Subject: [PW!][Auction] A day at the auction! Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 18:21:08 +0000 From: The Carroll's <> Reply-To: unknown@user.con Organization: Pacific Bell Albian Internet Services Newsgroups: The Pokémon Auction Booga woke up in the Viridian Poké Center. Eevee was sleeping next to him. "So, Eevee, you ready to go to the auction today?" Booga asked his Eevee. "Eevee! Eeeee!" his Eevee said. They walked out the door and to the airport. Finally after a half-hour wait they got a ticket for an airplane to Celadon. "Dang, those tickets were expensive!" said Booga. He walked over the third row and sat down. A Pikachu bounced around on the seat in front of him. "Pika! Pika! Kachu!" Booga fell asleep from the lack of sleep from the night before. Either that or it was because of the Jigglypuff behind him. He woke up when the airplane landed. He got off the plane, and walked out of the airport. The first thing he saw, was some guy In front of him trying to sell him a Magikarp. "I'll sell it to ya for $1,000! A real deal!" he said, as he shoved the smelly fish in his face. Eevee wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Uhhhh… never mind," Booga said as he walked away from the salesman. Then he saw what he really wanted. He saw a sign that advertised a Jolteon prize for a game. He walked over to the booth. The cost per play was $10. He paid for a try at the game. He spun the wheel and watched as it slowed to a stop. A 10. The guy behind the booth handed him a Chansey keychain. He paid for another try. The wheel slowed down. A 3. A 5. An 8. A 14. It slowed down untill it was barely moving. It slowly moved from a 20, to the Vaporeon. "Come on! It's almost there! Almost! Yes! I won!" Booga shouted. The guy behind the counter handed him a Pokéball. "Congratulations! You've won!" he said. Booga walked away from the booth. It wasn't long until someone bumped into him. "Hey buddy, hand over the rares!" he hissed. "I'll never hand them over!" Booga shouted. The guy grabbed Eevee and ran. "Hey!" Booga shouted, "Get back here with my Eevee, Team Rocket!" He ran after the Team Rocket Member and got lost in the crowd. Eevee bit the guy's hand and ran off. The Rocket Member chased after him. He caught up with the Eevee. Eevee was standing next to an Abra. "Aaaaabraaaa (Come any closer and I'll teleport!)" it warned. The Rocket member took another step, and Eevee and the Abra disappeared. Eevee and Abra reappeared next to Booga. "Eevee! Eeeee! (Thanks!)" Eevee said. "Aaaabra. (Anytime)" replied the Abra. Then the Abra teleported away. "Eevee! You got away!" Booga said as he picked Eevee up, "Here, I'll give you some better defenses!" Booga sat down on a bench and used a few TM's on Eevee. "There! Now you know Substitute, Ice Beam, Body Slam, and Swift! Heh heh, I'd like to see Team Rocket try to take you now! Hah hah!" -- Booga