From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: [PW!] Viva La Resomethingorother Date: Monday, February 09, 2004 3:30 PM Chet Weaver - YOUR HEAD A SPLODE wrote: > [NS: Uh, that's... Nevermind. Rebellion's just as good.] [NS: Well...with no word from Rob, guess an in-continuity fix is in order.] > That was Dee's second clue that he had been teleported off the cruise > ship. The first was the drastic change in light level, or perhaps dark > level would've been a more appropriate term. Torch light echoed off the > surrounding craggy surfaces, illuminating a spacious cavern of twilight. > > Dee's eyes adapted quickly and he noticed a tell tale sparkle that > heralded the physical presence of other beings, not that he needed to > see to tell that. His psychic abilities had already informed him of two > others located in this room. A quick turn to the source of the sparkle > revealed there were, in fact, three. The first, the one whose species > he could identify, was an olive-skinned Machamp, most likely of the > shiny variety. The second, also contributing to the shininess, looked > as if it were a doll made of clay and had a wide head lined with many > yellow eyes. Third was a wolven canine, presumably a Dark-type, bearing > scars instead of sparkles which did not detract at all from her > intimidation value. > > #Welcome, Doppler# the Claydol greeted telepathically. #To the Hall of > the Triad, leaders of the Pokemon Rebellion!# A full bow would have given too much respect, so Doppler merely nodded. #The Pokemon Rebellion, eh? Personally, I would've picked Revolution, but the names are not important. That said, might I know what you would prefer me to address you as?# The claydol smiled widely. #I am Claydol the All-Seeing. All who are loyal open their eyes to me, that I may coordinate their actions.# #Impressive. I did that myself a few times; paying attention to many points of view at once is not easy. I assume you don't go out into the field much?# #Why would I need to? Our forces know that I will lead them to victory every time. They trust in me absolutely.# Doppler shook his head. #Don't be too sure about that. Even with telepathy and electronic communication, there can still be a role for old-fashioned face-to-face, especially if you're not continents away. Even in the middle of battle. I didn't just do some missions myself because I wanted to, even if that did crimp my schedule as the Great Leader.# "And that is where I come in." The machamp flexed his muscles in a well-practiced pose, although Doppler could not help but think the pattern of sparkles lent an odd delicate grace to the macho display. It took him a moment to realize that that could well be deliberate, so the same pose would impress those who turned their nose up at sheer physical power as well as those who appreciated strength. "I am Adonis the All-Powerful. If anyone gets out of line, I straighten them out." "So I see. You don't do all the straightening yourself, of course." "Of course. I have my lieutenants, just as you did." Shifting poses to emphasize brawn over sparkle, Adonis continued, "But if certain enemies prove sufficiently annoying, I grace them with my own presence." Doppler raised an eyebrow. "You only go out when you're needed, huh?" A giggle from the third Triad preempted Adonis's response. "Of course. Battle is where I come in. Scarlette the Unyielding. For the record, I also suggested Pokemon Revolution." "What, not Scarlette the All-something?" The heavily scarred mightyena shot him a withering gaze. "Just kidding." Doppler smiled, but only for a moment. "And finding a weakness. If you can't respond properly to humor, that can impede any diplomatic efforts you make. The optimal result of battle is to inflict the greatest damage to the enemy for the least loss on your side. If your opponent willingly joins your side, resources and all, that's about as optimal as you can ever get. Of course, that's not always possible, but it's often worth giving at least a moment's consideration. You're trying to change society, right? Beating an idea into peoples' heads only works to a certain extent." "Oh, really?" Scarlette smirked the smirk of one who believes they have the upper hand. "Your Resistance was infamous for its violent methods. I've read quite a bit about your raids, and I'm looking forwards to using some of your tactics." "Did you also read our objectives, then? We targeted Silph facilities to try to make slavery impractical for most people. We knew we'd never destroy all the pokeballs, but we could limit the supply. Prices go up, fewer stores can afford to keep them in stock, and would-be trainers start learning how to actually befriend pokemon instead of just catching them. We counted Ash Ketchum as somewhat of a model of the type of trainer we'd like to see, especially in his relationship with his pikachu: a true friend despite never having been in a pokeball, ever." Scarlette's smirk did not waver. "You think that would actually work?" "It started to. What, do you think it's practical to make people give up pokeballs just because they fear someone else would punish them? If so, tell me: would you give up your fight just because someone's going to punish you? Then consider: there are humans out there easily the equal of each of us." Pointing at each of the Triad, Doppler ticked off on his fingers, "Psychics, muscular powerhouses, indominatable wills..." He pointed at himself. "...there are even humans out there who could and have beat me at my own game. They cheated, of course, but in ways they could get away with. The point is, a strategy won't work on everyone unless it would also work on you." TBC?