From: Dreadite <> Subject: [PW!] All good Pokémon.... Date: Sunday, April 25, 1999 2:44 AM P:OTP: I was held at gunpoint. For.. four days. And I didn't reply. Oops. ^^;;;; Well, I'm replying now. ***** "Guys, it's Dreadite!" The League agent yelled, pointing his gun at the Rocket in the doorway. Dreadite stopped, startled. This was very, very wrong. He slammed the door shut, and strated running back towards the forest across the desert. The agents quickly followed, drawing weapons of all kinds. Dreadite ran across the sand, dodging the occasional bullet as he ran. He reached into his cloak as he ran down a sand dune, and pulled out a Pokéball. "All right Pidgey. Do something to stop these guys." The Pidgey flew out of it's Pokéball, and looked over the dune. It looked at Dreadite, who nodded. "Do your absolute best, Pidgey." The Pidgey took off into the air, divebombing one of the agents as he reached the top of the hill. Orion drew his gun, and aimed at Dreadite, who had walked up to the top of the dune, sword drawn. Orion laughed at Dreadite and started to pull the trigger. "Team Rocket is dying." Orion pulled the trigger, and a shot rang out. Dreadite laughed as the bullet passed by his head, just dodging out of the way in time. Orion cocked the weapon and aimed again. Dreadite pointed at Orion, and lept. Orion aimed, and pulled the trigger. Pidgey fell to the ground, and Dreadite stopped in midair, wings outstreached. "Pidgey?" The Pidgey fell to the ground. Orion stepped back, shocked at the Pidgey's action. Dreadite's eyes flared, and he flew to the ground, grabbing Pidgey. He glared at Orion. Orion laughed. "Looks like you've lost, Dread. Give up." Dreadite just glared. Pidgey... ***** Fourteen and a half years ago ***** Giovanni looked at Dreadite, and then leaned back in his chair. He fiddled with a Pokéball while petting his Persian. It purred loudly, and he smiled. Dreadite stood quietly, waiting. Giovanni looked up from his desk, and pulled the chair up. "You think we just give out Pokémon to new members? You must be crazy. Team Rocket can't afford to be giving out Pokémon. We steal them." Dreadite sighed, and nodded. "I see, sir. Well then, what do I do?" Giovanni laughed. "You catch your own. We can give you Pokéballs, they're cheap. Pick them up when you pick up your trainee uniform." Dreadite turned and walked out of the room. He grabbed the uniform, and the Pokéballs on his way out. ***** Dreadite walked out of Veridian Gym, full of spirit. "Catch my own, eh? I can do that. No problem." He looked at the surroundings, and sighed. "The place sure has changed." Dreadite walked toward Pallet, his new white uniform already getting smudged as he walked through the tall grass. He looked around for a Pokémon, and attempted to be as quiet as possible. His blue eyes shone with intent as he stopped movement in the grass south of him. He readied a Pokéball, and snuck toward the grass. He spread the grass, and sighed as a baby Pidgey hopped out, lost. "Ah, well. I guess this must be a Pokémon!" A kid standing in the grass nodded. "Pokémon are all over this world. Some are more common than others! That's a Pidgey. They're really common. I already have Pidgeot, so I don't need one." Dreadite nodded, and looked at the Pidgey. Is glared at him, and flapped its wings, creating a gust of wind. Dreadite looked shocked as he fell over. The kid sighed. "You have to battle them with other Pokémon, or you don't stand a chance." Dreadite nodded, and threw the ball. The Pidgey batted it away, and started to hop off. The kid shrugged. "Here, I'll battle it for you. You're a bit old be be making beginner mistakes, don't you think?" The kid called out his Pidgeot, and turned his hat. "All right, this'll be easy. Pidgeot, gust that Pidgey!" The kid's Pidgeot flew into the air, and slammed the pidgey into the ground with a powerful gust of wind. The kid smirked, and pointed. "Now's the time to catch it!" Dreadite tossed a second ball. This time, the pidgey was too shocked to do anything but cheep as the ball closed shut. The kid smiled. "See, that was easy! You gotta train it to be the best Pidgeot it can be by evolving it!" "I'll try." Dreadite's voice reverberated in his mind. Pidgey was his first catch. His best. He called out the baby Pidgey. It looked at him, and cheeped happily. Dreadite smirked. "You heard the kid. You must become the best." *****The present***** Dreadite glared at Orion, and picked up Pidgey from the ground. Orion pointed at Dreadite. "Freeze. You're coming with us to see Lance, and face the league!" Dreadite just glared at Orion, tears almost appearing in his eyes. "You only wish. You killed my Pidgey. You're dead!" Dreadite lept into the air, and flapped his wings quickly. A gust of sand swirled around the agents as Dreadite flew into the air. "You'll wish you had never been born." Orion blocked his eyes from the sand. "Shoot him!" Dreadite's eyes glistened with water as he soared into the air. He drew his sword, and threw it at Orion, then flew off. Orion dodged to the side, ald swore. "We lost him. Damn. Well, at least we got this," he said, picking the sword up. He looked at it closely, and walked towards the complex. The sword desintigrated in his hand, and Orion just sighed. "Or not." ***** Dreadite stood next to Pallet, in a patch of grass. He knelt next to the grass, and drew a sword from his cloak. The sword was exactly like the one he had dropped. He stood up next to the dirt mound in the center of the patch of grass, and placed a Pokéball at the top. He set in on lock, and walked away towards Cinnibar Islands. Dreadite stopped. A noise alerted him to something's presence. He turned to face the grave again, curious. The grass rustled, and a baby pidgey hopped out. Dreadite smiled, and spread his wings. The pidgey cocked its head to the side, and chirped. It flew in front of Dreadite, cheeping. Dreadite held out a Pokéball to it, and waited. The baby pidgey just landed on his shoulder, and Dreadite took off. Cinnibar was just ahead. The Pokéball on top of the grave glistened with the writing on it. "Pidgey. The survivor of time. RIP, faithful Pokémon. May his replacement become what he failed to be." TBC? (I dunno. But in any case, this post was something I had been planning. I hope you liked reading it.) Dreadite (Woo! Deja Vu! ^_^) ----- "Míru kage mo náku yatsúrete iru. I am the Darkness, Dreadite." Visit the Kage Shogunate: