From: Yosh1121 <> Subject: [PW!] Airfields Date: Friday, April 23, 1999 10:57 AM Trying a slightly different writing style in this post for some odd unknown reason...including an entirely pointless character view switch thingiemajig in the middle of my post. Constructive criticism on any part of the post is welcomed (in fact, pleaded for!). Afterall, there aren't any other ways I can learn and improve on what I'm doing wrong... right? ~~~~~ The airfields were pretty much abandoned, save for a few aircrafts that dotted the vast open space. Checking his papers, Oz hefted his backpack and jogged towards a distinct helicopter with the number 42 painted in a large, friendly, yellow font on the side. Even after spending a couple of days unconscious, the young Pokémon trainer was still plenty exhausted, especially after going through strenuous security checks. Spending quality time with an egotistical psychic Pokémon had left his mind feeling like scrambled eggs, and his body bruised and painful. After an incident such as that, he hoped Pokémon Island would be his key to a relaxing vacation. Besides the silent, empty helicopter, Oz paced impatiently. He jumped as a loose piece of paper was blown by him by a sudden, slight gust of wind. Oz was nervous, and jumpy, and he wondered how much longer he could stay on the mainland without going insane. Looking up, he noted a lone figure emerging from the main building and walking across the desolate field towards him. * * * Another sporadic burst of wind blew across the field, blowing a few strands of the burly man's long unkept blonde hair into his face, as he calmly walked towards his helicopter, and the boy pacing nervously in front of it. He slowly brushed the hair away. Bill was a man who did not enjoy complexity. He preferred his life to be as simple and slow going as possible. That's mostly why he flew helicopters for a living, not only was it fairly simple, but it kept him content. But with the sudden opening of Pokémon Island, many people had rushed in wanting to get there, fast. He saw no point in how people rushed everywhere, this way and that. It all seemed so pointless. Life was long enough for them to do whatever they needed to do. No need to act like every minute you spent was your last. As he reached the fidgety boy, the kid looked up. He stuck out his thumb sideways, in a noncomical parody of a hitchhiker. "Going my way?" the kid tried to joke, despite his apparent distress. He gave a forced laugh. Bill gave a mental sigh, but outwardly he laughed politely, as was courteous to the customer. "Hopefully," He thought, "this is the last of them..." "Hi, my name is Bill," Bill said, as he had recited the phrase which seemed like he had narrated countless times before, plastering a smile on his face. "I'll be your helicopter driver for this trip." "Oz," the boy introduced himself frankly, extending a hand. The two shook hands, and bill motioned for Oz to get in as Bill went around and climbed into his side. Within a couple of minutes, he started the copter up and was maneuvering it off the ground. Bill glanced over to Oz in the other seat, who amazingly had fallen asleep the second he had gotten comfortable in the passenger seat. Bill gave a mental shrug and turned back to the large vast expansion of blue sea that spread out underneath the speeding helicopter. It was going to be a long flight, anyway. TBC ~~~~~ This post was kind of pointless, I admit, but I'm just not really sure on what's happening on the island and who's there (that, plus a bit of braindead-ness mixed in there). Anybody care to enlighten me on? Please? It'd be greatly appreciated... ::wanders off in desperate search of anything containing caffeine:: Yosh ---------- Note: Beware the rabid Yosh.