Subject: [PW!] [PKMN AUCTION] Aislynn arrives at the auction Date: 5 Apr 1999 20:36:42 GMT From: (Dree Elle1) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: "I wanna stand with you on a mouuuntaiin! I wanna bathe with you in the seeaaa! I wanna lay like this forever...with that homeless guy in the treeeee!" Knave sang loudly from atop Aislynn's head. "Knave, that's NOT how the song goes." she laughed. "Is creative interpretation." he informed her. "How long till we get there?" he asked. "To Celadon? Oh geez....I dunno. We've been walking all morning. Well, I have at least. You've just been sitting up there whining." she told the Clefairy. "I navigating!" the pokemon replied indignantly. "If not for me, you tumble off some cliff somewhere!" "You're right...I'm sorry." she sighed. "Where are we now?" "Still in flatlands." he told her. "You still on path though. Aislynn no worry." "No sign of the city yet, huh?" she asked. "Nope. Is big hill up ahead though." he replied. Aislynn walked on for a few more minutes in silence, bracing her legs to climb the aforementioned hill when she ran across it. "We stop to rest when we get there." he told her. "I dunno if that'd be a good idea." she replied. "After all, we slept in two hours later than we should have at that hotel in Saffron. If we rest much longer, all the pokemon at this auction will be gone by the time we get there...and I kinda was hoping I'd have enough to buy us a new companion." "Aislynn drop Knave off at home. Go to auction alone." he suggested. "Great idea...and then I'd end up wandering aimlessly straight into the ocean." she grumbled. "Okay how about this? We'll stop off at home for a snack and you can take a nap, but then we're back on the road again. Okay?" "Sound good." Knave answered. "What song you wanna hear next?" he asked. "Errmm...none right now if its all the same to you." she told him, hoping to keep him from singing. Knave shrugged and hummed an unfamiliar, slightly off-key melody to himself as she kept walking. "Listen Starlight, Starbright...I wanna take you guys with me. I really do. But its better this way." a female voice said, stopping Aislynn in her tracks. "What's that?" she asked quietly. Knave scanned the surrounding area for the source of the voice, his eyes finally resting on a blonde-haired girl kneeling before a quite upset-looking Nidorino and Nidorina. "Rino..." the Nidorino growled piteously, nudging its owner's hand. "I know you guys have been with me a long time...heck, you even helped me beat Brock and Misty in the trainers' gyms. But I think its time to say goodbye. I don't have enough badges to control you two anymore and your levels are getting too high. "Rina...Nidorina..." Starbright whimpered. "Now listen. A lot of trainers are going to be coming down this road to go to the pokemon auction. I want you two to hide here until you see someone you want to go with and then let them capture you. It'll be better than leaving you out here with no one to take care of you." the blonde told them sternly. "Now promise me you'll do that." Starlight and Starbright exchanged a look with one another before nodding in agreement. The blonde smiled, leaned over to give each of her pokemon a small hug and then got up, walking briskly away and knowing one backward glance would be her undoing. "Aislynn, turn right." Knave told her, watching as the purple and blue pokemon lumbered behind a small shrub and laid in wait. "Right? But why? I thought the path was---" Aislynn began. "Aislynn trust Knave on this." he told her sternly. Aislynn rolled her eyes and moved forward, awaiting further instruction from the Clefairy. "Okay, turn to right and walk forward." he instructed. Aislynn obliged. Suddenly, she heard a low growl and froze. "Knave...where did you take us?" she asked, her voice trembling slightly. "Rrrrrina!!" something roared loudly as the Nidorina sprang into her path. Aislynn felt her blood run cold. Whatever it was certainly sounded large...and angry! "Rino! Rinno Nido!" a lower voice growled from the bushes as though it were saying "What are you doing? Get back here!" "Aislynn, throw pokeball!" Knave ordered, shaking her shoulders urgently. "Knave, there's no way I can catch whatever that thing is! Its way too big!" "Throw ball! Throw ball! Throw ball!" he ordered, making it onto almost a chant as the girl slowly obliged. "I hope you're right..." she winced, expanding a pokeball and feeling it fill her palm. "P-Pokeball, go!" she stammered, tossing it forward. Knave watched as the Nidorina looked skyward at the approaching pokeball, positioning herself perfectly beneath it and wincing a little as it struck her forehead and drew her in. The ball didn't even twitch or spin after it had closed and after a few seconds, the lock had set into place. Knave felt a small smile of triumph cross his face and then turned to look at his mistress who stood stiffly as though bracing herself for the worst. "Did it---did it get away?" she asked. "No..." he told her, climbing back on top of her head. "Aislynn catch it!" "Caught it?" she asked, sounding disbelieving. "But---but---" "Rrriinnno!!!" an even more threatening voice boomed before she had a chance to finish. "Oh no..." she gasped. "It must've had friends!" "Throw another ball!" Knave told her, watching Starbright land firmly