From: SilvrrSky <> Subject: [PW!] A Quick Battle with Erika Date: Monday, April 26, 1999 9:46 PM Even one quick battle ends up being this long..Oh well! *shrugs* Heh, and in case you don't get the beginning..They are poking fun at all the trainers who call threats and the like at the gyms.. Eh, no offense or nuthun' ^_^ ------------------------------- "Alright, then, you asked for it!" Erika called across the battle mat to Christy, her voice ringing with amusement. In one swift movement, Erika had her fingers clenched around an enlarged Pokeball. "I won't show any mercy!" "I'm not the least bit worried about that!" Christy challenged with a rather haughty smile, although good humor was written all over the rest of her face. With a snicker of false contempt, Christy plucked a Pokeball from her waist and chucked it into the middle of the arena. "Prepare to loose! I choose, you, Nidorina! Go!" The sky blue beast formed with a menacing scowl, unaware that this wasn't as grave a match as most Pokemon battles go. Her lips twisted back, revealing two sharply pointed canines. "Rinaaaa.." she snarled, more than ready for the fight. Erika eyed the Nidorina with hesitation. "She..she looks tough!" Erika shouted to Christy, her features now radiating concern "You sure you can handle her?" "Uh..Sure I can!" Christy retorted, bouncing into a battle stance to reassure her friend everything was under control. Beneath the surface, however, Christy was racing over the thought of Nidorina's level and experience...Maybe, perhaps, she was at a higher level than she *could* handle? "If you so say, then!" Erika flung her Pokeball into the air, mustering up a commanding voice, "Victreebel..Go!" The ball exploded with a flash of red lightening, releasing a towering, saffron tinted plant. It hissed through it's gaping flytrap mouth. "Victree! Treee.." Standing at the exact altitude as Erika, it provided a magnificent, but utterly formidable sight. Nidorina was not daunted by the opponents size, however, and she growled a low guttural growl, awaiting her masters orders. Christy scratched her head, perplexity etched across her face. She could tell what level Nidorina was at if it knew.."Uh..Nidorina, fury swipes, now!" Nidorina didn't react. Christy let out a breath of relief. At least the Pokemon wasn't higher than level 40! "Alright then...Erm..Bite!" Christy demanded, and winced when Nidorina charged foward. She *was* higher than level 30, however, and Christy was unsure if that was such a grand thing at this point in time. Victreebel tensed and prepared itself for the onslaught, aware of the fact that bite was inescapable. Nidorina's fangs pierced the plants tender skin, delving deep into Victreebel as it hissed with rage, its vine whipping wildly. Nidorina was soon bucked off, and she landed in a disheveled mess onto the mat, panting. Erika nibbled on her lip, siezing the chance for an attack. "Victreebel, wrap it, now!" The plant quickly obeyed. Two green tentacles shot out across the stadium to entwine themselves around Nidorina's unwilling mass. "Rinnnaaaaa! NIDO!" she roared, struggling under Victreebel's tight grasp. The more she writhed, the more Victreebel constricted, until Nidorina was finally liberated of the restricting vines. "Nidorina, hang in there!" Christy encouraged, trying to think of another one of Nidorina's attacks. Bite had most likely left Victreebel weak, she knew, so it wouldn't take too much more to finish it off. "Alright, then, tackle!" Nidorina lifted herself onto her paws, wavering, before finding the energy to attack again. With a confident bark, she bounded into the air, her hefty weight smacking into Victreebel's middle. The impact had sent the plant bowling, and it continued to spiral across the arena until it stopped, leaving Victreebel winded and unable to recharge. "Vic..tree..." it wheezed, before collapsing in an exhausted heap. Nidorina flounced around the stadium in some sort of victory dance, looking tattered and bruised, but very pleased with itself. Christy emitted a nervous giggle, glancing sheepishly at Erika. "Uh..Sorry about that..I think I got caught up in the heat of battle," Christy explained, realizing the battle had turned the previously jovial mood sour. Erika grimaced when her eyes fell upon the Victreebel's fainted form. With a sympathetic sigh, she recalled the Pokemon. "Well, Christy, you gave me more than I was prepared for! Still..Nice job." Erika perked up, regaining her cheerful disposition. "Next time, when you come for a badge, it won't be so easy!" Christy opened her mouth to protest, but halted. She concluded it would be better to get the badges in order, however much she wanted a badge presently. Visiting Erika again...participating in another battle...proof that Nidorina was a reliable Poke afterall...was enough for her...for now! (OOC: Hehe, I had to add that!) TBC..I need to catch up on homework ;_; ------------------------------- In the next story..Christy and her Ryhorn teach a lesson to some perverted guy on the streets! Whoo hoo! (Tehehe, I think she likes beating the crap out of the guys that irritate her. I have yet to show her very forward flirting techniques..I will wait until she gets to Brock for that one ;) I like getting inside my characters head or what? ^_^ Now..Sleep! Oh yes, homework too..-_- [Mental note] Stop talking to self at the end of stories [/Mental note] Silver Sky says: --Never knock on Death's door; ring the bell and run (he hates that). --Pray for whirled peas. --If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.