From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!][SST] Unown Showdown (ATTN Tech Weaver) Date: Monday, February 23, 2004 8:14 PM >The Shiny Unown known as Ehm was just barely within Jason's grasp. >That's why it was such a shock to him as it disappeared in a stream of >bubbles as Lynkeru zoomed past on the back of a Sharpedo. > >"What!?" Jason exclaimed. "No way!" > >"You got Shiny Unown Ehm!" Indi cheered. "This m-shaped creature likes >to makes stuff from various odds and ends. I bet it'd make something >special for you if you asked it nicely." > >A sudden upward current launched them all out of the water and back onto >the ship. The Sharpedo flopped around for a while before flipping >overboard. > >"That's not fair!" Jason complained. "You cheated by using one of your >Pokemon!" > >"I don't own any Pokemon," Lynkeru replied. "It was a wild one I >cleverly tricked into helping me. Just like when you used one to burst >my air bubble!" > >"That's not... I didn't..." Jason floundered. "How could you not have >drowned if you didn't use a Pokemon's Dive technique!?" > >"Magic." > >"Magic!? You can't... Don't you... Oh, forget it! I'll let you keep >that one for now, but you better watch out. When you least expect it... >BAM!" > >Jason emphasized the point by striking one fist into the palm of the >other hand. With that, he stormed off to find something better to do. > >"You fool!" a female Duskull shrieked as it appeared before Jason. "How >could you have let them win!?" > >"Who the Hell are you?" Jason asked. > "Me?" the Duskull asked, blinking her one eye in surprise. "I *was* Sai Meilan, one of the preeminent disciples of the Shaolin Temple." "And now you're a ghost," Jason noted. "And not worth my time. Now if you'll excuse me, I plan on getting off this wreck at the next stop." Jason walked off, but the Shaolin ghost followed him. "You seek the Shiny Unown, correct?" "Obviously," Jason noted. "Well, do you have a way to find them?" Meilan asked in reply. With no reply from Jason, she guessed, "You don't, do you?" "What does it have to do with you?" Jason asked, turning back to her. "I have an interest in the Shiny Unown as well, and I can detect them," Meilan replied, zipping around in front of Jason's face. "Being among the undead has some advantages, after all." "Fine then, where are they?" Jason replied. "Oh no you don't," Meilan said. "We're making this a pact, boy. You have no way of detecting the Shiny Unown. I do. You have a means of capturing them, and I don't. Thus, we need each other." "I don't need anyone," Jason remarked coldly. He turned to walk away again, only to find Meilan in his face once more. "Has anyone told you why the Shiny Unown are so important, hm?" "They can freeze time," Jason replied. "Not only that," Meilan noted. "If someone collects the twenty six Shiny Unown and returns them to the Unown Collective at the Ruins of Alph, then they are eligible for three wishes." "Three wishes?" Jason asked. "Yes, three," Meilan replied. "If we work together to capture the remaining Shiny Unown, then we shall be able to claim the wishes. I will only need one; the remaining two are yours." "And should we come across anything in the meantime that I decide is worth my effort?" Jason asked. "Then you can do as you want," Meilan replied. Jason smiled, then replied, "Your offer is tempting, ghost, but I'm not interested." The Duskull narrowed her one eye, then said, "I didn't want to do this..." Her one eye flashed a brilliant white into Jason's eyes, temporarily blinding him despite his moving out of range. "What was that?" Jason asked. "A Destiny Bond," Meilan replied. "Until I get what I want, anything that hurts me shall hurt you, and vice versa. And while I am already dead and have little to worry about, you are a different matter. The bond will be broken when my humanity is restored, and no time before." Jason growled, then said, "Fine. You and I will work together then." "Good," Meilan replied. "Now then, three Shiny Unown are in the area of Petalburg Woods, but there's massive Magma activity and several powerful entities there, so it's not worth it now. However, I do read four Shinies in the area of Mauville City. That should not be a problem." "Fine then," Jason said. _The sooner I get rid of this ghostly bitch, the better._ "I heard that!" Meilan snapped. TBC? (Probably not.) >[NS: I hope I wasn't too far off with Jason's character, William.] [NS: Eh, it's no big problem. BTW, thanks for giving me the chance to set this up. Jason's gonna have so much fun with his new partner. (Evil laughter ensues) Expect a full profile for Sai Meilan in the next WG update!]