From: "Jom Tones" <> Subject: [PW!] The woes of Flaaffy Boy... Date: Friday, June 25, 2004 8:25 PM "Do you really think I'm going out looking like this?!" Arren squeaked, his face matching the purple colour on the Flaaffy costume. Huck, who was dressed up like a rocker, stood outside the bushes on the road approaching the mansion where the gig was supposedly going to happen. Arren was still in the bushes sitting atop Huck's Numel. Scyther had agreed to stay in his ball for the duration of the concert to maintain a low profile. Arren however, knew that he didn't want to be seen with the a Flaaffy boy and a rocker. "It's okay for you," Arren continued to whine, "You aren't wearing a dumb costume that makes you look like an over grown ball of cotton wool! A fine pair we're going to look - a rock reject and Flaaffy! We're going to stick out more than we were before you dumbass!!" Arren had brooded over the prospect of wearing the costume, now that he was wearing it, his brooding had blossomed into rage. Huck could understand, he did look pretty stupid. "Well, they wont be looking for a rock reject and a Flaaffy, will they?" Huck replied, keeping his voice even. He knew the whole Flaaffy costume thing was his idea but he was beginning to get a bit tired of the aggro he was getting. "Why do I have to wear a costume in the first place? It's you they're looking for!" Arren pointed out. Huck frowned. It was true, they weren't looking for Arren. "Ah well," he replied, "I suppose we can take it off then." Arren whooped with joy, nearly falling off Numel. "Okay, come and get this zip at the back, I can't reach. This thing is boiling." Huck re-entered the bushes and dug around in the wool for the zip. Having found it, he gave it a tug. There came the sound of wool getting trapped in zip. Huck winced and Arren moaned. "Don't tell me," he said, "Stuck?" "Erm, unfortunately -" Huck left the reply hanging. "Find my knife," Arren said quickly, "It's in my backpack, cut me out of this thing before I go crazy." Huck rifled around for the knife with little success. "Hello there! Need a hand?" Came the voice of a random. Huck looked up. Standing in the road, peering into the bushes was a tall man wearing a garish pink shirt, underneath it he was wearing a t-shirt which read 'Jason Bard and his Pokémon Band.' "Erm, do you have a knife?" Huck asked, as innocently as a person can asked when cowering in the bushes behind a distressed looking boy in an offensive costume. "As a matter-of-fact, I do," the band shirted random replied, "May I ask what you need it for exactly?" "I need to cut my friend out of this costume," Huck replied, standing up and looking down on Arren as if he were a broken car engine, "It's a tough job, the zipper stuck and I couldn't find the knife to cut it." The man entered the bush and took a look at the jammed zip. He whistled as one does at the sight of a 'tough job'. "Here you are my friend," He said, passing Huck the knife, "Come to think of it - did he lose a bet or something?" "No... It's a long story. Truth be told, it's my fault he's wearing it," Huck replied. The Flaaffy 'humphed' grumpily. "Does he talk much?" The man said a little more quietly. "Oh yes, he's just a little shy," The Flaaffy grumbled again. Huck tried to cut the out the cotton but ended cutting his fingers instead. He jabbed the knife angrily at the zip and he slowly came to realise that the knife wasn't having any effect. No matter where he stuck it, it made no difference... "What's happening?" Arren asked, a little worried. "The knife isn't working..." "What do you mean the knife isn't working?!" "I mean exactly that: the knife is not working," The Flaaffy whimpered. "Sorry to have taken up your time," Huck said sombrely to the pink shirted random, passing back the knife. "Not a problem my friend. Will I be seeing you at the concert?" "Yes - when does it start?" "Not sure..." "Do we have enough time to find a way to prise this suit off? It may take a while." "Probably - you'll know when they start, there'll be noise and shouting and music and stuff." The random said, sagely. "Rightio, thanks again," Huck said, waving as the man departed. He re-examined the zip and shook his head. "Well, I suppose Scyther could have a go at cutting it off..." FlaaffyArren moaned.