in her path, obviously not planning to left alone even though this trainer hadn't exactly been to his liking. "Knave that's ridiculous! The first one was luck! I can't--" "Stop fretting or you lose pokemon!" Knave told her, his patience wearing thin with the girl's doubtfulness. "Right..." she said, taking a deep breath and taking ahold of her last pokeball. "Where?" she asked hurriedly. "Three steps ahead." he told her. "Throw! Now!" "Pokeball, go!" she cried, throwing it forward. The Nidorino gave a humiliated growl as the pokeball struck him on the small of his back and drew him inside, but didn't struggle. As the lock clicked into place, Knave gave a cheer. "Got them both!" he laughed. "And with last two pokeballs!" Saying so, he leapt off of her shoulder and scuttled to where the two dormant pokeballs containing the Nidorina and Nidorino were. "They up here! Come get'em!" he called to Aislynn. She moved eagerly forward, stopping when she felt Knave tap his hand against her ankle and stooping to claim the two pokemon. "What were they anyway?" she asked, feeling the heavy quality the pokeballs had taken on as she picked them up. "Nidorino and Nidorina." Knave informed her. She gasped. "But the only place to get those is in the Safari Zone. And--" "And they yours stop worrying." Knave grinned. "But their level might be too high. I don't have any badges to control them!" she stated worriedly. Knave's expression of happiness instantly fell. "Hmm...could be problem." he remarked. "Yeah no kidding." she sighed. "Well, maybe someone at the auction will buy them." "Or trade." Knave suggested. "Yeah that too." she nodded, placing them in an empty pocket of her jacket. "Better get going." Knave told her. "Have feeling Celadon not far from here." "Good idea." Aislynn told him, walking forward and feeling the ground begin to slope into a hill. She trudged onward until she felt the ground begin to level out again beneath her. "Are we at the top?" she asked. "Yup! Celadon at bottom!" he told her. "Probably be there in five more minutes." "Great!" she smiled, relief sweeping over her. "Guess we WILL make it in time for the auction!" she carefully picked her way down the side of the hill, taking Knave's advice and avoiding jutting stones or sandshrew burrows along the way. "Hiya little lady!" someone said. "Name's Fletcher. What's yours?" he asked. "Aislynn..." she replied. "That's a pretty name." the man replied. "You here for the pokemon auction too?" she nodded eagerly. "Lookin' to sell or to buy?" "Both, hopefully." she told him, turning in the direction of the voice to where a smallish middle-aged red-haired man was reclined at the foot of the hill, his head pillowed on a briefcase he had with him. "Whatcha lookin' to buy?" he asked. "Well...I don't know. A good fighter pokemon would be nice." she told him. "I need something to go up against the gym leaders with." "Mm hmm...and whatcha got to sell?" "A Nidorino and a Nidorina." she told him. The man thought for a minute. "Hmm....nope. Can't say I got a use for either of those. Tell ya what though. You find me a Weepinbell down there and I'll give ya a nice Squirtle for it." "A squirtle?? Really??" she asked excitedly. "Hey old man, why YOU not go down and find OWN Weepinbell?" Knave asked, wary of the redhead's generosity. "Ah, I've already been there." he said non-chalantly. "Truth is, I don't have a dime on me. I was just hopin' to sell some of what I brought with me but I guess no one was really interested in my collection. Anyway, I've been needin' a Weepinbell for my daughter's plant collection. Ya bring me one, and Squirtle's yours." and with that, he tilted the fedora he was wearing over his eyes and resumed daydreaming. "Come on, Knave!" she grinned excitedly. "Someone's gotta be selling a Weepinbell here! Maybe we can sell Nidorina and Nidorino while we're at it and have enough to buy one or two of our own pokemon!" "Aislynn getting ahead of herself." Knave remarked. "Slow gonna crash straight into building!" he told her, making her slow to a fast walk. The bustle and activity of the town could be heard not far ahead as she made her way into Celadon. "Wow...I don't remember it ever being THIS crowded." she remarked as she listened to the sea of voices, accidently bumping shoulders with a woman as she passed by carrying a Growlithe in her arms. "And next up we have a Ponyta!" an official-sounding announcer voice boomed. "This little number was caught in the mansion on Cinnabar Island and has only been used in battle once. We'll open the bids at 30,000 yen." "Thirty five!" a man called. "I hear thirty five. Do I hear forty?" the announcer asked. "Forty!" another man called out. "Forty-five!" a woman declared. "Wow...sure is competitive." Aislynn commented as she passed the auction block while the bidders continued to clamour for the spotlighted pokemon. "I dunno if we'll win ANYTHING if the bidders are willing to raise the price so high." "Can still try." Knave commented. "Watch out for puddle." he told her, watching as she stepped around it. "Yeah I guess you're right." she said. "Anyway, guess we'd better look for a Weepinbell and see if we can unload these other two." TBC.... ((so how about it? Anyone got a Weepinbell they'd sell or wanna buy a slightly used Nidorino and/or Nidorina? :D)) ~Karma Rocket~