Subject: Re: [PW!] [PKMN AUCTION] Aislynn arrives at the auction Date: 5 Apr 1999 23:44:42 GMT From: (Primus1716) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: > >Hehe, too bad Christy didn't hear that, or else she wouldn't have been so >smug! >^_^ There's a Nidorino left now for ya! Tenchi face faulted. " now i know how brok must feel..." Ok, tenchi gave the girl the money, and took the nidorino. "Nido..." Nidorino wasent sure what to think of its new trainer, but a small vulpix walked up to him. "vulpix, vul [its alright, Tenchi's a great trainer.]" Nidorino trusted the vulpix, and nuzzled Tenchi's hand gently. Tenchi bent down, and pet the pokemon. "Hey, i forgot, do you have a nickname?" "Rino, Nidorino [my old trainer called me starbright] " "Ok, starbright. tell ya what, i'll let you walk around with Blazer a little." Nidornio, happy with his new trainer, walked by his side. TBC -primus the otaku warrior [just a side question to whoever had him before me, what moves does he have? and i hope i got the name right. if not, ill change it to "starlight" in future posts]