Subject: Re: [PW][PKMN-Auction] And then, there were three.... Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 04:54:59 -0700 From: Dreadite <> Organization: Netcom Newsgroups: PikaMew wrote: <Note: Is it just me, or does Proctor have the methods of Dr. Tofu?> > > "Wow, thats fast." Came Car'tos, better then ever. > "Your welcome." > "Ok, thank you sir, we'll be going now." > "Have fun kids... oh, hello there ladys." a pair of young women came by. > > They were now in the crowd, looking for something to do, buy, or steal. > "What to check out first..... Dreadite?" Dreadite looked at Car'tos, and shrugged. "I don't know." Black Hole laughed. "Well, I want to see if I can't get something here first." Black Hole ran into the crowd, and Dreadite laughed. "I'll catch you later, Car'tos." Dreadite walked into the crowd, and then disapeared, moving with ease through lines of people, before disapearing into the Game Corner. Car'tos laughed, and walked to Black Hole, who was buying some lunch. Dreadite walked into the Game Corner. The attendant looked up, and nodded at Dreadite. "Welcome to the Game Corner! We're closed, because of the auction." Dreadite laughed, and pressed a button behind a poster. A teleport pad flashed on, and Dreadite was whisked away. He re-apeared inside the Rocket base underneath the game corner, and walked to the console. "Dreadite." He spoke at the computer, and sat down. "Identity confirmed. You have 30000 new messages." Dreadite looked with disgust at the computer, and started flipping through messages. "Spam, spam.. aha! Here we go." Dreadite punched a button, and three dots appeared on the map. "There they are. Saffron City." RK's image appeared on the monitor. Dreadite smiled. "Aha. I really must do something about this constant distraction from my objectives." Dreadite got back up, and looked at the computer. "Computer, delete all messages with the words 'get rich quick' in the message body." The computer froze, and Dreadite muttered under his breath, before leaving the room. He never could bring himself to like RocketMail. He pressed a couple buttons before teleporting. Somewhere inside the Bottle, a light flashed on. "You have 30000 new messages." <Scene Switch.> Car'tos mutered under his breath, as he bit into another bone in his meal. "Remind me to kill the chef after this," he said, clutching his jaw. Dreadite walked back up to the auction, and scanned the crowd. Where WERE the others, anyhow? Dreadite spotted Jeff looking for his Charmander, before he spotted Car'tos. Dreadite walked over to Jeff. "Any luck so far? It wasn't easy following that Draginite, you know. Don't blow this one now." Dreadite though about that. The Dragonite had been rather fast, in fact, it had escaped Pidgey and the others. Luckily, it was headed for Celadon, which made for easy tracking. Dreadite looked around, and stepped toward one of the auctions. Jeff looked around, as Dreadite sat down next to Car'tos. "How's the meal?" Car'tos glared at Dreadite, and Dreadite waved his hands. "Hey, hey.. if it's that bad, why are you still eating it?" TBC? (Damn, this screwed continuity to high hell... maybe it's fixed now. *prays*