From: "Bonus Island" <> Subject: [PW!] This Could be the Start of Something......(part 3) Date: Saturday, January 24, 2004 7:27 PM > Finally, he reached the door of the huge building. Sheepishly, he rung > the bell, hoping he wouldn't wake anybody. To his surprise, a short > girl with large glasses answered rather quickly. > > "Can I help you?" she asked. > > " Pokémon got hurt," he stammered. "Can you help me?" > > "Sure, I think we can help you. Come on in!" > > Russ entered the building. Inside, he noticed it was rather > disorganized, but comfortable overall. The girl who answered the door > ran up a staircase looking for someone. > > "Professor, professor!" Russ heard the girl yell. "We've got a visitor > with a hurt Pokémon! He needs help!" > > "I'm coming. It isn't Louie, is it?" > > "No...I've never seen this one around before." > > The girl came back down the stairs, and behind her was a tall woman > with distinctive purple hair. > > "I'm Professor Ivy," she said. "I see your Porygon is hurt. Don't > worry, I can help it. Sit down and relax." > ------------------------------------------- "You're Professor Ivy? I've heard about you," Russ said. "Yes, I am. Please, do sit and tell me what happened that led to your coming here." "I came to this island early this morning." "Where from?" "Goldenrod City." "OK. Go on." "So I wandered around the city here with Porygon all day, then we went into the forest at night to look for Berries." "This is a good area to find Berries, so you probably found a good deal of them." "I did." Russ pulled the Berries out of his bag and handed them to Prof. Ivy's assistant. "Bluk Berries, I see. Go wash them off and I'll put them in the juicer later." "Right away." Ivy's assistant left the room. "Please continue." "So while I was picking Berries, another trainer found us. His name was Louie.." "Ah, Louie. He studied here for a time recently." "He challenged me to a battle, which I accepted. He beat me, and that's how Porygon got hurt and I eventually found this place." "Well, a bit of rest should fix Porygon right up. .....oops, how rude of me! I forgot to ask your name!" "Russ Lackey." "Don't worry about anything, Russ. I'm sure my helpers can find you a space to sleep here. I apologise for the clutter." "No problem." "Get a good night's rest, and I'll show you the Pokémon we have here tomorrow." Russ did get a very good rest that night, but he didn't know that the next day would hold an adventure that would start him on a whole new path..... ------------------------------------------------- End