From: SimynLocke <simynlocke@aol.comJOEMAMA> Subject: [PW!][ISLAND] A Sandslash, A Vaporeon, and a Jolteon Date: Sunday, April 25, 1999 10:34 PM The Sandslash lumbered on all fours, sniffing the immediate terrain for any sign of his master. Two more Pokemon followed in hopes of finding their trainer as well, each one sniffing the air and nearby shrubs. Spike, the high leveled and extremely well trained Sandslash led the other two Eevees, Aqua the Vaporeon and Mercury the Jolteon in their task of finding Simon, their trainer. Their efforts led them to the complex Spike had visited previously, and defeated the Trent Retwins Sandslash. "Hey guys," Spike said, "Maybe Simon's in there." "Well, we might as well give it a shot." Aqua said. "Hey Merc! C'mon! We're heading to the building!" "Coming!" Mercury jolted pass them in a yellow blur so common to his type. Spike just laughed, as the Jolteon showed off it's speed and dissappeared over the hill. The two other pokemon, lagging behind just took their time. "Damn you got big." Aqua said. "Well, what'd you expect? I'm not no Sandshrew anymore." Spike said smugly, and flexed his muscles. "Oh brother! I could whip you." "Yea, so! Only cuz you're water type." "With ice attacks too." Spike just shrugged it off, he knew no way in hell he could defeat a Vaporeon of the same level, especially one with Ice attacks. When they finally caught up with Mercury, they saw him leaning against the wall. "Hehe, what took you guys so long?" "Nevermind that..." Spike surveyed the wall, and looked for any entrances. "Uh oh..... haven't a clue how we're gonna get in." "Why not just the old fashioned way?" Mercury suggested. "Which is....." At a moment's noticed, Aqua walked up to the wall, and took a stance. The familliar posture kicked in Spike and Mercury's instinctual Pokemon systems causing them to run for cover. Appearing from nowhere, snow flakes began falling, the center of power in Aqua's body, concentrated into a deep freeze. Aqua stared intently at the wall, with all his might, he condensed the surrounding air, forming ice projectiles floating above him. Finally..... "VAAAAAAAAAAAPOREON!" With the shout of energy releasage, the cold air comboed with flying ten pound balls of ice flew at a fury toward the wall and incased it with the solid mass. For a section of about thirty by thirty feet, a sheet of about three feet thick ice covered it. When Aqua finally stopped charging, Spike and Mercury reoccured into the scene. "DAMN!" Shouted Spike. "That was an awesome blizzard!" Mercury said. "Aw, it was nothing." Aqua smiled a bit, but tryed to contain his macho'ness. "Ok, ya'lls turn." Spike shot Mercury a look, and Mercury nodded. The other two Pokemon took their places as far away as they could. Mercury trotted to a position 5 feet from the weakened wall and ice, and stood on all fours for a minute. After a while, a fooling benevolent glow erupted from Merc's skin. Fooling anybody, who viewed it as "cute." the spikes on Mercury's body stood straight up, and longer. Negative charges and little sparks began lighting up the area around the Jolteon, each increasing in size as a milisecond passed. When the peak of charge finally came........ "JOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLTEEEONNNN!" This second energy releasal exploded as lighting beams shot out of Merc's body and into the ice wall exposing and revealing any weakness in the wall. The blast lasted about 3 seconds, but it's aftermath continued for another 3 minutes. Finally, after the energy faded, the Jolteon sat on it's hind. "Woo Hoo!" Shouted Aqua, "Well done!" But Jolteon looked disappointed, he motioned for Spike to come and finish the job. "Awlright! After that Thunder, my last shot should knock this wall down." Instead of approaching the wall, Spike ran farther away from it. For what he was about to do, he needed space. He then broke out into a trot, gaining speed on all fours, he began galloping, shaking the air in loud thunderous steps. His speed increased a bit more, as the gallop turned into a sprint, and at the right moment, Spike went airborne. He curled into his ball of quills, and blasted off towards the wall, at maximum velocity he shook the structure and emitted a loud rumbling. When he finally landed, he started running. Sections of the wall came tumblingd down, part ice, part rock, and little bits of spark left over from Merc's thunder. "YES!!!!!" Spike barked out. "Well of course we weakened it for you." Said Mercury. "Well duh! That's a given." Said Aqua "Anyways, now that the walls down, we goin in or what?" "Yea, let's go." Mercury ran in through the pile of rubble and disappeared into the building, after a while Spike and Aqua heard a disturbed Jolteon. ********************* "JOLT JOLTEONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Barked Mercury. "Sand...." Sighed Spike. From in the shadows, emerged a drenched Jolteon, soaked to the skin. It's spikes hanged low, and a bucket rested on it's head. From behind him, emerged two trainers, both looked rather worn down, but thankful to be free. "What the! Blasted thing knocked into my buckets of piss!" Yelled one of the trainers. "JOLTEEOON!" Barked a truly distressed, pee stink Mercury. TBC? (I'm sorry that had to suck so bad guys. Oh well, now Drew and Raven are free, please get off the Island somehow, and bring my Pokemon to me. ^_^) ____ Simon Locke in the PW! ------> [^_^] Everybody go visit Roberto-Perez Vila's Pokewars Writer's Guide And Fan Art Website! Make sure you check out the Fan-Art! Oh yea, and....... HUZZAH!