From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] A Frosty Breeze in the Seafoam Caves Date: Monday, April 19, 1999 3:58 PM >Rilli sweatdropped. "A... Snorlax?" >Robert frowned. "Well, I'm going to catch it anyway!" He hurled the Ultra Ball >at its rotund belly, but it bounced off and back into Robert's hands. A large >wave swept between them, driving Slowbro even further away. The two trainers >watched as the Snorlax drifted far away, snoozing blissfully. >Nendil Slowbro presses onward towards the west until he comes to a stop at land. Robert jumps off of Slowbro, followed by Rilli, and Robert's Haunter flies out of his hiding place inside Robert's backpack! Robert shakes his head at the Ghost Pokemon, "I thought you'd be brave enough to handle that Sea monster!" The Haunter's eyes grow wide and full of tears, and he floats over to Mithril-rama's backpack, hoping to find his ghastly companion... Robert grabs Haunter's Pokeball and calls him back, not wanting to deal with his antics. Slowbro follows suit, and soon Robert is ready to press on... but he soon finds quite an obstacle... "A Cave?" Mithril-rama had already been noticing that the first of the Seafoam Islands split the navigable sea in half... Unfortunately, the gaping entrance of a cave is the only way to the other side of the Island... "The map didn't say anything about a cave!" Robert gets angered and yanks his map from his pocket, "Look here... Seafoam Islands! I thought we could just rest here a while then press on to Cinnabar Island!" "Well..." Mithril-rama interrupts, always ready to offer hope, "It might just be a small cave..." Robert pauses, and stares into the open entrance to the cave. "There's only one way to find out..." Once this is stated, Robert and Mithril-rama both walk into the Seafoam Cave, noticing that the temperature inside the cave is much colder than the tropical climate outside. In fact, a frosty breeze occasionally seems to blow through the underground cavern... Stalagmites and stalactites covered in ice, and some actually made of pure ice, decorate the area. As Robert and Rilli head down passages and less than steep declines, they notice that the further down into the earth they go, the more cold it gets... Soon, they are both shivering and holding each other close to provide the most heat possible... The blue and white colors sparkle whenever light is cast in through an opening in the ceiling of the cave. The floor is slippery, and Robert tends to fall down once in a while on their trip through the cave, which eventually gets them both horribly lost. "Brrrr...." Mithril-rama wraps her arms around herself while walking, finding the coldness unbearable. She quickly slides her purse off and draws out a large sweatshirt and slides it on. "Better... Don't you have any Winter clothing, Robert?" Robert shakes his head, "Nah... All I need you to keep me warm!" Rill blushes enough to melt the ice around her... "Uhh... I..." "Well, you and my long sleeves!" Robert finishes off, and they both enjoy a session of chuckling, which is abruptly interrupted by voices coming from within the depths of the cavern... "Who's... that?" The voices get louder and soon two figures emerge in the distance... Those of Jeremy and Bambi. The arrogant blue-eyed Jeremy is wearing his usual white shirt and khaki pants. The blue-haired, green-eyed Bambi sports the same pink Jigglypuff shirt she was wearing in Cerulean, with short blue jeans instead of a skirt, and flip flops, an ensemble which doesn't seem to be protecting her much from the cold... Robert jumps back a little, skids on the ice, and falls to the ground! "What are THEY doing here?!" As Jeremy walks closer, he hears Robert's question, and sees him fallen on the icy ground, "Ha! Look who's here... If it isn't Chilly Willy and his little popsicle pal!" Mithril-rama raises an eyebrow, "Is that your best insult?" Bambi steps up in front of Jeremy, her tiny shirt tight up against her bosom, the coldness of her surroundings obviously affecting her bodily functions... "Well sorry if he can't think up anything better! We've been down here for TWO DAYS! We SLEPT here! I'm coooold! I'm freeeezing! My tootsies are killing me... and I don't mean rolls!!! In fact, my Psychic powers are telling me..." Bambi