From: "Chet Weaver - YOUR HEAD A SPLODE!" <> Subject: Re: [PW!][SST] Unown Showdown (ATTN Tech Weaver) Date: Sunday, February 22, 2004 12:35 AM William Rendfeld wrote: > Jason continued swimming onward, dodging numerous Water-types as he > went. Lynkeru was quickly catching up, and the race towards Ehm was > becoming neck-and-neck. > > _Not bad,_ Jason thought to himself. _Not like she'll win, > however._ > > Just out of the corner of his eye, Jason noticed a Sharpedo > barreling towards him. He dodged in time, but the large shark-like > Pokémon turned around to try again, an angered look in its beady red > eyes. > > Jason suddenly picked up an idea; why not use the Sharpedo to his > advantage? He dodged the large fish once more, increasing its anger > and causing it to once more turn around and try again. > > Which was precisely what Jason had hoped for, as he dodged a third > time, leaving the Sharpedo to puncture Lynkeru's bubble using its left > fin. > > Lynkeru gasped, then held her breath and began surfacing, while > Jason continued downward towards Ehm... > Lynkeru paddled frantically, but the pressure in her lungs was building quickly. Without Ehm's protective bubble, she would soon drown several meters below the surface of the waves. The wild Pokemon were no help. They seemed to be determined to be just as tough obstacles going up as they were going down. The pain in her chest was to great for her to continue swimming. Lynkeru curled up in a futile attempt to muster enough strength to keep from exhaling. Her body quickly gave out, releasing the used-up air she kept inside and automatically inhaling to gather more. Much to Lynkeru's surprise, she wasn't suffocating. She could feel the water flowing past her face as she breathed, but all that entered her lungs was fresh air. "Did you forget already?" Indi the fairy inquired, peeking out from beneath Lynkeru's hat. "You're still wearing that magic bathing suit Carohn gave you." "That's right!" Lynkeru exclaimed, opening her tunic slightly to confirm that she still wore the bikini underneath. "It allows me to breath underwater. I can't believe I forgot that." "If we don't catch up with that guy soon, we can forget about catching yet another Unown!" "Aw, man, he's so far away! How am I going to catch up with...?" A Sharpedo zipped by Lynkeru, its Rough Skin tearing a hole in the back of her tunic. "Hey!" Lynkeru exclaimed. Then an idea struck her. "Yo, worm breath!" The Sharpedo stopped and turned to look at her. "Yeah, you!" Lynkeru yelled. "Your mother was a tuna fish sandwhich! How do like them Leppas!?" The Sharpedo grew red and shook with anger. "And you're father smelled of Chesto Berries!" she continued. She made a couple faces, then held out her middle finger, pointing downward. "Can you hear this? Maybe I should turn it up!" The Sharpedo charged at Lynkeru, who nimbly caught it by the nose and flipped onto its back. Its Rough Skin scraped as she straddled it with her bare legs, but at least it provided enough grip for her to hold on. Meanwhile, she removed her tunic, rolled it into a rat's tail, and swung it into the Sharpedo's mouth. This created a rudimentary rein for Lynkeru to hold onto as she attempted to steer the Sharpedo downward. The Shiny Unown known as Ehm was just barely within Jason's grasp. That's why it was such a shock to him as it disappeared in a stream of bubbles as Lynkeru zoomed past on the back of a Sharpedo. "What!?" Jason exclaimed. "No way!" "You got Shiny Unown Ehm!" Indi cheered. "This m-shaped creature likes to makes stuff from various odds and ends. I bet it'd make something special for you if you asked it nicely." A sudden upward current launched them all out of the water and back onto the ship. The Sharpedo flopped around for a while before flipping overboard. "That's not fair!" Jason complained. "You cheated by using one of your Pokemon!" "I don't own any Pokemon," Lynkeru replied. "It was a wild one I cleverly tricked into helping me. Just like when you used one to burst my air bubble!" "That's not... I didn't..." Jason floundered. "How could you not have drowned if you didn't use a Pokemon's Dive technique!?" "Magic." "Magic!? You can't... Don't you... Oh, forget it! I'll let you keep that one for now, but you better watch out. When you least expect it... BAM!" Jason emphasized the point by striking one fist into the palm of the other hand. With that, he stormed off to find something better to do. "You fool!" a female Duskull shrieked as it appeared before Jason. "How could you have let them win!?" "Who the Hell are you?" Jason asked. Meanwhile, back with the girls, Lynkeru was wringing her wet tunic out. "That's one down, nine more to go," Yuki said. "Yep, all we have to do is figure out where they are," Lynkeru said. She unrolled her tunic and peered through the many holes the Sharpedo's teeth tore into it. She put it on regardless, saying, "And sew up these holes." "Maybe we should just buy you some new clothes," Yuki suggested. "You think so?" "Yeah. I've been thinking that maybe you should wear something a little more... normal." "I guess you're right. I do kinda look like I'm walking around in my pajamas." "Then let's head down to the mall deck. I'm sure we can find something perfect for you." To be continued... [NS: I hope I wasn't too far off with Jason's character, William.] -- Chet "Tech" Weaver AIM: PanGatomon MSN: eMail: zeroohki at netscape dot net Yahoo! 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