From: "Clayton Dadd" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Trial Date Is Set Date: Friday, May 07, 2004 1:50 AM > #Loki's leading them out, and Jaws is covering the rear,# Solitaire reported > as Grimlock tore through the last of the straps on a young Mudkip's muzzle. > > "This is all nice and wonderful that we're doing the break-out thing, but > how are we supposed to make our exit?" Sven asked. > > "He actually has a point, Boss," Peabody noted. He blinked, then added, "My > Goddish, I am rubbing off on him." > > "I've taken care of that problem too," Leif noted as the loud roar of > helicopter rotors began bearing towards them. "Just make sure we get the > Pokémon out too. I leave no one behind, human or otherwise." > >[NS: ...what? ^_^; ] > > [NS: Hey, I'm not complaining. But I just know a curve ball is gonna gum up the > works somehow...] [NS: And THAT sounds like my cue! ^_^;;] A few blocks away from the prison, Bob and Raffy were walking about, looking for the Verdenturf Asylum. "Um so Raffy, why did you practically herd me here like a lost Mareep?" #Honestly?# "Yeah" #Someone was coming for the Unown. We don't want you to snap# "I'm touched." #Yeah, yeah ... hey, isn't that the Police Station over there?# Bob looked in the general direction of the station, and ssure enough, there was a helicopter hovering over it. The breeder did not look happy and it was starting to show. Casually, Bob wandered in the direction of the helicopter and the gang's holding cells. All the while, the Girafarig was cursing his luck silently. At the rendezvous point, Aqua grunts had started to climb the now dangling rope ladder to their aerial freedom. Leif, Sven and Peabody were still at the bottom, being the escape's organizers. When the helicopeter was full of people, there was a flash and it was empty again, or so the pilot called back anyways. By some freakish coincidence, Mariana, Elsa and their pokemon were the last "fugitives" to go up the ladder to their freedom. But something broke the ladder partway, allowing one to escape and one to fall. Elsa landed right on the Aqua duo and it had to hurt. "No officer can shoot that good," Leif noted disapprovngly, as a large, but weak Solarbeam convinced the pilot to fly away while the helicopter was in one piece. "Good thing I ain't a cop. Kudos on the Sleep Powder though," a voice said, obscured by shadows. "Who are you?" "Depends on if you want to attack or talk. I prefer talk since I don't want to hurt anyone." "The voice sounds familiar," someone noted. "Hope so, I've met all but one of you I think. Though a suggestion, if you slag the bars a bit and free the Magmas, they might blame this on them." "Why help us?" Peabody asked. "Honestly, I'd like some help. Plus, this will absolutely piss off the resident pyros. "And if we don't help you?" Was Sven's rather rebellious comeback "Meh, I'll find my answers elsewhere. No biggie. If you want to chat, though, look near the Pokemon Center for a dangling vine. Just don't pull too hard cause it's attached," the figure said before leaving completely. Those still in the prison was wondering what that was about. Elsa was wondering what the line about being attached meant. Outside, now safe with Raffy, Bob grinned. Hopefully this was the first step in ridding himself of this bloody Magma-induced personality for good. He whistled all the way back towards the Pokemon Center. TBC ------- Clayton Random Tagline: MWA HA HA!