begins to rub her temples and she closes her eyes... They pop open wide, she glares at Jeremy, sends her fists flying downward, and yells, "THIS SUCKS!" Robert scrambles to stand up, careful not to fall down again and make more a fool of himself... The first thing he notices is the badges on Jeremy's shirt... They equal six. "Six badges already?!" Jeremy nods halfheartedly and examines his fingernails idly while he explains, "After I left Cerulean City with my Rainbow Badge, I went to Saffron City. I kept losing there, but unlike you, I kept trying every day, until Parasect was experienced enough to defeat Sabrina's Alakazam. After that, Bambi and I bought some bikes and came down to Fuchsia as fast as we could..." Bambi nods and rubs up against Jeremy, partly for warmth, and partly for pure pleasure, "YEAH! That was FUN! Not like being down here... C'mon, Jeremy, let's go back up to the top! My fingers are gonna gets all frozen and then break off and then I won't have any fingers and that would stink big time!" Jeremy glances over at Bambi's huge green eyes and shakes his head, "Shut up for a second, I'm telling a story! So anyhow, Koga was super easy to beat after I picked up a bunch of Pokemon at the Safari Zone! Then we came here, where we've been for two days now. We bought sleeping bags, and I'm not leaving until I catch all the Pokemon in this cave." Bambi whines while covering her chest with both arms and pulling her legs closely together, "But you've already caught everything! Well, except for that cute cat that was all white and stuff! He was awesome, but Jeremy didn't want him because he already had a Persian! I even caught a brand new Shellder and Jeremy's going to buy me a Water Stone so I can have a Cloyster, and then I'll have two Ice Pokemon! I think Ice is great... I just wish it was less... cold!" Jeremy puts out his finger towards Bambi defiantly and shakes it, "I'm missing one. I make it a point to catch all the Pokemon present in one area of the world before continuing. I've already got 103 Pokemon. As of right now, the one Pokemon I'm missing that I hear lives in this area is an Ice and Flying type bird called Articuno." Robert opens his eyes wide, "One hundred and three Pokemon?! That's insane! I only have nine Pokemon, but I treat them with so much love and care that I bet my nine can beat your 103! Ice bird or no ice bird!" Jeremy laughs in a mocking tone, "Oh, this again? A challenge? Well, I guess that Dratini your Pikachu fought in Celadon City would just LOVE his revenge against the little rat now that he's a full grown Dragonair! I've been working that blasted Pokemon for days now, and it still hasn't evolved into a Dragonite, but I'm sure he can beat whatever you throw at it!" Jeremy reaches into his pocket and pulls out Dragonair's Pokeball. Robert laughs and grabs his Pokedex from its dormant place on his belt, "Dragonair, huh?! Well, I have a surprise for your silly little Dragonair! Now let me see..." Robert begins pushing various buttons for a long time... Mithril-rama and Bambi sweatdrop together, except Bambi's sweatdrop seems to freeze onto her face! She screams, pulls of the tiny icicle and continues to shiver, "I'm COLD! My tiny little toes are becoming ice cubes!" Robert finally finishes with the Pokedex and puts it away. "Alright, send out your little Dragonair..." Jeremy nods and scoffs, "Little? You'll be sorry... Dragonair, defeat this wimp's wimpy Pokemon!" He tosses out the Pokeball and the majestic beast forms, it's blue and white graceful body coiling around itself, ready for battle... Robert blinks at it, "It's larger than I thought... Well, no matter... It's no match for Grave..." The fourth Pokeball on Robert's belt begins to shake... but it's not a Pokeball... it's a Safari Ball! It snaps open and Tauros breaks out, happy to be free of it's captive state! Robert yells, "No! I don't want you NOW! I wanted you to help us... Ah, never mind! As long as you are out, Tackle that Dragonair!" Tauros grins upon hearing his trainer command him to use his ferocious attack... He stomps his hoof a few times, chipping away at the frosty floor, and charges at the Dragonair. They make a head on collision, and Dragonair falls back! Jeremy shakes his head, "A Tauros? Oh, come