From: Alyssa <> Subject: [PW!] Alyssa has weird taste in names. Date: Monday, April 19, 1999 9:51 PM OOC: Gasp! Shock! Alyssa writes something IN-continuity! ;) Well IC-Alyssa has to be doing *something* while NC-Alyssa is being dragged through the skies by a Mr. Mime on the way to a trap. ;) ---- While waiting for Karasu to get back from whatever it was she was doing, Alyssa had been kicking back in the Pokemon Center and relaxing. When she got tired of that, she'd started exploring the city. There'd been a tour of Silph Co., and after getting done with that, Alyssa'd tried out the fighting gym(not the normal Gym, since her only Pokemon that had more than a Tangela's chance against a Ninetales would have gladly killed her) and gotten her Pokemon beaten royally. Then her day had looked up. )o(flashback sequence to earlier today)o( Alyssa stared at the prices on the TMs. "Do you happen to like being robbed?" she asked the clerk at the PokeMart, incredulous. The clerk smiled ruefully. "No, we just have to get rid of these things. Apparently, some idiot at the shipping place decided that since Saffron is famous for psychics, we need about fifty Psychic TMs." "Okay, I can see that. But *25 P each??* *Pokeballs* cost more than that!!" "Are you complaining?" the clerk grinned. "No. I'll take one." )o(end flashback)o( Alyssa'd then taught her newly-acquired TM29 to Mace, who'd accepted it cheerfully. With Mace, Mars (who she'd managed to talk into battling), and Hashiru, she'd walked away from the Gym the proud owner of a Hitmonlee. Now, she was leaving town to go catch yet another new Pokemon. Mars was walking beside her, in his normal mood, and Mace was bouncing along on her other side, chirping out a happy little "tuff!" with each bounce. The cheerful Wigglytuff stopped suddenly. "Wiggly wigglytuff tuff!" he announced to Alyssa. "He says there's a Growlithe in the bushes," Mars translated. Alyssa's eyes went wide. "Sugoi! Now I can get a fire-type aside from that Vulpix I never use..." she grinned. "Mace, attack!" "Wigglyyyy!!" Mace cheered, jumping forward. The Growlithe padded out of the bushes, curious, and saw the tiny pink Pokemon that seemed to want to battle. It fell over laughing. Mace glared and inflated in an attempt to look intimidating. The Growlithe took one look at him and laughed even harder. Mace started turned fuschia. "Let's show this puppy you're no laughing matter!" Alyssa snarled. "Sing, now!" Mace began singing a sweet lullaby. If his back hadn't been to Alyssa, she would have noticed that his eylids were drooping as well as the Growlithe's. The song trailed off as both Growlithe and Wigglytuff fell fast asleep. Alyssa sort of slumped, sweatdropping. "Embarrassing," she sighed. Mars grinned. "No laughing matter, huh?" Alyssa glared at him before pulling a Pokeflute out of her fannypack (which really shouldn't have been able to contain the flute) and playing it. Both Pokemon awoke instantly. The Growlithe, hoping to get the pest out of its sight, used Take Down. Both Pokemon reeled. And because of Mace's higher HP rating and level, the Growlithe actually took more damage. It shook its head to clear it. "Okay, Mace. Body Slam!" "TUUUUFFFFF!!!!" Mace trumpeted, slamming his rubbery body onto the fire dog. It took moderate damage and was paralyzed. "Growwwwwllll...." it groaned. "Okay, Mace. Psychic!" "Wiggly!" With that, he blasted a huge wave of mental energy towards the Growlithe, who collapsed. Alyssa grabbed a Pokeball from her pack, expanded it, and threw it at Growlithe. The ball rocked somewhat halfheartedly, and then pinged, lying still. "YATTA!" Alyssa cheered, picking up the ball. She grumbled as it teleported out of her hand. "Right, I forgot I'm carrying six Pokemon. Let's do some switchin' here..." She sat down and pulled out her Pokedex, opening it up. "James, you got a tutorial on how to switch Pokemon?" "Yes," James the Pokedex informed her in a preprogrammedly cheerful voice. "Then help me out here." After going through the tutorial, Alyssa thanked the Pokedex and put it a way. "Okay, so I'm carrying Neko, Mace, Mars, Hashiru, and my two new Pokemon," she informed the air. Mace and Mars seemed to be conversing mentally and paid no attention to her. "Okay. Growlithe, Hitmonlee, c'mon out!" The kicker and the puppy left their Pokeballs, Growlithe looking much the worse for wear. Alyssa used a Full Restore on him and sat back, looking at the two Pokemon. "I really should name you guys. Let's see..." She turned to Hitmonlee. "I'm thinking of two names, Strata and Keru. Which do you like better?" Hitmonlee tilted his...torso in confusion. "Monlee hitmon hitmonlee?" he asked. "It asked, and I quote, 'where the hell did you pull the name Strata from?'" Mars translated. Alyssa shrugged. "Even I don't know. 'Keru' means 'kick', you like that one better?" Htmonlee's body bobbed in what could have been a nod. "Lee," it confirmed. "Okay, so you're Keru. Now, you," she turned to the Growlithe, "I've already got a name for." Mars looked suddenly dreading. "Please don't say..." Alyssa turned to Mars and gave him her best gigawatt grin. The Abra got on his knees before her and clasped his hands together, pleading. "No. No! Not that. ANYTHING but--" "Growly!" Alyssa chirped. "Monleeeee," Keru groaned. Growlithe snorted. "Growl," it scoffed. Alyssa blinked. "Oh, you don't like that name...? Okay. Um..." Her face lit up. "How about Kojiro?" Mars began hitting his head against Mace. The puppy onsidered this name for a moment, then with a grin and a happy "Growlth!" it licked Alyssa's face. She giggled and petted the Growlithe. Mars sighed, holding his head wearily. ---- And so, Alyssa gets two new Pokemon and we discover one of her obsessions ;) <author looks over her shoulder to find Alyssa-character staring at the author's picture of James shirtless and a printout of the screenshot of James shirtless ^_^;; and all but drooling, author sweatdrops> Yes, I think she's officially worse than I am... -- Lyssie Obssessive fan of Raichu, Mew, and James-sama "There really must be a society against cruelty to James." -- Maria (I agree! Only YOU can save James from Jessie's paper fans of death!) "I admit, I set him on fire once with my magic paper fan." -- Corynn "If you took a Mega Kick to the most sensitive part of your body, how eager would you be to jump up and run after a Pokemon?" -- James, from an IM roleplaying session "Yes, ma'am, I know everything but the answers." -- Peppermint Patty "Pretty mother, so graceful in the water. 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