Subject: [PW!][PKMN-Auction] An Auction? Oh Boy! Date: Sun, 04 Apr 1999 19:37:10 -0700 From: "Magic T. Dragon" <> Organization: EarthLink Network, Inc. Newsgroups: Natasha ran for her house, her new Cubone bounding after her. She burst in the door. "Mom! MOM! Look!" Her mother looked up from the newspaper, face beaming. "'ve done it! I knew you could..." The Cubone chased one of the cats. "Cu Cubone! Bone!" Natasha laughed. "I got such a wonderful deal...him and his Pokéball for $500! And they gave me an extra Pokéball!" She scooped up Cubone as he dashed past her. "There were so many people, but I got him! No one wanted him...I don't know why..." The little masked Pokémon shook his bone club, struggling to pursue the cat. Natasha's mother smiles. "Honey, I saw an ad for a Pokémon auction in the paper. It starts today! I don't know if you could handle another Pokémon, but..." Natasha was already out the door. She pushed her way through the crouds, carrying Cubone. A man started to push her, but Cubone shouted and smacked his hand with the bone club. The girl craned her neck, trying to see what was on the block... --Natasha V. "CHARRR!" "Bone bone Cubone!"