on. Dragonair, Dragon Rage!" Dragonair slithers its body until it stands tall then spews out a stream of water that acts like fire, which covers the Tauros' entire body... Robert closes his eyes, "Noo, Tauros!" He opens his eyes to see a wet and maddened Tauros. "Alright! Tauros, go ahead and use your Strength attack now!" Tauros raises it's two front legs up high in the air, "TAOOO!" The beast comes crashing down and charges at the Dragonair for a devastating impact! The ice on the ground begins to crack under the Tauros' rampage... The Dragonair is knocked back towards Jeremy and Bambi... Jeremy kicks the Dragonair while it's down, "Get up, you loser! Wrap that three tailed moron and be done with it!" The Dragonair struggles to get up and sighs in a gentle voice, "Drag...onair..." It leaps for Tauros, and Wraps itself around the creature, which begins to struggle to break free... Much Stomping occurs while Tauros attempts to release himself, and the once strong icy ground becomes brittle... It cracks just as Tauros faints! The ground cracks unevenly, forming a zig-zag crevice into which Jeremy, Dragonair, and Mithril-rama suddenly fall, since they were standing over the ice when it cracked... Their loud screaming is heard, it becomes faint, and finally disappears into the darkness below... Bambi's eyes dart open wider than humanly possible and she runs over to the hole formed by the Tauros' mad rampaging, but Robert grabs the back of her shirt just as she's about to jump! Robert looks at her in the eyes while his own heart beats at a rapid pace, "No, Bambi... We can't just jump... They might have hurt themselves, and we won't do any good if we hurt ourselves too... We have to find a way to get down to the lower level without jumping..." Bambi frowns at Robert, then breaks into a flood of tears, "I gotta help Jeremy! We gotta jump NOW! I'm a big girl, I won't hurt myself!" She then embraces Robert, since he is the closest thing... Robert pats her back as sympathetically as he possibly can, "That's okay, don't worry... We'll find them. Rilli's down there too! I'm sure they're okay... Let's find a way down there..." Robert and Bambi run off to find a ladder or a steep elevation that they might climb down to reach the lower basement of the Seafoam Cave... * Meanwhile... * Jeremy rubs his head as sits up after having fallen from the floor above. After checking his skull for possible fractures, he proceeds to comb his now slightly disorderly blonde hair. "Score!" He looks around his immediate area and sees Mithril-rama waking up, apparently not injured either. "Hey, it's Muk chick! But where's my girl and the dorkster?" Rilli groans as she opens her eyes to see Jeremy sitting in front of her. "Ohh no... What happened? The last thing I remember is that Dragonair wrapped Tauros... Jeremy? Where's Robert?!" Jeremy stands up and extends his hand to help Mithril-rama up, but she decides to stand up at her own pace, not wanting any help from the likes of Jeremy. Jeremy laughs, "It looks like we took quite a plunge... If we're ever going to find a way to get back up to the top, we'll have to work together... Truce?" While Mithril-rama ponders the situation, Jeremy stares off into the distance... A glacier sits in the middle of a frosty pool of clear water. Resting itself upon this glacier in the legendary bird, Articuno, pruning its wings... Jeremy's droopy eyelids slightly raise at the sight of the bird. "It's an Articuno! Here's my big chance..." Jeremy pulls out an Ultra Ball from his pocket and slowly approaches the bird, who doesn't notice... Mithril-rama quickly turns around to see what will happen... Articuno notices Jeremy and jumps off of the glacier to get a better look of the snobby youth with the Ultra Ball in his hand. Articuno flies up so close to Jeremy that they are staring at each other face to face, at which point the beautiful beast sticks out a small tongue and licks Jeremy's face! Jeremy hops back, perplexed, and the Articuno begins to change shape until it becomes a purple slime... The form is temporary, because it then turns into an exact copy of Jeremy, who looks over at the real Jeremy and Mithril-rama and exclaims, "Score! Here's my big chance..." Mithril-rama rubs her aching head and sighs, "Not this again!" -Robert