arrives. The mission to recover the lost Pokemon will have to wait for another day. If you look up, you'll see four helicopters. There is enough room for five Aqua Grunts per helicopter. Please form four groups of five. I repeat, please form four groups of five." "Roselia!" exclaim both Elsa and her Roselia when the Grass Pokemon reaches her Trainer. The brown-haired girl places her Mudkip under her left arm and picks up the one-foot-tall Pokemon with her right hand. Elsa places her Roselia on her shoulder then asks Mariana, "Which helicopter do you think we should go in?" "Leif's, of course," Mariana replies, picking up her Corphish, "He's the highest-ranking Aqua here - his helicopter's probably got an in-flight movie and a mini-bar. But we'd better hurry, though - I'm betting a bunch of other Aquas want to hitch that sweet ride..." Noticing that Leif is already standing next to two Aqua Grunts, namely Sven and Peabody, Mariana hustles to get to his group before any other Aquas Grunts do. Not wanting to be separated from the only other Team Aqua member she actually knows, Elsa chases after Mariana, careful not to drop her Mudkip or her Roselia in the process. "Hey, Mari, for me! I want to raid Leif's mini-bar too!" -Elsa