From: Magic T. Dragon <> Subject: [PW!] A City, But... Date: Thursday, April 15, 1999 2:42 PM [last time: Natasha got lost in the forest after the bus ran into a ditch. She found and captured a Weedle, whom is now leading the group somewhere.] Natasha continued plodding after the all-too-slow Weedle, wondering where the creature was taking her. As one would expect, all questions resulted in "Weedle eedle," with an attempted traslation like "Char, manderchar" or "Bone cu Cubone!" She took out her PokÚdex and pressed the Program button. A flash of light blinded her momentarily. With a cry of surprise, she caught her foot on a root and fell, nearly landing on a terrified Weedle. The PokÚdex's somewhat robotic voice startled them all. "Picture taken. Please input personal information." Natasha muttered something and punched in her name. After the machine was satisfied, she again followed Weedle, noticing he was moving a little quicker. Several minutes later, Weedle stopped, squealed in suprise, and crawled over to Natasha. She looked confused...before noticing a Spearow in a tree nearby. "Huh..." She points the PokÚdex at it. "Spearow. A tiny bird PokÚmon." A picture of a Spearow appeared on-screen. Nothing else happened. Natasha smacked the PokÚdex's side again. "YOU STUPID THING! Is that all you can tell me?!" She looked the buttons over. None implied that they would give further information. "I can't believe I spent five HUNDRED bucks to get this..." As she closed the PokÚdex, the Spearow dove from its perch at Weedle. The caterpillar screeched. Charmander jumped forward, growling menacingly. Spearow backwinged just short of Weedle, turning towards Charmander. The two eyed each other for a moment. Spearow squawked angrily and flew off. Natasha scooped up Charmander. "Thank you, sweetie!!" "Eedle!" echoed Weedle. He scooted away again, this time at top speed. Natasha followed. She happily noted that the brush was thinning. As she repeated her thoughts aloud, the forest came to a rather abrupt end. With a loud cheer, she spotted the sign ahead: "Welcome to Pewter City." --Natasha V.