From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!][SST] Unown Showdown (ATTN Tech Weaver) Date: Thursday, February 12, 2004 5:12 PM >> > Ehm took a few seconds to think about it, then looked about. Seeing >Jason >> > coming form one direction while Lynkeru and Yuki were coming from a >> > different direction. Deciding that a kid that liked his abilities and >would >> > probably let him do them often beat the to rapidly approaching >alternatives, >> > Ehm froze time for a couple of minutes. During that period, the Unown >> > managed to pull two pokeballs form the kid's bag, put itself in one, >while >> > leaving the other on the ground, in sight, but not in a spot where it >would >> > get crushed. >> > >> > When time unfroze, there was a pokeball in Jeff's hands. The boy >however, >> > looked confused, but put the pokeball on his new belt. "But what kind of >> > name go I geve something like that? And did I even get it?" >> > >> > Jeff's father thought about it, remembering something he used to watch >> > a while ago when there were less pokemon to worry about. "Well son, >> > if he did decide to do with you, how about Guyver?" He asked his >> > son, remembering the show fondly. >> > >> > "Are you sure about that Dad?" >> > >> > "Trust me, it's a perfect name" Mike said. Pocus nodded. Even a >fighter >> > had to unwind sometimes. Plus it was a good show to learn improvising >> > skills >> > >> > From it's new temporary home on Jeff's belt, Ehm was happy. For once, >> > it found someone that cared more about the stuff he can improvise over >> > the fact that it's shiny. >> > >> ...Or it would've been had it actually been inside the ball. Still, it >> was a pleasing prospect. Ehm decided it would join Jeff for real once >> he was certain these particular hunters were thrown off the scent. >> >> "Ah, HA!" >> >> ...Or not... >> >> Ehm spun around and disabled a PokeBall being thrown at it by dislodging >> some integral circuitry, thereby Making it inoperable. It merely >> bounced of Ehm's eye before the Unown fled towards the bow of the ship. >> >> "You have to weaken them first," Yuki said as she and Lynkeru took off >> after Ehm. >> >> "I know, I know," Lynkeru said. >> >> [NS: DAH! Writer's block!] > >[DAH! Inspiration to !] > >And thus the chase continued. A few minutes later, Ehm was trapped >proverbially speaking. At one end of a corridor was Lynkeru and Yuki, >while at the other end stood Jason. All three were looking at Ehm like the >Unown held the key to winnign some big prize. Which for those that >know, was about 1/26 right. > >The girls noticed Jason eyeing the Unown like a piece of meat, and >were very prepared to take measures to stop him. Jason noticed >the girls and the Unown, and brushed the girls off as weak and not >worth his energy. The Unown was worth his time though. > >Ehm was sweatdropping heavily. Hopefully the hunters would focus >on each other long enough for it to get away with the help of a well >timed temporal halt. The makeshift homing signal it Made using the >parts of the two pokeballs used earlier as well as some leftover >parts from a few earlier gadgets it made would help Ehm find >the boy later. Ehm itself was the receiver, as the Unown had cleverly >Made it so. Making itself a miniature Partspace where it could store >a few tiny objects was its best invention to date. > Unfortunately for Ehm, its musing upon its many creations distracted it just long enough for both Jason and Lynkeru to grab hold of it and hold the Pokémon in place. Ehm attempted to escape, calling upon its Hidden Power to fire off bubbly blasts from its eye, but failed to dislodge his captors. "Let go of the Unown, girl," Jason hissed. "I need it to capture the Legendaries!" "You let go!" Lynkeru countered. "I need him to go home!" Yuki, meanwhile, sighed and watched with boredom as the two attempted to shake each other off of the Shiny Unown. Her boredom, however, didn't last long. "They been at this for a while?" Yuki turned to her left and noticed a man in his late forties-early fifties standing beside her, looking to all the world like a British aristocrat; albeit one who vaguely resembled Graham Chapman of 'Monty Seviper' fame, except very much alive. "I suppose you could say that." "The way they're pulling, they'll only end up hurting that Unown," the man noted. "All the more reason why this idiot kid should let go!" Jason growled. "You want a piece of me?!" Lynkeru angrily shot back. "Calm down, both of you," the old man said. "It's clear that both of you wish to capture the Shiny Unown here. Why, I don't know and really don't care about. However, I don't think it suits anyone's purposes to have half of a bloody Unown corpse. Especially the Unown's." "Nown!" Ehm cried out in panicked agreement. "Get to the point, old man," Jason snapped. "I say that the two of you attempt a sort of contest," the man suggested. "An 'Unown Showdown' if you will. Perhaps something involving swimming, as that Unown appears to be fond of water. Afterwards, one of you can possibly continue your attempt at capturing it or release it or do whatever. Does this sound agreeable?" "Nown!" Ehm agreed, very much liking the idea of having the two people let go of it. "Would this require Pokémon?" Lynkeru asked. "No, only your own skills," the old man answered. "So, do we have an accord?" "I doubt that the girl's that good a swimmer anyway," Jason replied. "Fine. I'll do it." TBC! [NS: 'Stage is set, the band starts playing...' 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