Subject: [PW!] Aah, a backstory.....a must for those who oppose my Eevee Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999 03:21:26 GMT From: Neo and his Lioconvoy figure <> Organization: Deja News - The Leader in Internet Discussion Newsgroups: Arcanine charged at Tangela and knocked him down. He then torched him. Neo shouted with glee as he left. Neo walked back into Celadon, he looked for Sirius and the others. But then he was confonted by a man in a lab coat. He said, "Hello young one! How are yo...." he saw Eevee and gasped. He grabbed Neo's arm, "Come with me!" he grabbed Neo's arm and took him to a building. It was a research center for Pokemon, he was sat down as 3 men walked in. One man spoke, "State your name" "Michael J. Williams sir" Neo answered. The man sat down, "Son, that is our Eevee." Neo and Eevee were shocked, "Eeeee?" "What?" "Son, five months ago, we successfully breeded Eevees. you know that Eevee is very, very rare in the wild. We breeded it and came up with triplets. We then evolved the trio into Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon. The latter two are still with us. But, Flareon de-evolved soon after. We were perplexed, soon we discovered that a flaw in Eevee's DNA was unstable, resulting in the handicap of not being able to stay in any evolution." "After that, began a long series of tests. But, a raid by Team Rocket resulted in the test subject running away. That Eevee is ours, and we want it back" Neo's eyes welled up, "NO!!" the other two men got up, "You will give it back to us." Neo was cringing, "Hello amigos!!" Haunter wearing a sombrero and shaking Marachas came floating in. "Haunter! Keep them busy!" Haunter smiled, "Aye!" As Neo ran, Haunter pulled out three mufflers from out of nowhere, "Hold on to your pant's boys, IT'S TIME FOR AN........overhaul...." Neo ran through the corridors, Eevee stopped at a door and whimpered. Neo looked in the room to see a Jolteon and a Vaporeon locked up. Neo walked in and looked around. The Vaporeon and Jolteon became restless as Neo looked at them. He looked at a clipboard and was horrified to see the words JOLTEON-TERMINATION: 4/5/99 FATE: Dissection VAPOREON-TERMINATION: 4/5/99 FATE: Dissection Neo looked at the two creatures, he called out Scyther, "Scyther, smash the locks!" Scyther smirked and cut the locks. Out came the two Pokemon, Eevee playfully pounced on the two as they all celebrated their reunion. Haunter came in, "The guys are really pissed..." That's when Neo ran like hell was on his tail.... *****Neo J. Menasor the 1st***** Be ready.........April 1999 Defender of Transfandom Watcher of Sentai -----------== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==---------- Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own